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I’d be naked without…


Okay, okay…that was something of a sensationalist (and frightening) title, I know.

Here’s what happened…

Yesterday morning, by accident, I forgot to put my Leatherman on my belt. All was well until noon when I needed to open a box here at work, reached for my Leatherman and realized, to my horror, that it was at home!

It wasn’t so much that I HAD to have it for that particular job, it was just the idea of ALL the things that MIGHT come up, and here I was…defenseless!

It was a sad thing.

That got me thinking…I have a tendency to pack for safari every morning before I leave, (that sound you hear is my wife snorting with laughter…) filling my pockets and my “utility belt” with my “must-have-with-me” items.

Here a a few, with explanations:

1. Above mentioned Leatherman

I use this thing several times a day. Opening boxes of supplies, adjusting a myriad of printers and toys, and pulling the occasional errant nose-hair with the pliers.

2. Mini-bic lighter

Old boy-scout issues. Never leave home without a means of making fire. I’m not sure if I’m concerned about finding myself hopelessly lost in the woods on the five minute drive from home to work (though it COULD happen…) I’m just used to having it. Used to be a Zippo, but I got tired of it always being on empty form lack of use.

3. Cell phone

My new cell is actually a phone, email-getter, camera, and web-browser all in one, allowing me to blog from any location. I haven’t done that yet, but I COULD!

4. Mini Notepad & Pen

Okay, now that I have the uber-phone, this is a somewhat redundant item. I’ve lost any number of “Great American Novel” ideas (at least I like to think so) over the years, from not having anywhere to jot the idea down.

5. Shoes

Okay, I know this one sounds strange, but I almost never leave the house without “real” shoes on. No sandals or flip-flops (I’ll pack those for trips to the beach or the river.) Always in the back of my mind is the niggling fear that my car will break down and I’ll have to walk, or a giant asteroid will strike the earth and my survival will depend on a solid, dependable shoe.

Yeah, yeah…I’m a freak.

So, what would you be “naked without” and why?



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14 thoughts on “I’d be naked without…

  1. Dinana on said:


    You mean you were defenseless yesterday and I missed my chance??? Damn!

    Here’s my list:

    1. My Brilliant Intellect

    2. My Whip Snap Smart Sense of Humor

    3. My STARBUCKS IV Drip

    4. My RED toenails

    AND…YEAH! He admits he’s a freak…am I in heaven???

  2. Wow…

    So, you leave home each morning with nothing but some coffee and toe-nail polish…

    You’re braver than me!


  3. Dinana on said:

    Well, I was going to list clothes, as I wouldn’t be that cruel to the world, but then I noticed you didn’t list clothes either, so i ASSumed everyone with HALF A BRAIN would figure that out…I completely forgot about you…go figure.

    PS…smart idea to get that labotomy BEFORE Gracie is born…how’s that healing???

  4. Acerbic Villain on said:

    To be honest, it’s scary how much Perry and I think alike.

    One too many times watching Dante’s Peak (ptewwy!) or Terminator or Deep Impact or Mars Attacks or Die Hard or… any of the other “end of the world as we know it” movies. Huh?

    All those things you listed (and the reasons you list them) have gone through my mind as well. I just don’t have the cool leatherman that you do. I DO carry the following:

    A) Two pocket knives (one small super sharp one on my keychain, and one general use one in my pocket)
    B) Cell phone
    C) Wallet
    D) … I need more things to carry… 😦

    I don’t know WHO Dinana is, but I feel you’ll mock me as well as Perry because of this.

    – AV

  5. Dinana on said:


    A link for Die Hard fans…

    I have to know you to mock you…ok…no I don’t…but boys need their knives…and we women appreciate that you boys have your knives when we want you to open something!

