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Which Super-Hero Are You?


Here’s quick and easy quiz to find out which “superhero” you are, based on your personality.

I turned out to be Spiderman, which is cool, though I actually prefer Batman. Something very studly about a guy who doesn’t need any “super-powers” to be a superhero.

Yeah, yeah…I’m a geek, just take the test and post your results below.


PS- Thanks Phil (aka Capt. Kaping!) for the link to the quiz!


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9 thoughts on “Which Super-Hero Are You?

  1. Lvl 8 FiFA Ref on said:

    I was the Green Lantern…I think DC comics suck so I was massively disappointed — I would have prefered Spidey…heck I’d have taken Swordsman or Hawkeye! Oh well…get ready for me to make a giant fly swatter using my ring’s power!

  2. Dinana on said:

    I’m the Green Lantern…whoever the heck that is!

    “Hot-headed. You have strong
    will power and a good imagination.”

  3. Mary Lou on said:

    I am the flash! Fast, athletic and flirtatious!
    The first time I did it I was Superman, virtuous romantic and …. something. I went to post it and saw that Dinana put in the quote and I thought that was a good idea so I had to retake the test, so now I am more Flash like than Supermanish.

    Oh Dinana,
    the green lantern was part of a universal “army” that chose one hero from each race to be the protector for that race. They were given each a magic ring that could make him fly, turn into a fist to smash something…just about anything. He only weakness was anything yellow…I have no idea why.

    Yeah I was a comic book geek. Feel free to taunt.

  4. Dinana on said:

    No need…you all indict yourselves! (and it’s no fun when you ask for it…)

    But I can’t be weak to yellow…it’s my favorite color!!!

    My daughter (13) is into Japanese manga (monga???)…Japanese comic books…and anime…sigh…

  5. Mary Lou on said:

    Hey Dinana
    I looked over comments from his last posting and saw you were wondering how Perry and I knew each other. We went to the same church … twice. Once to a very large church where we met. It was an evil empire and we barely escaped with our souls intact (notice I did not say undamaged, we are an odd sort and I like to blame the first church, I am sure we were both completely normal before that)
    The second church he still attends and I would as well if I had not moved to Spokane WA.
    He probably won’t tell you because it looks bad for his present church if too many like us attend. One you can explain off as just a social reject, but you get a couple and you have to start wondering about the source.

    How do you know Perry AKA Poopypants?

  6. Mary Lou…

    I can’t BELIEVE that you just gave up my secret identity like that!

    Dinana…don’t believe ML, Ml has NEVER been normal.

    I was, but he was a terrible influence on me and is to blame for all the bad things I’ve ever done.


  7. Dinana on said:

    Dear Aunt Mary Lou…

    I have the privilege of knowing Perry thru years of torture thru work. Did you know that he has ascended to the top of the heap by stepping on bodies the likes of myself??? And next week he gets a “big boy” cube! Sadly, I have moved way, way, way down the hall and don’t get to enjoy his abuse so much…

    I have lots of family in Spokane…don’t know why I mention that, but there it is!

    I didn’t realize the Church of Star Trek had standards…

  8. Dinana on said:

    ok Poopypants…whatever you say…

  9. AaDO's wife--SuperDi on said:

    NOt that anyone will read this because it is way too long ago in cubeville blogdom, I am SUPERMAN!!! Yes! I always believed inside that I was great–now I know!

    (It’s amazing the things that one will do while waiting for baby information and trying to ignore the interminable imaginative chattering of a 7 1/2 year old girl deprived of her regular audience by the evils of summer vacation).

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