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The joy that is Google Reader (RSS Feeds)…


Okay, a number of folks have given me the thousand-yard stare when I mention RSS Readers. Here’s the lowdown:

An RSS Reader (like Google Reader, which I use) searches specific blogs and/or webpages that you choose and pulls any new posts directly to your reader page.

For example, when I log into my Google Reader page, I see:

10 new posts from CNN

1 new post from Dave Barry’s blog

3 new posts from the FreeColorPrinters blog

(Plus about a hundred others I’ve got it reading!)

I can read the whole message there (usually, tho’ CNN is a pain and makes you go back to their site to read an article) or click the link to the home page if I want to leave a comment.

This saves me a TON of surfing and sifting through blogs and websites everyday to see if there’s new content.

Basically, once you’ve set up your reader, you go to a blog or website (like mine) and right-click on the RSS button (usually a small orange square that says RSS, XML, or Feed. See the logo above.)

Choose “copy shortcut” and then paste that address into the “Add Subsciption” box on your reader page. Once it links up, it should upload any new content to that page almost immediatly.

Here are some others I recieve feeds from:

The Fathers & Daughters Blog

Oregon Live (The Oregonian Breaking News)


The Dilbert Blog

The Marketing Writer

Windows Vista Blog

Drew’s Northwest News

ProBlogger Blog Tips

Those are some of my favs.  If you want to set up a reader and have any questions, ask them below and I’ll do my best to help you get it up and running!

Have fun!


PS: Here’s a great ABOUT article that give the directions in more detail.


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One thought on “The joy that is Google Reader (RSS Feeds)…

  1. Oh, SURE! I finally post some valuable content, and evryone dissappears!

    So, my only hope is bodily-function posts???


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