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Coffee Peeves




If I’m going to be an addict, by golly let my jones be something that’s cheap, legal, and easy to get!

And where do we go for coffee?  Where else, but the corner Starbucks (one opening soon in your basement!)  What could be less complicated…less whineable, then a hot cup of coffee in the morning?

Venti house bold, three packets of Splenda and a splash of half & half, mmmm….

However, if coffee is more than the monkey on your back, if it’s the money in your wallet (say, for example you’re Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz,) there are apparently larger issues surrounding the bean. Howie apparently drafted a memo titled “the commoditization of the Starbucks experience” to Starbucks employees at large, bringing up a number of hot topics, including the level of music, the dissipating aroma of fresh ground coffee, and the dreaded invasion of the breakfast sandwich.


Matthew Creamer (which, you gotta admit is a screamingly ironic name) over at Advertising Age asks if “Starbucks Smells the Death of Its Brand Experience?”

Doc Searls also has some great comments in “The sole of Starbucks.”

Here are my thoughts:

As a daily coffee buyer, I used to visit one of the local Starbucks exclusively.

However, the loud music and sensory overload got to be too much.  I wanted to sit down and enjoy my coffee…maybe read the paper (okay, the funnies…) and take a few minutes to wake up.  Trying to do that at Starbucks these days is like trying to nap in a mosh-pit.

Look…lot’s of places make good coffee. If I’m in a hurry, I can go to Dutch Bros get a great coffee and never have to leave my car. 

If I want to relax, there are several quiet coffee shops with comfortable couches and wifi right in my neighborhood.  What is Starbucks hook now?

Now, my biggest (and unrelated to the articles above) pet peeve is the “geyser lid” that Starbucks uses.  I’m by no means a fashionista, but I still don’t like showing up at work with latte dripping off my elbow and coffee stains on my favorite Star Trek T-shirt*

C’mon guys, go get a cup of coffee at Dutch Brothers (or, god forbid, 7-11) and take a look at the splash-proof lids that come with their cups (there’s a pic on the DB link above.)

This isn’t rocket science!

Enough ranting. Now I’m gonna just sit back, sip my espresso, and realize what a great life I have when something as completely unimportant as a coffee shop can be my pet peeve.  


Ps – The “Star Trek T-shirt” comment was a joke, Victoria made me get rid of all those before we got married.

Pps- If you want to read something REALLY funny (and not Starbucks related) check out Dave Barry’s article, “Decaf Poopacino.”  -P


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2 thoughts on “Coffee Peeves

  1. You’ve told us all we need to know about you…star trek shirt, funnies, geek to the max…that said…

    Oh how I wish I had found coffee during my college years! Alcohol was fun for about 5 minutes but coffee is forever. I’ve told my daughters that I may have the caffeine shakes, but it’s better than alcholism, and it’s fun to watch mom twitch!

    As much as I’m frustrated by the “cookie cutter” Starbucks, I’m addicted to their burnt flavor and haven’t found an alternative that will keep me away. And generally I get a good, consistent “VENTI HAZELNUT 2 PUMP MOCHA WITH WHIP” everytime. I just wish SB has a degree of difficulty chart for the coffee orders.

    AND…looking at the out-the-door crowds I’m seeing at the SB by work, I really don’t think SB’s has much to worry about.

    Coffee is worthy of blogging…ramblinb…ranting…it is the stuff of life!~

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