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Late Nights

Hey all,

Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly, just trying to get the decks cleared here at work in advance of my “baby leave.” (Any day now…)

Blog posts, training, supplies orders…

Here’s a nice depressing shot I took with the ol’ camera phone as I left work around 7:30p to go grab some dinner before coming back.


(Yup, that’s my lonely little car…)

Soon the baby will be born and it will be nothing but umbrella drinks at the pool, right?




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6 thoughts on “Late Nights

  1. Nope it will be sleep less nights… and wishing for those kind of things again. Life is about to change big time for you, but I know that this is what you and the Mrs. have been wanting. So forget these days until Grace is older!!!

  2. Acerbic Villain on said:

    My wife and I both hate it when people paint “doom and gloom” pictures for people who are expecting. Yes, there are tough, stressful times. I remember not sleeping very well. But I also remember the excitement of having that precious little guy at home. I remember staying awake not because they were screaming, but because I loved sitting up and watching _them_ sleep.

    You guys have a wonderful albeit sometimes sleepless road ahead of you. There are so many huge and awesome milestones you’ll get to have with your baby in the first few years. I don’t want to sound too sappy, but life is good Perry and you’ll see what an awesome privilege it is to have a little one to care for.

    You guys are going to be awesome (and fun) parents.

    – AV

    PS: Just to keep with the “acerbic” nature of my posts. Changing popy diapers sucks when they start stinking really really bad.

  3. AV –

    I was starting to wonder what had happened to you in that post! Has someone been slipping female hormones into your JD or what?

    My first thought was…”Oh my God, someone killed AV!”


    Seriously, thank you.

    I, too, get a little tired of that all-knowing smile and nod as folks tell me that it’s going to be WAY worse than I could imagine.

    I look at these folks, who often have several kids, and think, “Wow, if you sucked at it so bad, why did you keep doing it?”

    I guess, after 8 years of trying to have a kid, with all the dissappointments and tears that go along with THAT, I’m more ready to take a tiny fraction of that misery in trade for the years ahead.

    Besides, have these people never heard of Nyquil? Sheesh!


  4. Dinana on said:


    You and Vicki are going to love it! And I’m so happy for you two. You’re going to be great parents…and for me…

    No more smug DINK smiles from you…that harried look I know so well will eminate from your very being…

    I see tea parties and tap dance recitals and teen silence (my place now)…but it’s a fun ride.

    And the opportunities for “BARNEY” torture abound!

    I can’t wait for you to have that sweet little bundle in your arms, or leading you down the “pink” aisle at TRS, looking at you with big watery eyes, and saying she really NEEDS the Barbie Jeep! And the look on Vicki’s face when you walk in the door with it…she’ll walk you over to your blog and point out the picture you posted, a couple of years ago, when you were pointing out the “trailer trash” in the yard at the apts…

    PS…babies only need a little teeny tiny bit of nyquil to get them to sleep all night, but you didn’t hear it from me!

  5. I agree with most others. I have been guilty of the “Oh, Life is going to change big time” evil foretelling words but I have to admit, I LOVE being a mom. It’s not easy but it’s also not boring. Each stage has been wonderful and horrible and fun and challenging. There are tears and laughter and lots and lots of prayers. Mostly, though, there is a deep, abiding sense that everything I do and every word I say really does matter.

  6. NW Drew on said:

    Well I don’t want to break the flow so enjoy your umbrella drinks and call me when she’s three weeks old.


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