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Dangerous Criminals…

Ohio students charged for hoax online snow-day posting 

Now this is the kind of thing that just honks me off.   Here are two kids, goofing around…sure, causing some trouble…sure, but essentially showing that they are a couple of youngsters who are interested in more than drinking, drugs, and teen-pregnancy.  

Here are two girls with enough brains (I wouldn’t know how to do this!) and gumption to pull off a prank and now they’re talking about expelling them from high school! An act that could effect their future educational opportunities, and thereby their careers, and thereby their entire lives. 

What did these two dastardly felons do? OH MY GOD…they posted a “snow day” release on the school webpage.  (The horror!) 


Maybe their superintendent needs to take a week off with a Costo-size box of laxatives and a copy of “Sense of Humor for Dummies.” 

I mean, we have teenage drug dealers and gang-bangers getting slapped on the wrist (or totally ignored) but…BY GUM we’re gonna make an example of these two! (Melvin, get a rope!) 

Hey…Edgewood City SchoolsLighten Up, Francis! 

The real issue here (in my not-so-humble opinion) is that some “educators” got their egos tweaked after a hundred phone calls from angry parents asking, “You got hacked by WHO? These a couple of smart kids who are obviously bored and maybe have too much free time on their hands.  Give ‘em community service, let ‘em teach computer basics to kindergarteners for a month.  

Instead of trying to destroy their potential, how about we funnel it into something useful?

Oh wait…that’s what prison is for…right?

Okay, I’m going to go take my meds and cool off.




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7 thoughts on “Dangerous Criminals…

  1. Great post … you are so right. Let them work off the ‘prank’ with community service.

  2. Perry,

    Are you really that old?


    BY GUM???



    For a 40 year old you talk like you’re, like, 80!!!

    Chill!!! (AND PLEASE…don’t have a heart attack!!!)

  3. iwork4xerox on said:

    “…you talk like you’re, like, 80…”

    Nice use of “like.”

    You talk like you’re 14. Which, ironically is only a quarter of your age.


  4. OK, think about it…if they can hack into the school system for merry making, then they can probably hack into the grading system. Schools have zero tolerance for violence…maybe for this kind of “merry making” too…

  5. iwork4xerox on said:


    Okay, first of all, thank you for posting this, as it brings up a subject that is near and dear to my heart…”Zero Tolerance.”

    In my not-so-humble opinion, Zero Tolerance is the WORST idea, just above “No Child Left Behind” that our school systems have ever adopted.

    Strip away all of the pretty talk and marketing-quack, and it’s nothing more than a hard and fast rule to allow schools to keep from ever having to make a reasoned decision about a specific situation.

    (Not to mention that it is totally unconstitutional. ACLU..Hello???)

    Brought a gun to school and killed a bunch of students and teachers? …see rule number one: Zero Tolerance. You’re outta here.

    Drew a picture of a gun with a blue crayon and showed it to your fellow students…see rule number one: Zero Tolerance. You’re outta here.


    It is yet one more step in allowing our hopelessly flawed legal system to do all of our thinking for us so we don’t have to take any personal responsibility for our decisions.

    And why are we afraid to take any personal responsibility for our decisions?

    …our hopelessly flawed legal system.

    So by all means, let’s condemn these girls to a life of mediocrity instead of putting their ingenuity to a useful purpose. After all, nobody ever got sued for mediocrity.

    God forbid that we hold the school, its employees, and its IT department accountable for having a secure computer system to begin with.

    After all, those are all people who might sue us, much less danger of that from a couple of teenage girls.

    Lastly, you said:

    “if they can hack into the school system for merry making, then they can probably hack into the grading system.”

    So we are punishing them on what they MIGHT have been able to do? What they might have been equipped for?

    Dangerous ground. I’m EQUIPPED to be a rapist, hopefully I won’t be punished just on the basis of what I MIGHT be able to do.

    Sounds harsh, I know, but it is the logical conclusion of that statement.


  6. Perk, I agree that the punishment does not appear to fit the crime in the case of these two enterprising young ladies.

    It appears to me that you are proposing more work for someone. And we all know that work is to be avoided at all costs…no matter how much work it takes to avoid the work!

    We are lazy. It is hard enough to develop, get consensus, create the propaganda and implement one rule for everyone; let alone one for each situation that may arise.

  7. Chelsea on said:

    thanks that was all ME

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