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Scarecrow Sprinkler…so much potential…


I get so much pleasure from reading Gizmodo posts, they should be charging me!

One of today’s is titled: Scarecrow Sprinkler Scares Away the Critters.

Forget critters! Don’t they realize how much fun your could have with neighborhood kids, mailmen, and Jenbovah Witnesses???

Picture it…

You line these bad-boys up along the front walk. Half angled in to the right, half to the left.

About the time your victim hits the middle, the fun starts. No where to run to, baby, they set off the next sprinkler whichever direction they go!

Just sit on your porch with a yoo-hoo and a video camera…more fun than a bug-zapper!



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One thought on “Scarecrow Sprinkler…so much potential…

  1. Chris on said:

    Heh…. I’m designing-building the same basic thing using a X-10 motion sensor, receiver and a solenoid/diverter-valve assembly out of an old dishwasher.

    Good times

    God I love being a geek!

    ~ Chris

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