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Free Copy of Just Past Oysterville


Hey all,

I try not to push my own books on this blog, but I just read a great article on the power of “Freebies” so I thought, what the heck!

Here’s the deal….go to my PerryPerkinsBooks website and read the first chapter of Just Past Oysterville: Shoalwater Book One, then come back here and post a comment.

That’s it!

Long comments are fine, short comments are fine…I’ll choose one comment at random (number out of a hat) and that poster will get a free copy of the book (free shipping too.)

For the three-or-four folks who read my blog regularly, lol, please feel free to send the link to this offer to anyone and everyone. Make sure to tell them that they WON’T be added to any kind of mailing or marketing list!




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3 thoughts on “Free Copy of Just Past Oysterville

  1. Acerbic Villain on said:

    But…. but…

    that involves READING… *sigh*

    OK, as one who has already read your first chapter (albeit sometime ago), I have to say that it’s tough for me to read stuff where I KNOW the author. It’s kind of like sitting in a room with your buddies drinking beer and one of them stands up decides to share his latest poetry about the girl who broke his heart. Instead of taking it seriously, (because, after all, that make us all feel uncomfortable) all the guys in the room want to do the typical “guy” and mock “Mister Poetry” mercilessly. Yes, that’s the 13 year old in me still struggling to get out. Unfortunately, I’m having real trouble keeping that little bastard under control!

    On a serious note (come on AV… time to be vulnerable… don’t cry)… I have always enjoyed your writing and I think you do a fantastic job. Your character and scene development are great. I am, admittedly, not your target audience, but I still enjoy your writing. (is that bad? ;)) Not “pee my pants with glee” sort of enjoy, but I like it. You have a developed writing style such that I could only dream of having.

    [wayne’s world]
    we’re not worthy… we’re not worthy…
    [/wayne’s world]

    To a large degree, I get bored. I couldn’t stick with it and actually COMPLETE a whole book. I find that I’m much more useful for the annoying, acerbic comments in forum threads and blog entries. 🙂

    Keep up the good work dude! Don’t worry about sending me a free copy of your book, I already BOUGHT a copy! I think it even has your signature in it!


  2. Mrs. E Nigma on said:

    I loved both of your books! I really am bummed that there is not a third one in the works. I will glady step up to the challenge and send out your link to someone I have already spoken to about your books. (Can I have a gold star or something instead of the free book?)

  3. I read Just Past Oysterville as it was being written and what sweet torture it was to have to wait for him to write the next installment!! Beautifully written always!


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