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Should I Be Concerned?

Okay, so it was Friday night and we had some last-minute dinner guests coming over.  

I called my wife and asked her if she could pick up a couple of things from the store while I was cooking, among them a nice bottle of red wine.

Now Vic is pregnant, so she doesn’t drink at all, and even before that she didn’t like wine, so I guess she wasn’t too thrilled to have the choice left up to her. 

Here’s what she brought home… 


Is this simply confirmation that my wife has a great sense of humor, or should I take it as a not-so-subtle warning, and be concerned? 



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4 thoughts on “Should I Be Concerned?

  1. Dinana on said:

    I would definately test the wine on Phlash before you drink it…be ware…be ware!

  2. Phillip Dungan on said:

    Be afraid my friend be very afraid….

  3. iwork4xerox on said:


    Unlike you, apparently, neither my wife nor I have ever been terribly concerned about what the “social police” (or Bob the check-out guy) think of us.

    To sum it up in my wife’s favorite phrase: “Bring it!”


  4. iwork4xerox on said:

    That’s my girl!


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