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Hawaii Day One


Well all, just a quick update…

 Survived the LA wedding, though I’m probably the only person to SHOW UP for a Hawaiian cruise already sun-burned.  (Unannounced outdoor wedding facing the afternoon sun – ouch!)

Danced with my little sister on her wedding day, tho, which was pretty great.

This place (Hawaii) is awesome! The canyon and river ride were great, food has been great (ugh, I’m so full). IZ (one of my favorite musicians) is like Elivis and the Beatles all rolled up into one over here, and they play his stuff everywhere. I have, however, been told “aloha” about 17 gazillion times so far, and it’s only monday.

Pictures will have to wait until I get back, as my laptop died the night before we left (of course), so I’m posting from the internet cafe, which charges .75 per minute (see how much I love you all?)

On that note I’m outta here. I love you all, but I’m not going to waste perfectly good Mai-tai money on you…



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8 thoughts on “Hawaii Day One

  1. Dinana on said:

    I find it ironic that this column is called “just another day in cubeville” and you’re blogging from Hawaii…

    Have fun, watch the sun and take great care of that wife of yours…

  2. Yes, I irony can be a beautiful thing.

    No worries, she’s well taken care of. We went to the Mouna Loa Macadamia nut factory today and picked up, among other things, your chocolates (so be nice!)

    Been a great day, saw waterfalls, walked on smoking lava beds, drank a “Blue Hawaii” (unimpressed with that last, ‘tho) all in all not a bad way to spend a day.

    And tomorrow….TAKE ME TO THE VOLCANO!

    (But I ain’t jumpin’ in the the Big Woo!)


  3. Mary Lou on said:

    Since you asked it’s Honolulu.
    Enjoy the volcano, be nice or your wonderful wife will “accidentally” knudge you in the direction of the opening. You know she has considered it on an almost daily basis. Heck I’ve considered it on more than one occasion and I don’t live with you.

    Have fun and when are you back?

  4. Dinana on said:

    Mary Lou,

    I really like your style…


    Thanks (in advance) for the chocolates! It’s a beautiful day here in cubeville…supposed to be in the 70’s, so i’m not TOOOOO jealous! Have fun! Be good…oh…nevermind…I hope you’re taking lots of pictures!

  5. Dinana on said:

    PERRY! YOU RECEIVED “HONORABLE MENTION” on the EDGE ice cream contest. They kept out the “vodka” part tho…I guess mine was too macab…I didn’t get anything…I’ll save the paper for you! (if i remember!)

  6. Lvl 8 FiFA Ref on said:

    Was wondering where you’ve been…have fun mate!

  7. Mary Lou on said:

    OK, now you have got me curious Dinana, what was his entry? Actually I am more intrigued by what yours was if it was too macab

    By the way thank you for the compliment, and I have really enjoyed your entries as well. I have a soft spot for anyone that puts Perry back in his place.

  8. Dinana on said:

    Perry & I both entered THE EDGE contest…name your own famous person, ben & jerry’s ice cream flavor.

    Perry’s was :
    Britney Spears’ Melon Smoothie (Originally Vodka Melon Smoothie…referring to her recent treatment)

    Mine was: RockyRoad Mountain High with John Denver Nuggets

    Guess the nuggets was too macab…

    How do you know Perry? He says he won’t tell…

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