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New Toy! New Toy! New Toy!

Okay, so we’re at Costco last night, pushing the giant wheeled barge of doom up and down the aisles, and low-and-behold, we find ourselves in the camping section!

I’m kinda half-heartedly looking at stuff (most of which I’ve already got three of) when I stumble across THIS bad-boy:


Coleman Fold-N-Go. Same size burners and BTU’s as my Camp-Chef (which is approx the size and weight of a occupied coffin)…


…but it weighs about 5lbs, and folds up like a waffle iron!


PLUS, it was thirty bucks cheaper than on the Coleman website! (They also throw in the $20 carry bag that you have to buy seperatly everywhere else.)  I hate those little coleman stoves, because I’m usually cooking for several guys in camp (this is why they let me come along) and the burners are so small and close together that you can’t get two things cooking at once.

(Oh, the trials of my life…I know…)

My wife (because she’s….awesome!) took one look at my glistening eyes and loaded it into the cart! I’ll post a review after the turkey-hunt this weekend.

Good reviews here and here. Couldn’t find a bad review anywhere.

The coolest part was, I was just lusting over it, I didn’t expect to GET it! She said that after 11 years, she can tell the difference between cool things I want…and cool things I REALLY want, just by the look on my face.

Which is a bit disheartening…

Still, I’m still so happy, I’m weepy.



PS- Here it is in action:



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12 thoughts on “New Toy! New Toy! New Toy!

  1. Dinana on said:

    Vicki can appreciate a man who “lusts” after camping gear…sure beats the alternative!

    “With a matching carry bag…”, ok, now THAT’S a scary statement!

  2. Mary Lou on said:

    THe matching carry bag goes really brings out the poop brown color of his eyes. Basically it makes him feel pretty!! Can’t wait to see the look on the faces of the guys at the turkey hunt when he prances in with his new camping purse.

  3. Why, oh why do I put up with this abuse…


  4. Chris on said:

    Perry, I don’t think we really need to search for an answer to that question. Abuse seems to be the food you thrive on. Oh, and that’s a VERY cool little stove.

    ~ Chris

  5. Vic-the-Prego-Wife on said:

    I seriously thought he was going to levitate when I pointed out the carry case was included. He’s painted me as very generous, but I have to say that it was worth every penny if I can just convince him to get rid of the Camp Chef monstrosity – that thing is a MONSTA!

  6. Vic-the-Prego-Wife on said:

    Oh! and by the way- MaryLou- you gottalotta room to talk about prancing in with a purse. Right back at you, you man-purse-toting tough guy!



  8. Mary Lou on said:

    That’s it hide behind your prego wife!!!
    You big baby!

  9. Vic-the-Prego-Wife on said:

    Oh Sure! An insult about my size when I’m PREGNANT!! The nerve! I think you’ve said enough, Mary Lou, more words and I’ll be forced to sit on you…That is… if I can catch you…

  10. Mary Lou…

    Ooooooohhh…you are SO screwed…


  11. Dinana on said:

    I can feel the love…

  12. Dinana on said:

    By the way…Perry at a turkey hunt…is that really a nice thing to do to the guy?

    GUYS: Come on Perry, we’re going hunting…

    Perry: What are we hunting for?

    GUYS: Uh…turkeys…yeah that’s it…turkeys…and…make sure you bring that nice new cook stove with the matching carry bag…we’ll flip for who gets to take it…er…uh…we can’t wait ’til you cook in that thing…

    Perry: (none the wiser) YOU BET! I can’t wait to fire that baby up! Hey…what’s the body bag for???

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