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Jim Zumbo Fired

Looks like I missed the whole “Jim Zumbo” controversy in February, but (since it’s my blog, lol) it’s never to late to chime in!  If you want to read up on the whole brohahah, take a look at these links:

What he said (scroll down to “Terrorist rifles blog entry”)

Outdoor Life’s “Official” comments.

In a nutshell, Zumbo made some fairly pointed comments against using, what he refers to as, “Assault Weapons” for hunting, then dug the hole deeper by labeling them “terorist weapons.”

It was a dumb thing for him to say, especially to the audience he knew would be reading his blog.  He knows it was dumb, and has admitted it openly, apologized, and recanted.

Zumbo’s apology.

I’ll give him this, he sounds pretty sincere. It’s a shame to end a great career with one dumb comment.  Sounds like a guy who put in a long day, ended up in a grumpy mood, and made a hasty blog post.   Lord knows I’ve done it often enough myself.  
I’ve met Zumbo a couple of times at sports-shows and he seemed like a pretty straight-from-the-hip, John Wayne kinda guy.  Also, seemed that he might, given the chance, speak quickly and loudly, before thinking.  (Again, something I can relate to.)  Maybe he’s even earned the right to do so. 

Personally, I think there are too-few seasoned outdoorsmen out there, pulling for our rights (as Zumbo has again, and again) to crucify a guy for one admittedly stupid blog post.  As both a personal and professional blogger, it reminds me, again, that a blog (like a firearm) can be a dangerous weapon and requires constant responsibility. 

Here’s my email to Outdoor Life: 
Outdoor Life Magazine, April 30, 2007  RE: Jim Zumbo 
Dear Sirs, 

Just wanted to let you know that I will not be re-subbing to OL until it becomes public that Jim Zumbo has been offered a reinstatement of his position with your magazine.  Should he chose to decline such an offer, that is his choice, and I’ll resub (a little sadly, tho) at that time. 

Zumbo has spent far too many years as a tireless advocate for outdoorsmen and gun owners, to be so quickly blackballed over a single foolish comment, for which he has sincerely and whole-heartedly apologized and publicly recanted. 
Aren’t there enough left-wing antigun nuts out there “gunning” for us already, without us crucifying our own, especially someone with a record like Jim’s?

Love your magazine, always have, always will.  I will be deeply saddened if it’s no longer a part of my life. 

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Perry P. Perkins
Another thing that is starting to concern me is the increasing occurences of firing people for stating thier personal opinions. (Though there’s a BIG differnece between making racial slurs on a radio program that IS your job, and posting to your personal blog.)

I certainly don’t like everything that’s written or spoken out there, but what happened to the first amendment? How long will it be before I’ll have to be concerned for my job if I post a comment on my personal blog in favor of gun ownership, or hunting sports, or religion.

Slippery slope folks.

Lastly, if you feel that Zumbo is a great outdoorsman, who has done invaluable service over the years for both the outdoor community and the gun-owners of
America (my feelings) here’s a petition you can sign.

What do you think about this? 

Thanks again,


PS – Speaking of my “alluded to” refernece to Don Imus, above, Scott Adams (Dilbert) has a VERY interesting (and a little humbling) take on THAT mess, here.


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10 thoughts on “Jim Zumbo Fired

  1. Mary Lou on said:

    As much as it pains me to say it… I am with you on this one. I read his comments and I read his apology. I don’t know of anyone that has not said something they regretted later, he just was unlucky enough to have one of those moments when he was blogging. He had the courage to publically apologize, he made no excuses and admitted being ignorant on the subject he spoke on. When was the last time a public figure took blame for what went wrong? Let’s look at Perry’s favorite psychotic freak of nature the baldwin boy, what was his excuse for belittling and actually threatening his daughter? Oh yes, the stress of being away from his daughter made him verbally abusive to her… of course!!! Yeah I guess he was just a victem.
    I have more respect for Zumbo now, to be honest. He messed up, and people took him down HARD, yet he admits his wrongs and shows no anger (at least publically) to those that were so quick to condemn him. I am going to have to look up his site/ email address and write to him, he is reminding us of how a man of honor deals with failure.

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  6. Ron Kruger on said:

    Assault On Jim Zumbo
    I first saw a display of assault-style rifles at the SHOT Show during the 1980s and was filled with a sickening sense that the arms industry was hastening their own demise by trying to expand their markets beyond hunters and target shooters. Such military style weapons have little appeal to hunters or target shooters, but great appeal to an element of the population with questionable motives and desires. Of course, not everyone who finds the dangerous and macho appearance of these weapons appealing have questionable motives and desires, but as the news continually displays, they are the weapons of choice for people of questionable intent, and ethical gun owners become guilty by association.
    I believe most pragmatic hunters and target shooters feel this way, but they are afraid to voice their views for fear of political repercussions within their own ranks, or they are afraid that if they don’t fiercely defend everyone’s right to own any kind of weapon they want, that uninformed gun-control advocates will take their Weatherbys rifles and Remington semi-auto shotguns away. But, where do we draw the line: surface-to-air missiles for squirrel hunting?
    I saw assault-style rifles then, and see them now, as the biggest assault (pun intended) upon our Second Amendment rights and the best ammunition (pun intended) gun control advocates have ever received.
    Jim Zumbo has devoted his entire life to hunting and responsible gun ownership. He is hardly “uninformed” on these issues, and even though I don’t agree with everything he said, I applaud him for the general tone of his brave comments. If nothing else, it certainly opened a long-overdue dialog on this subject.
    I am disappointed that Outdoor Life and Remington caved to political pressures from short-sighted or greedy interests. And now I’m disappointed with Jim Zumbo for doing the same. I guess he’s not as brave as I thought. It, indeed, appears that Rambo rules with emotional aggression and violent force.
    I think we make a big mistake if we put assault-style rifles on a flag and wave it as the emblem of gun ownership in America.

