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Twisted Humor


And now on a lighter note…

“Police blow up foul-mouthed CDs that blared in church”

This really isn’t funny, and I’m sure I’d have been ticked-off if I’d been there, but I just can’t help myself…

I just keep picturing the faces of the people in the pews when these things went off.

“Psst…Harriet…is that coming from your purse?!?”And…I’d have bought a ticket to see the boomboxes get blown up!LOL,



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3 thoughts on “Twisted Humor

  1. OK… umm… how does one reply to such a story. Police came and BLEW UP CD players, for whatever reason.
    Did someone know someone else? Is THAT why they got a’sploded?

    Someone in the church was offended to the point where they used their influence with a member of the bomb squad?

    Or did they just have a “bombish” appearance? Were they assembled to LOOK like bombs?

    Typical cnn fashion, too little information in your articles. Is CNN online = USA Today? If so, I want my bar graph!

    Oh, wait, there’s a $20 bill I found on the sidewalk. I think I’ll blow it up, just to be safe.

    – Chris

  2. iwork4xerox on said:


    You always make me laugh, I picture you as an angry little man in a Idaho bunker. Or maybe a Hollywood movie producer, same general idea.

    Thanks for the chuckle.



  3. Sure…don’t credit the source of the story!!!

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