    I live to mock Perk…

  6. mary lou on said:

    Ok, here we go
    My day planner, I don’t do palm pilots, I end up breaking them and then have to hunt all the info I had on them.
    Several books of matches (I like fire)
    first aid kit in my Jeep (Hopefully someone has a well stocked kit at work for Perry, he could hurt himself in a Jello factory)
    My cell phone
    Small leatherman, it has fingernail clippers, scissors, small blade ect…
    Small case of 15 cds, God forbid I did not have a variety of musical choices for the 10 minute drive to and from work
    Whenever I wear sandals I too keep some running shoes with me, although I am not as much prepared for disaster as I am hoping I’ll get a chance to either go running, or climb and play with my kids on some precariously built structure.
    My super cool Native Eyes sunglasses

  7. mary lou on said:

    Oh! Since it was brought up, you all realize that they are about to premier another Die Hard movie.

  8. Vic-the-Prego-Wife on said:

    Because, SERIOUSLY you KNOW Bruce is going to have to walk across a room full of broken glass barefoot-AGAIN. He’s obviously not as prepared as you guys. You’d think he’d learn!

    PS- no I’m not going to comment about the things I won’t leave home without- I don’t have that much time.

  9. Acerbic Villain on said:

    hmm… I didn’t know carrying stuff in your vehicle counted.

    If that’s the case, I have MUCH more to add to my list:

    1) Tow Cable (to pull someone out of harms way if necessary, I’ve done this around 5 times so far in the past couple years)
    2) Tie Down Sraps
    3) Jump Cables
    4) Fire Extinguisher (although I used it up helping put out a neighbors electrical fire and need to get it recharged)
    5) First Aid Kit
    6) Flares
    7) Lots and Lots of tools to fix stuff. With the proper leverage and parts, I could swap out someones head gasket roadside if necessary. 🙂

    So… that’s what I regularly carry in my truck…

    There, I feel much better now. I was feeling so inadequate next to Perry for a while there.

    – AV

  10. Dean S. on said:

    Perry P.

    I,m reading your blog on a Friday night and decided to comment.

    One always needs a pocket knife. You never know when you will have to clean your fingernails.

    A tape measure. I can’t tell you how many times someone wants to know how long or how big something is or if it will fit.

    A cap with a bill with the bill facing the right direction.

    Jumper cables

    A writing instrument and notebook. I don’t know how many good ideas I’ve forgotten because I didn’t write them down.

  11. “A cap with a bill with the bill facing the right direction.”

    Big brother, you are the MAN!



  12. I, the compulsive crafter, MUST have something crafty to do–just in case I’m forced to wait somewhere or sit and listen to some sort of meeting or lecture. (Bummer that people frown on me knitting during church. I could get so much done). So, I haul around at least 2-3 different knitting projects and/or a camera to take artsy-fartsy photos.
    I have actually pared down my purse to a glorified wallet size but do carry around a big tote bag with projects in it. For you leatherman guys–I, too, carry a leatherman. My wonderful hubby bought me a Micra for our 2nd anniversary (9 years ago) and I carry it everywhere. It’s become so handy that my DH and my FIL expect me to have MY multi-tool and are always asking to use it. Since I downsized my purse, however, it has a new home in my knitting supplies case that I keep in the aforementioned big tote bag of crafts. (Yes, the word you heard was cra* instead of crafts because my DH was saying that in my head).
    I have to say that whenever some ill-prepared guy is lamenting the lack of a screwdriver or measuring implement or such, I have an incredible rush of “I’m SO GOOD-itis” come over me when I whip out my Leatherman. I don’t know what I will do when I have to send it in for sharpening. 😦
    Along with this most important of items–I MUST have:
    my inhaler, my driver’s license, the checkbook, some cash, my cell phone and a lipstick.

  13. I feel naked with out all of my bangle braclets. I never go anywhere with out them. It’s kind of a signature with me. If I’m not wearing them people start to think that something is wrong….lol
    I’ve been wearing them since the early 1970’s. (Oh, now we know how old I really am…LOL)
    Other then that I can go anywhere. Usually I have the other stuff in my car, bottle water, snacks, compass, extra lighter, paper, pen, change of clothes, shoes and the blanket.
    I’m ready for anything that comes up this way.

  14. Speaking of gadgets, here’s a great blog post…

    Title: Keeping Track Of Your Gadgets by Randy Mears



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