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Favorite Hawaii Pics

Okay, there have been some rumblings that I have not been timely in posting our favorite pictures from the recent Hawaii cruise.

Here they are with captions…


HONOLULU: First umbrella drink, leaving port…NOW I’m on vacation!


KAUAII: My hottie wife at Waimea Canyon.


KONA: Worshipping the coffee in its natural state…


KONA: Worshipping the coffee in its finished state. (Vic made fun of me the whole trip because I always had a sample in each hand. I was audibly buzzing by the end of our day in Kona!)


MAUI: My girls at the Luau.


Dinner at the Luau…Kahlua Pig, Sweet Potato, Mahi Mahi, Salmon salad, Teriaki steak, & Poi (aka: the purple wall-paper paste.) Luckily it was a short waddle back to the bus…


MAUI: Hard Rock Cafe. My 15 minutes of cool.


‘Cause there’s just something awesome about a giant inflatable macadamia nut!


MAUI: Sea Turtles at our feet.


MAUI: Me and my baby (…babies) at Sunset.



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8 thoughts on “Favorite Hawaii Pics

  1. Dinana on said:

    Anyone else notice that Perry’s mouth is usually open? Like a baby bird waiting to be fed…

    I love the last picture, they look so happy…how unfair that Perry got to drink Mai Tai’s and Vicki had to be good???

    Oh well, looks like a great time was had by all…thanks for sharing…

    Can’t wait to see the “intimate birth photos…”

  2. Waiting for Vic’s comment on the mai-tai “incident”…

  3. Dinana on said:

    Not to mention the possible “birthing photos”…

  4. Vic-the-Prego-Wife on said:

    Yes, well, OK- About the Mai Tai- even if I wasn’t pregnant I probably wouldn’t like them- I’m a mutant. I did sort of SHARE Perry’s Mai-Tai- if you count the fact that I made Perry laugh (no small feat in my marriage) and he sprayed the entire side of my head with the big gulp of Mai Tai he’d just taken. I must say that the flat hair on that side of my head was the only downside- he was mortified and I’ll be able to get a lot of mileage out of the incident.

    As far as the intimate birth photos… ask Perry what “Just 4 words” means.

  5. Dinana on said:

    I’m guessing “no chance in H*E*(doublehockeysticks)”…

    Spraying your hair with Mai-Tai…ohhhh…you’ll get a ton of mileage out of that one…and depending on the “drunk” factor, you can maybe embellish it and get even MORE out of it!

    You go girl!!!

  6. Mary Lou on said:

    Ok, considering the look on your face shouldn’t the top picture have the caption “Are we on cops?” or is that saved for the pic we don’t get to see… you know the one when you’re on your fourth mai tai and trying to make your own grass skirt

  7. Note to self – when dancing in a homemade grass skirt, ALWAYS wear underwear!


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