  7. Ron,

    First of all, thank you for posting. Your comments are both intelligent and well thought-out and I appreciate you taking the time to post.

    I think that my only concern with this is the way our current legal system works. You commented that, “they are afraid that if they don’t fiercely defend everyone’s right to own any kind of weapon they want, that uninformed gun-control advocates will take their Weatherby rifles and Remington semi-auto shotguns away.”

    Unfortunately, I think this is exactly the case. In our current society, legislation is built on a foundation of previously won legal cases, and I fear that many of the laws that are currently being passed are being viewed, by the gun-control lobbists, as the “foundation” for a gun-free society.

    I would (and have) asked the advocates for gun control, just how many of the tragedies in the recent years have been acted-out with the type of weapons that they are trying to ban. Viscous attacks on schools, malls, churches, etc…

    How many have used the fully-automatic weapons that these groups are trying to ban?

    It seems to me that these atrocities are being committed with single-shot (or semi-automatic) weapons that AT THIS POINT IN TIME, the anti-gun referendum doesn’t dare to attack. RE: our hunting rifles, and personal-protection handguns.

    However, if we’ve learned one thing from a democratic legal system, it’s that you build your case on lesser cases. Today it’s a ban on SKS rifles (which are single shot, btw, just like my 7mm elk rifle). Once you have a legal precedence against THIS weapon, it’s only a short hop to OTHER similar weapons.

    I started hunting with an SKS and from a technical aspect; it’s really no different from the .280 that I hunt with now.

    The point is that the underlying goal of these groups is to ban ALL guns.

    If they get legislation to ban the SKS this year, what happens in ten years (or two?) when some freaked out student starts killing his peers with a .22? Do you think these people are going to say, “Oh, the .22 is just a squirrel gun that been part of the American tradition for a hundred year…”

    No way.

    What these people are setting up now is a PRECIDENCE to ban any gun that can be used to kill another human being. That includes you’d beloved .22’s and 30.06 deer rifles.

    If you think I’m just being a paranoid gun-owner, take a look at the timeline of gun-bans in England and Europe (many of which began with Hitler during WWII, He was a BIG advocate of gun-control, if you’d don’t believe me, look it up.)

    Am I really that hot and bothered to protect an American citizen’s right to own a .50 cal automatic machine gun? Not really. I don’t own a single auto weapon myself and probably never will, it’s just not my thing. HOWEVER, am I interested in protecting these current rights so that my children and grandchildren can own a .22 rifle (or 30.30, or 30.06) and enjoy the type of outdoor hunting sports that I’ve enjoyed all my life?

    You bet.

    The anti-gun legislation would love nothing more that to create a sense of tunnel-vision, where all we see is the banning of “Rambos” who are murdering innocent people in public places, and blind us to their ultimate goal, which is the annihilation of gun rights to the individual citizen.

    Again, if these seems like paranoia (which is what the anti-gunners would LOVE you to think) take a look at the historical timelines of countries that now ban ALL projectile weapons owned by the common citizenry.

    Your thoughts?


  8. Zumbo shouldn’t have gotten the treatment for talking out loud.

    In some ways I agree with him. I have been to Shot Show. I was, as some others, afraid of what was out there and the thought that it could be in the hands of someone who thinks that you need a 50 Cal. to kill a deer.

    At the same time, I have also closed my eyes in remembrance of my life, as not to miss out on the chance later, when I found out that the neighbor kid across the street was now driving.

    A car is a dangerous thing in the hands of a teen or a drunk or elderly (or me on a long day driving back from Salem…I get sleepy.)

    But Firearms are no different. There is a basic need to have good people armed and anyone who doubts that needs to remember that in 2002 (been a while since I was around facts) 86% of the incidents that a concealed permit holder pulled their weapon to stop a crime on themselves or another person the police were more then 10 minutes away. That means that permit holder saved a life or more then one.

    There is a basic need for cars but you can’t keep everyone from driving because a moron drinks and drives and kills a mother and two kids. Just like you can’t disarm the US because a nut goes in and shoots 7 people in a mall. (Which was a gun free zone).

    You give the drunk driver life and give longer sentences for those caught driving under the influence. You lock up anyone carrying a handgun without a permit. Then you let those who have a clean record drive and carry until they prove they shouldn’t.

    You also follow the 30,000 laws that are on the law books already rather then trying to make more. An unarmed, law-abiding, population will live in fear of those who break the law and are armed.

    Now, with the car analogy. You really don’t need a car that goes 190 mph to go back and forth from work when the speed limit is at most 75 in some states. BUT, if you have a clean record and can afford the insurance? Have at it!

    If you have a clean record and can afford the permits buy an auto cannon.

    Note: if you look up the stats a weapon bought for a collection is less likely to be in a crime. The anti-gun nuts should want us to spend all our cash to buy them up.

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  10. fred grimes on said:

    Sorry I feel Mr. Zumbo still needs to make things right. In my opinion he has yet to do so. Mr Zumbo write a true heart felt apology. then and only then will I consider foregiveness

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