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Summer Movies


Hey all,

Went and saw “Pirates 3” yesterday and thought it was great! Saw the previews for “Transformers” and, as much as I want to mock it, it looks like it might be good.

Okay, I’m going out on a limb (and setting myself up for massive abuse, I’m sure) but I’ll post a few verses I wrote years back about summer movies. But first of all, I wanted to get your thoughts on this summers upcoming attractions.

The top three I’m looking forward to…

1.  “Ocean’s 13“:  Okay the 2nd movie sucked, we all know that, but I’m really hoping they get back to the fun of 11.

2. “Live Free or Die Hard” (Die Hard 4): Because I just…love…the diehard movies. Even the bad one (2) was awesome.

3. “The Bourne Ultimatum“: See #2

What about you guys? What are you looking forward to?

Okay, so about the poem.

When I was a kid we used to buy a roll of tickets every summer and go see old (or older) movies once a week at the Gresham Theater. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Pippy Longstockings, The Black Stallion…same movies every summer.

Loved it.

We very seldom went to “new” movies, as they were out of our budget, so this was our big “summer treat” every year.

Sooo…if poetry makes you gag, stop reading here. If not, you were warned:


I Remember Summer Movies

I remember summer movies,Dust and dripping butter in the humid gloom
Long hot walks on burning concrete, bus fare saved for cokes.
Dressed in k-mart clothes.

The old theater, past her prime. A tired starlet of better days.
Wrinkles showed through each years paintWorn red carpet, thinned by a million Keds,
the only air conditioner we knew.

My first friends I met there,Pippy Longstocking, Herbie, Black beauty, Benji.
Unworthy of the shining, unsoiled multiplex,
Scorned, the dollar show, we understood.

That long roll of paper tickets, faded cherry-slurpie red,were our Hawaii,
our Disneyland on twenty bucks,beneath the stained and flickering screen.

Ma laughed and cried in the same places every year.
Ninety minutes of escape, from her thirsty, monochrome world.
Did I really love the movies?
Or that they gave her something to give to me?
Both, I think.



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5 thoughts on “Summer Movies

  1. Mrs. E Nigma on said:

    Our 9 year old son got a calendar in his stocking for Christmas. Now my husband thought it was a silly idea but he loved it. It was of course a Lord of the Rings calendar which added to its appeal, (warning-don’t get our son started or he will talk your ear off) Anyhow, he is using it to countdown to the movies that we want to see this year. We have been able to cross off Spiderman 3, and now Pirates 3 and we are on our way to the Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer which comes out right around his birthday. We are movie geeks at our house, going so far as to have tickets to Star Wars Episode 3 almost 2 weeks in advance and waiting 7 hours in line at the theater to get good seats for the midnight showing. We of course had to let the kids miss school the next day because that would be silly to send them after staying out till 2:30 on a school night. I love the movies! What better way to escape the hum drum of everyday?

  2. Acerbic Villain on said:

    I love going to movies at really nice theaters. I don’t enjoy paying for the privilege though.

    Mrs E Nigma mentions great movies that I think theaters are meant for. The big-screen-fantastic-lots-of-visual-effects stuff is really great when watched in a theater. I think that’s the PERFECT way to watch those larger than life movies.

    I would never voluntarily pay to go see something like “When Harry Met Sally” on a big screen. Ever. What’s the point?

    Regarding having fond childhood memories of going to the theater? I didn’t have that experience.

    I grew up on 10 acres of hazelnut orchard and had an ATV. Most of my summer experiences were building forts with my buddies or racing around my Honda Odyssey

    No, not the minivan.

    THIS Odyssey, http://www.files.3wheelerworld.com/Sads/sHonda1980odyssey.jpg

    I’ll tell you what I HAVE enjoyed regarding movies. Is watching movies with you guys NOW (especially when Perry cooks). For instance, even though, at the time my stomach did flip-flops and I couldn’t eat anything on the menu. The Hannibal Lector party was a great idea and the source for MANY amusing anecdotes.

    I foresee many stupid movie parties to follow. I’ll bring TRON! (yes I own that one on VHS).

    – AV

  3. Mrs. E Nigma on said:

    We have Tron on DVD and a big TV. I will gladly participate in a movie party. Don’t worry, I am all about action and gore. Okay so the occasional chick flick is watched but one of my current faves is Kill Bill Vol.1. I already told Perry anytime he wants to come over and cook for me he is welcome. I will gladly provide the movie entertainment.

  4. AV –

    I agree, I usually only see the BIG ACTION flicks at the movies, but I’m prob’ly not patient enough to wait for these sequels to hit DVD.

    BTW – Are you STILL whining about the Hannibal dinner?

    So I served liver and farva beans and lamb brains…so I scarred your co-worker a little…get over it!

    You have to admit, the Chianti was very nice.



    ps – Be careful, you’re giving too many hints.

  5. Acerbic Villain on said:

    QUOTE: “BTW – Are you STILL whining about the Hannibal dinner?”

    a little… yes. 🙂

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