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Hey all,

Okay, I think I have a new hero…Legoman! Nathan Sawaya’s stuff is amazing!

I’ve had a love affair with legos for as long as I can remember.  I even worked on t hier tech-support team for the Lego Mindstorm robotics line (briefly) before coming to Xerox.

I had tons of them scattered around the house as a kid, and a couple of college buddies and I used to go to a parent’s house and play with legos on Sunday afternoons (remember that Phil?)

Check out this guy’s artwork. Sure beats the crap we used to build, lol.

I don’t rememeber THIS job beging offered on Career Day!


PS – Lego’s are HIGH on the list of reasons I’m looking forward to being a dad, lol. Gracie’s gonna have a TON of these. She might veen get to play with some!


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8 thoughts on “Legoman!

  1. Acerbic Villain on said:

    That man is evil.

    … and by ‘That man is evil’ I mean: “I wish I could afford to do that crap…” 🙂

    I remember reading about him (or some other Lego dude who makes me sick) a few years ago. Rumor has it, there was a corporate exec who was being hired to a large company, part of the negotiation to be hired was that he wanted a desk made entirely out of Lego. So, the dude was hired to build and glue the desk for him. Made a bundle, all that. Totally sounds like urban legend, but who cares. The idea is cool.

    QUOTE: “I don’t rememeber THIS job beging offered on Career Day!”

    Yeah, I am going to MURDER my guidance counselor!

    Keep in mind, the women in our lives NEVER understand the Lego thing. I don’t think they will ever learn to understand. I used to sit and play Lego for hours on end when I was growing up. I would have whole space stations and moon rover units and missiles, and … oh geez I’m getting all excited. Good times…

    When I had moved out of my parent’s place, my mom suggested I give away my Lego collection.


    Don’t worry, we worked it out. I still speak with her.

    My wife doesn’t understand Lego either. I’ve given up trying to explain it to her. :p

    One fall, I was wanting to expand my Lego collection for my kiddos (*COUGH* riiiight *COUGH* *COUGH*) for the upcoming Christmas.

    I put feelers out at an online tech forum I was pretty involved in and got a guy in Canada willing to sell his. Thank GOD for poor college students. I got roughly $800.00 worth of Lego for $150.00. I paid for shipping too but it was still a fantastic deal. I still keep in touch with the guy (he’s getting married this summer) and I now have TWICE the Lego goodness at home.

    My sons and I have spent MANY hours sprawled out on the floor building all sorts of stuff.

    God I love those things.

  2. Dinana on said:

    My daughter’s love LEGO’s…even at 13 & 9 they will still play with them. Don’t dis the girls…we get it!

    Aubrey, when she was 4, created this thing on a portable board…copying the food show she was watching…flipped the cake over just like on TV…

    How’s that for a “perfect marriage”…food shows and LEGO’s!

  3. Acerbic Villain on said:

    You’re right. Girls get it. It’s just not often, in my experience that they want to play Lego instead of some other hobbies.

    My older sister looked at my with complete and utter contempt (that only an older sister can master) whenever she passed by my super awesome moon base setup. That has been my experience: Generally, women don’t go for Lego as much.

    Not dissing women, just making an observation.

    – av

  4. “How’s that for a “perfect marriage”…food shows and LEGO’s!”

    Well, I agree in part…I’d drop the “shows” and just say that food and legos are a perfect combination.

    If Phil ever shows up, he can back up this story…

    He, and I, and a couple of other frineds used to go to one of the guy’s house every Sunday afternoon after church and dump about a billion legos on the living room floor and pretty much wipe out the parents fridge in the process. His parents went to a different church and didn’t get home until late afternnoon.

    Usually made about a dozen fried-egg sandwiches (between the four of us) drank about a gallon of milk or OJ, cranked up the tunes to an ungodly level and built lego worlds.

    Yes…we were complete wonks.


    PS – I must note here that Kelly’s parents were awesome. There was always a couple of dozen fresh eggs in the fridge, and a couple of unopened loaves of bread on the counter, lol.

  5. Dinana on said:

    My daughters would have nothing to do with barbies. They had them, but never played with them. Lego’s ruled!

  6. I knew I liked those girls! Just goes to show ya, genetics ain’t everything!



  7. I love your werk is nice!

  8. I have loads of LEGO’s at my house me and my lil bro(age 3) play with them all the time!heres some of the stuff I Built
    1.an exact replaca of A 50 foot TV same size!
    2.formula 1 car
    3. Dragon wich WAS in lego but some kids broke it!

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