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100 year archival ink?

Thought this was interesting. I get a lot of calls about “archival ink,” at work. Kodak has apparently developed a ink-jet ink that they claim is archival to 100 years, according to a post on Gizmodo this morning.

I’m wondering how they tested it? This has always been my question with “archival” products. I wonder if the “accelerated light exposure” tests are like carbon-dating, you just keep running the test until you get the numbers you wanted to begin with?

As one poster said:

“Kodak has fully tested the 100 year archival process….using the DeLorean and the flux capacitor.”

Okay, I just thought that was funny. This quote here was a little more informative:

“…i have worked in environmental conditioning labs studying the effects of ink and substrates and nothing out will last 100 years under “normal” conditions. you may be able to come close to that under extremely environmental friendly conditions such as how archived museum prints are stored. however nothing in your house will last that long with out substantial color fade.”

Anyone have any insights on this?



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2 thoughts on “100 year archival ink?

  1. What’s wrong with carbon dating?

  2. iwork4xerox on said:

    Carbon dating is great if you have the time to keep running the test until you get the dates you want, lol.


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