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Sex Offenders Names Turned Over


Hey all,

Shel Israel (my blogging guru) posts on Global Neighbourhoods today that MySpace turns over 7000 Sex Offender names to Authorities.

While I’m usually pretty quick to start spouting off about infringements of personal freedoms, I have to admit I have no problem with bringing these human toilet-brushes into the light. As a soon-to-be-father, I think…


…they all ready have far more rights that I would give them. Ie: The right to own a personal computer, the right to live within 10 miles of anyone under the age of 18, the right to continue to possess a penis, etc. (And, yes, I know that, penis or no penis, they can continue to prey on the young and create their filth, but I still think it would be a good deterrent.)

I agree with Shel’s statement, “I think a society has a primary obligation to protect its children.  There are no higher priorities. I think MySpace is to be commended for turning over the names.”

Here’s MySpace’s official comments on the subject.

Your thoughts?



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15 thoughts on “Sex Offenders Names Turned Over

  1. Dinana on said:

    And now, the educated LEFT WING RESPONSE…

    Perry, you ignorant slut…no wait…that doesn’t work here…

    I think…

    I do, I really do…

    If they are dumb enough to put themselves out there on the web in a obvious manner, they get what they get.

    Same with kids about to enter the job market…if employers are cautious enough to see what’s out there on the web about potential employees, and they find their myspace or facebook page that is DUMB and way too revealing, then they deserve to be passed over.

    Communication is a two way street. I agree with the tactics of Perverted Justice too.

  2. Dinana,

    Just want to clarify…

    “If they are dumb enough to put themselves out there on the web in a obvious manner, they get what they get.”

    Are you referring to the sex-offenders or the kids? I’m pretty sure you mean the former but thought I’d clarify before folks started flaming you over a misunderstanding…



  3. PS –

    “educated LEFT WING RESPONSE”

    Isn’t that an oxymoron?


  4. Dinana on said:

    you put the MORON in oxymoron…ha ha…

    yes, with sex offenders, i meant (and i’m sure every other person out there gets what i mean…)

    but i also mean the “kids” complaining that they’re not getting jobs when they post that their occupation is to “get drunk as often as possible” and “last weekend i scored 3 times with 3 different people…AT THE SAME TIME”

    as i said…if you’re going to put themselves out there for all the world to see, they should know they’re going to get caught…

    just ask my soon to be ex-husband…

  5. Mary Lou on said:

    I am all for it! In fact they should post the sex offenders addresses as well. I know some people that might be interested in … um… hmmm…. we’ll just call it “counseling” it involves a bone breaking…I mean ground ground breaking new “death therapy”. It can pay to have Italian heritage.

    Yes movie nerd, I am borrowing the “death therapy” phrase from What About Bob

  6. Acerbic Villain on said:

    As far as I know, sex offenders lists are “technically” available as public information. I have a list at home of the nearest sex offenders around my home. I forget where we can get ahold of an updated one, but it’s available. It includes their name, last known address and time at that address (with some other info).

    I’m all for baring the souls (so to speak) of convicted sex offenders. You’re probably not going to get an argument out of me on this one.

  7. Thanks for the flattering reference. How did I come to be your “blogging guru?”

  8. Acerbic Villain on said:

    … wait. You posted a link in your blog to another BLOG?

    I’ve actually taken the time out to READ the blog you linked to. First, this “blogging guru” friend of yours doesn’t seem to be able to use that little thing called “spellcheck”

    All that aside. I REALLY don’t like that people somehow got it in their heads that they have this weird thing called right to privacy which your guru calls: “rights f privacy”… (I looked up a guru-to-English translator online).

    One thing that actually DOES bug me is that it took MySpace so long to actually turn over the info.

    QUOTE: “MySpace officials said they had always intended to provide information to law enforcement officials, but were trying to work out a legal process for handing over the information.”

    You can go ahead and read that as follows: “MySpace officials said they had always intended to provide information to law enforcement officials, but were trying to … test the waters to see what the PR dump would have been.”

    I see the MySpace exec team meeting going something like this: “Let’s see, if this whole ‘sex offender’ thing gets leaked to the press, what sort of fallout do you think we’ll have to manage… but wait, what about pissing off all the ‘right to privacy’ folks who think it’s in the constitution… hmm… quite the conundrum.”

    Yah, I’m a cynic.

  9. Shel,

    Well, without sounding like TOO much of a suck-up, lol…

    After reading a number of books on blogging and visiting innumerable websites and blogs, I’ve found “Naked Conversations” to be (in my opinion) the definitive resource on the subject of blogging, corporate blogs, and social networking, both for my personal blog (here) and my corporate work.

    I also visit Global Neighbourhoods on a daily basis, and find the content and commentary of your posts to be valuable.

    Hmm…wow, that really did make me sound like a suck-up, didn’t it? Oh well, I like what I like.

    Thanks for posting!


    PS – After re-reading the original post, I can see where it might sound like I’m inferring that I studied with you, or had been trained by you personally in blogging. Obviously not the case, and not my intention.

    Just loved the book, and recommend it highly to anyone interested in blogging.

  10. AV –

    “… wait. You posted a link in your blog to another BLOG?”

    Yesss…pretty standard OP. Did this seem strange?

    “First, this “blogging guru” friend of yours doesn’t seem to be able to use that little thing called “spellcheck”

    As seems to happen often, I think you’ve missed the forest for the trees.

    Yes, there are some typos on the Global Neighbourhoods blog, and as I’m sure you know, “spellcheck” doesn’t catch everything (just ask my editors, lol).

    Still, I visit a lot of blogs everyday and a few of them are perfectly formatted, have excellent sentence structure, and are pristinely edited…while at the same time giving me little in the way of educational or interesting content.

    I guess with the number of posts to that blog, and the value I get from the content, I’m willing to shrug off the occasional misspelling, you know?

    I can see your point with your “MySpace” assesment, however.

    I guess when I’m not privy to the inside details, and can’t be, I’d rather cheer than jeer.



  11. Acerbic Villain on said:

    Yah… I’m just being an ass. I realize my post seems a bit acerbic. Sorry.

    Tell you guru not to hold it against me.

    “I’d rather cheer than jeer.” Now, be honest, 9 times out of 10, this really ISN’T your position. 😛


  12. AV –

    No worries.

    You do, of course, realize the joy I’m experiencing over the irony of finding a typo in your above comment.


    “be honest, 9 times out of 10, this really ISN’T your position.”

    Yeah, you’ve got me there.


  13. Dinana on said:

    Perry scoffing at another posters typo…now that’s rich…

  14. Dinana,

    There should be an apostrophe between the “R” and “S” in “posters,” as you are using the word in its proprietary form.

    Just thought you’d want to know.


  15. Acerbic Villain on said:

    LMAO…. ZING!

    QUOTE: “…finding a typo in your above comment.”

    Yah, I saw that typo after hitting [Submit] and really wanted the ‘magic back button’ to exist. 😦 Oh well. I’m almost sub-human, and therefore, prone to mistakes.

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