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I’ve been Barney-ed!


So in celebration of my looming 38th birthday (tomorrow) my FRIENDS here at work decided to get me a cake and “decorate” my cube.

Knowing that on my “most loathed list”just above lawyers and just below…well…Satan, is Barney. THIS was the theme they picked…



Now that my cube has been defiled, I may need to find a young priest and an old priest…

Back to the bonfire!




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11 thoughts on “I’ve been Barney-ed!

  1. Mary Lou on said:

    You are only 38? I always thought you were a lot older, but appearances can be deceiving. You are very lucky it was your team mates that decorated your cubicle, I would have filled it with lawyers in Barney suits.
    In all seriousness happy birthday, sorry I can’t come and join in the celebration, but I am glad to have known you for these past 13 very odd years.

  2. Vickie on said:

    I’m not sorry I played my part… after all…
    I LOVE YOU…YOU (hopefully still) LOVE ME…
    (please please please don’t killlll me)

  3. Dinana on said:

    Has anyone else out there noticed the profuse use of the OK, Okay in Perry’s blog??? You’d think with a college edu-ma-ca-tion he’d use a more scholarly word like…LIKE!

    Mary Lou, he ACTS 16…go figure!!!

    Happy Birthday to the man I torment daily!

  4. I love you
    You love me
    We’re a happy
    Now in Swahili
    Lono juhna seet
    alafon juhna moomoo
    grunta lala whack
    Now in Vietnamese…….

  5. iwork4xerox on said:

    Look at these posts!

    Is it any wonder that I am the way I am…


  6. Dinana on said:

    YES! We are all late influences…what wicked, whacked things happened in your childhood to warp you so???

  7. Ummm That’s kind of an awkward post to follow. Do I have to answer that question or can I still plead the fifth.

  8. Drew…please answer…we’re all trying to understand…

  9. Drew…

    You know my secrets…I know yours…

    Let’s not go there!



  10. First – Happy Birthday!
    Second – If you think you don’t like Barney now, wait till the coming little one is three or four.
    Third – “and just below…well…Satan” ???

    Again, Happy Birthday. Your five months older than I am. 1969 was a good year.

  11. Dinana on said:

    I tried to warn him too, but he thinks his little ROO will be immune to the charms of Barney. Considering that everyone who knows Perry will make SURE that ROO knows all about Barney, what do you think Perry’s chances are?

    I know I can’t wait until I get my opportunity to babysit…I have videos at the ready!

    (You’re…not Your…I can’t not correct it…sorry 🙂

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