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New York wants to outlaw iPods, Blackberry and cell phones?


According to CNN, New York State Sen. Carl Kruger wants to outlaw iPods, Blackberrys and cell phones …at least for pedestrians.


First trans fat, now this.

Are there really no bigger crime issues in New York to deal with? Is there a special tax cut for states with the highest number of inane laws on the books?

Maybe these folks are trying to drown out the incessant blaring of car horns (speaking of something to outlaw) that they have to deal with every day. All I can say is “watch out Apple,” the next step will be suing the companies that manufacture these products.

It just boggles the mind.

Also, who lives in a city like New York, and doesn’t know to look both ways, or at least one way, before you step into the street?

As a co-worker said, “Well, they aren’t running over the smart ones!”




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2 thoughts on “New York wants to outlaw iPods, Blackberry and cell phones?

  1. Mary Lou on said:

    Sadly I am not even surprised. As near as I can tell the lawmakers have determined that we can not be responsible for ourselves.
    Remember we sue cigarette manufacturers because we ignore the warnings.
    Your bartender is responsible if you drive home drunk; never mind that they have no idea how much you drank before you got into their bar, what your tolerance is, or if you are sipping drinks off of your friends.
    Why should we be surprised that we are not capable of crossing a street if we are listening to music? And yes you are right Perry someone will be suing the ipod and blackberry manufacturers for supplying us with a product that is way beyond our mental capacities to handle while walking. My next ipod will probably have a warning that I should not use unless I am lying down, wearing my helmet and have searched the room to make sure there are no sharp objects within thirty feet on the off chance we have an earth quake.
    Sorry on of my pet peeves about our society.

  2. My overall response: Meh…. who really cares.

    We DO live in a litigious society. My job is benefiting (after a fashion) as a result of this. (before I need to don the flame suite, I’m one of the few underpowered voices of reason crying out against the amplified cacophony of money grubbing lawyers out there… FYI).

    Someone is gonna get sued if we don’t start passing some laws here people!!!

    The amount of electronic stimulation people feel they NEED on an hour by hour basis is insane. Keeping yourself plugged in to an iPod so you can walk down the street to your own personal soundtrack or keeping your cell phone permanently inserted into your ears so you don’t miss a call… sheesh.

    When I was about 17 or so, I was riding my bike (evidently there are some of what I will call “health benefits” to exercise)… a lady driving an SUV ran me off the road while talking on her cell phone. That lady should have been drawn and quartered. I was a tad unhappy about the damage to my bike and my knee. Who knows if a law saying “NO CELL PHONE FOR YOU!!… (while driving)” would have kept me safe. I doubt it. I could have been killed in that episode.

    BTW: I have since sworn off cycling as entirely unnecessary.

    [quote]”Government has an obligation to protect its citizenry,” Kruger[/quote] Umm… nuh uh!!!
    The gov’ment shouldn’t exist to protect our retarded citizens from themselves. Didn’t Darwin write something about letting the dumb ones die off?

    [quote]New Yorkers trudge to work on sidewalks and subways like an army of drones, appearing to talk to themselves on wireless devices or swaying to seemingly silent tunes.[/quote] I think those are the crazies…

    On another note… do you really even KNOW what trans fat is? I mean, I’ve taken my chemistry, so let me know if you want a lesson. :p

    – chris

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