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Geeks Vs. Nerds

Hey all,

Okay, I’m going to get off the “husband high horse” (for a while) and return to the inane.

A friend and I were discussing our various levels of “geekness” after being described so in a previous poster’s comments.

These led to a disagreement as to the definition of “geek.”  Which, I am sorry to say, I was incorrect about.  So, in the spirit of honesty, here is the actual definition.

From Dictionary.com:  

geek Slang. 
–noun 1. a peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, esp. one who is perceived to be overly intellectual. 
2. a computer expert or enthusiast (a term of pride as self-reference, but often considered offensive when used by outsiders.) 
3. a carnival performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts, as biting off the head of a live chicken.
4. a person with an unusual or odd personality [syn: eccentric]

This is more along the lines of what I was thinking of:

nerd Slang     
1. a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person. 
2. an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit: a computer nerd.

So, I guess I’m more of a nerd (obsessed with nonsocial hobbies or pursuits) than a geek (computer expert or enthusiast) although I have been accused of having “an unusual or odd personality,” and I have never, consciously, bitten the head off a live chicken.  (Um…eww)

(Zip it Dinana!  Oh…nevermind, go ahead, everyone’s gonna take a shot at this anyway.)

Sooo…if you fall into either category (or both) let us know what it is that justifies your title.

I’ll offer the following for my own “nerdness.”


This is the complete 10 season DVD collection of the TV show “Friends.” Including the seperate finale.


Okay, I own all the “Planet of the Apes” movies on DVD, but this is special…before you is the complete DVD collection of the POTA television series!

I think I have made my point.

Okay, so tell us what makes you a geek or a nerd (or both) based on the above definitions. 

Please, no chicken-head stories!  Unless they’re really cool!


PS – Still, my frequency of posting to this blog might argue for at least “some” level of geekness as well. Your thoughts?


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12 thoughts on “Geeks Vs. Nerds

  1. Lvl 8 FiFA Ref on said:

    So you can be a “nerdy-geek” or is it a “nerek”/”geedy”? I’d say I’m more of a geek of the two but I can’t recall senator at any time biting the head off a chicken.

  2. 40+ comments on TP, 1 comment on nerdy geekiness. Hmmm it does say something about your friends.

  3. So I guess that would make me a nerd also….depending on who you ask. At the school I taught at I was the only one who could fix a projector or SMART board, but I definitely was not the worst computer geek!! I’m an end user when it comes to computers. I don’t want to know how to fix it, I just like the cool things it does 🙂 In high school I was often called a band-geek though…but I guess the proper term there will be band-nerd. That biting the head off of a chicken thing though is a bit weird. I draw the line at live animals!

  4. Beth,

    “I’m an end user when it comes to computers. I don’t want to know how to fix it, I just like the cool things it does”

    My position exactly!

    “That biting the head off of a chicken thing though is a bit weird. I draw the line at live animals!”

    Are we to infer my this that you’ve bitten the head off a “dead” chicken?



    PS- “In high school I was often called a band-geek though…”


  5. Dinana on said:

    I swore I wasn’t going to chime in, but…

    You forgot to mention the STAR WARS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL with BEA Arthur…

    I know…I bought it on your behalf on ebay…

    I know where SOME of the bodies are buried…


    Biting the heads off chickens??? That’s just unconscionable…

  6. Dinana,

    You are absolutely correct, how could I have forgotten that???

    Actually, I think that Art Carney makes it funnier than Bea Arthur, lol.



    PS – As someone with serious chicken-obesession issues, you KNOW you are on this list!

  7. Mary Lou on said:

    OK since no one else seems to know or want to bring it up. Perry, you read Star Trek novels (I use that term loosely). Not just one or two but as many as you can get your nerdly little hands on!!! I will admit I too am a nerd-enabler, as I am the one that got you hooked on Friends, sorry Vic. My wife has to put up with it too.
    Now onto the geek definition, “a carnival performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts…” ok I have never seen you bite off the head of a live chicken, but I have seen you eat when you are not in public, or around Vic, I am pretty sure you qualify. I know you are not a “carnival” performer, but you are an actor/director (I even grudgingly admit, a VERY good one),but am positive you have a very strong carny lineage.
    As for me I am neither geek nor nerd. I am more of a freak of nature. Those that know me will agree. I don’t own the complete friends dvds, but I would gladly sit for 3 days straight watching them with Perry, getting up only to get more food. I can’t collect things because I have the energy of a rabbit on speed and the average attention span of Perry on espresso at a Star Trek convention. I am by no means better than the other two classifications, truthfully I am probably a lot less acceptable at social gatherings, but there you go.

  8. Mary Lou on said:

    Oh, I forgot to mention Perry also owns a movie on how to survive Y2K, and the host of this great production you ask? Thats right Leonard Nemoy, Spock shares his wisdom. To be fair I bought this for him; I did say I was a nerd enabler.

  9. Acerbic Villain on said:

    As one who wears his “geek” badge as a medal of
    honor, I guess I ought to chime in. I’m a geek, proudly so. Some days, I’m a nerd but I like to think I’m slowly wearing off most of my nerdesque nature. I actually have my wife to thank for most of that. She’s the social butterfly that often drags me out of my antisocial cave. I’m actually an introvert by nature so I think that plays into my nerdiness.

    Regarding my geekiness: I like tinkering with stuff. I build and supe-up my watercooled PCs. I hate most Apple products (except iPods). I’ve rebuilt old Toyota engines. For example, I’m making an electronic motion sensor cat-go-away kit for this Spring’s ‘cat love session’ that involves electricity and water (no, it doesn’t shock them, sorry Perry). A friend of mine and I are thinking of taking on the daunting task of taking an early 90s 4WS Honda Prelude and turning it into an entirely electric vehicle. Geek stuff like that.

    When in a group of my friends, I have been referred to, from time to time, as the “alpha geek” just because I may incidentally be the one with the most computer experience in the group. I normally don’t like that label though, cause that means you’ll get the most “hey, my computer’s busted” telephone calls. 🙂

    I don’t abuse animals, live or dead. I used to actually raise chickens when I was growing up on a farm in Wilsonville. Didn’t bite nary a one. 🙂

    That’s all I’ve got. Sorry, work seems to be requiring a bunch of my time lately. :S

  10. Mary Lou,

    You’ve got some MAJOR nerve, little girl.

    1. “Star Trek Novels…”

    …and WHO has borrowed most of them from me at one time or another???

    2. “but am positive you have a very strong carny lineage”

    This from the one who tried to kill themself playing the retarded cousin of the “Flying Willandas” on a first date???

    3. “”I have seen you eat when you are not in public”

    Wow, I cannot believe you even WENT there. I’ve seen you suck down a five gallon bowl of chicken legs two at a time and had to hose down the walls afterward!

    Don’t MAKE me tell the stories…



  11. I’m called a “Geek” mostly because I am a PC game addict, however, in my defense, I aim at making my gaming as social as possible.

    Gaming is far more enjoyable when you play with others. My motto is “Don’t get caught playing by yourself.” At least not on a regular basis, because it can lead to a very anti-social and lonely life-style with only electronic friends to talk to. They listen fairly well, but don’t offer much by way of advice or comfort.

    I also enjoy watching movies, but can also be very anti-social if you don’t involve others.

    I love computers- I have 45 of them, including two laptops. That’s probably a little excessive, but what the hey.

  12. “My motto is: Don’t get caught playing by yourself.”

    Wow, that is SO close to MY motto…



    PS – Do you have a link or anything for your biz? If so, post it! Tell us what you do with those 45 computers!

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