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Sick, Sick Humor

Okay, first of all let me warn you that my definition of “humor” is whatever cracks ME up, regardless of the rest of humanity’s general view on the subject.

In that light, yesterdays blog post “You’ve Got Mail” by Dave Barry, from the CBC news article, “Head, liver mistakenly mailed to horrified Michigan couple” just had me rolling in the aisles.

Now the article title pretty much sums the story up, but I was still very disappointed. CBC missed a beautiful opportunity to come up with a screaminly funny header for this, and the best the could do was “Head, liver mistakenly mailed…”

So…because the mental picture of this poor couple plopping a box on the kitchen table and opening it up to find a head (It’s…it’s a major prize!) … is so stinking funny (see my warning), I’m going to run a little contest.

I happen to have a couple of extra copies of my first novel, “Just Past Oysterville: Shoalwater Book One” in my possession, and whoever posts the funniest title to this story, gets it autographed and shipped to them for nada (aren’t you just tingling?)

Visit the links above to get some ideas from the story and comments.

I’ll kick it off with:  “Honey…looks like Grandpa Joe finally came to visit!”

Okay, now make me laugh….


Ps- I’ll post my decision on Friday, March 16th with instructions for the winner. Be sure to check back!


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3 thoughts on “Sick, Sick Humor

  1. iwork4xerox on said:

    Okay…sorry I didn’t make this clear in the beginning, lol, please only ONE entry per person! Write them all down, pick your best, and post it!

    You guys are awesome, btw, I’m snorting coffee all over my cube!


  2. Phillip Dungan on said:

    “So, we having Chili,” man asks wife after recieving box from China.

  3. Dinana on said:

    WOO HOO! I’m a winner!

    I can’t wait to read your book!

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