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Apple iPhone releases tonight…yawn.


Hey all, Well, the much anticipated Apple iHype…er, I mean…iPhone releases tonight, and I can sum up my near frantic anticipation with two words….WHO CARES? 

No, I’m not blogging this morning from a sleeping-bag on some chilly sidewalk outside the Apple store. A new Star Wars movie might elicit that kind of fanaticism, but not an over-priced, over-hyped phone. 

At $600 and STILL requiring a two year contract, I’m going to have to say, “No thanks, Stevie…” 

I think I’ll stick to my Palm Treo at a quarter the price, and stay home and watch “The Star Wars Holiday Special” tonight. Still, I do have to ask, even if they have the money to blow… WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING? 

Quick lesson from recent history…it’s a first release! It’s going to be buggy, and product support won’t be up-to-snuff on training yet!  

Can we remember a little thing called the iPod? This phone is going to be patched, upgraded, and down-priced at least three times in the next year or so! People are going to be screaming that tech support is clueless, and everyone else is  going to get a GREAT deal on competing products! (I know I did!) 


Okay, well great! Now I’m all awake and everything, I might as well head down to Starbucks and buy 342.85714 (that was for you, AV) venti coffees with the money I saved. 


PS – You know that the REAL questions here are…does Paris Hilton have one yet and, if not, who’s standing in line for HER?


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32 thoughts on “Apple iPhone releases tonight…yawn.

  1. Dinana on said:


    While I agree with you that this first release is going to be buggy and expensive, I have to remind you that there are people (no, not me) who have to have the “newest, brightest & greatest” new devices on the market.

    You don’t have to rain on their parade, just as we would never rain on your parade (what am I saying…this is what I live for…a bbq with a matching purse…sheesh!)

    Don’t consider this a marketing ploy so much as fodder for your blog…it’s been a little skinny lately!

  2. NW Drew on said:

    The “competing” products don’t really measure up. Your treo only has half the screen while being twice as thick. Wow thats a great analogy of you also. Anyway on option for me might be the 8525 where the keyboard slides out, but it’s also 2 feet thick.

    There are some things I don’t like about it. Price. On screen keyboard. Limited software. But it does do some cool things like use local wireless whenever it’s available. And at the moment the # 1 reason to get one is the first time someone wants to check it out and the conversation leads to a closed loan it just paid for itself.

    Plus, let’s just get it out in the open. The only reason you mentioned it is you were hoping to get a million comments so you could brag about how popular your blog is.


  3. Dinana on said:

    Nice Zing’s, Drew!!!

  4. Drew,

    “Your treo only has half the screen while being twice as thick. Wow thats a great analogy of you also.”

    Dude, that was a cheap shot!

    Luckily I am, by nature, too nice of a guy to say something like, “Wow, it’s a good thing neither of these products supports a feature called ‘premature balding…”



    PS – Please don’t feed Dinana, it’s like giving money to a wino, it only makes her worse…

  5. Also, it’s actually a little more than half the weight (0.8oz vs 0.45oz) I think I can handle slogging the extra tonnage for four-hundred bucks.

    The iPhone is also taller and wider than my Treo, and the screen size is a little deceptive. If you bring up the “keyboard” screen to tap in a message, it takes of the lower half of the screen anyway, so it’s only a big deal when watching videos or something.

    Besides, the feature-set isn’t my beef. It’s the $600.00 price tag AND requiring a two-year contract. I got my treo for $200 with the same two year contract, and could have bought it no-strings-attached for $399.

    Seems to me like Apple is using all the hype to strong-arm buyers into a 2-year contract, at a price that should be contract-free.

    And these “buyers” are sleeping on sidewalks to get one based soley on Apple’s word that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not a single customer review on the product, service, or support.

    I’m not saying it’s a bad product (that has yet to be seen) I’m just saying that I don’t think it’s that much BETTER of a product to justify the hype.


  6. NW Drew on said:

    ‘premature balding…” so are you saying I’m not mature enough to be balding.

    “I don’t think it’s that much BETTER of a product to justify the hype.” But you can zoom pictures by squishing them with your fingers. That’s $400 right there.


  7. Apple and Dell Owner on said:

    While I personally would not spend the $ for an iPhone at the current price, it is still a fairly compelling device. Folks that gripe about its ‘bells and whistles’ quickly forget that a plan old Motorola RAZR was $399. All its claim to fame is – it’s thin! It had buzzy audio, a crappy camera and a lame user interface. The iPhone is a portable computer – run on Mac OS X. It is shades of the future, for a near day where instead of lugging around laptops for full computing power, we step within proximity of a monitor and keyboard and go to work. No bootup time required. These phones have computing power superior to a Dell that I bought only a few years ago.

    When you have a chance, watch the Apple keynote where the phone was introduced in January and its virtues are more clear.

    Apple has had several winners and some flops – yet very few other tech companies can say that they have had as much of a direct positive impact on both popular culture and our lives. Virtually all innovations we take for granted on PCs today were first on the Mac. The 3.5″ floppy. The mouse with GUI. Desktop publishing. High resolution graphics. CD-Rom drives. Firewire. Microsoft Excel & Word. Adobe Premiere & Photoshop (video and photo editing). Without their efforts, we’d still be spending our lives at C:\ entering cryptic commands.

    Will it get ripped off by copycats? Absolutely – and we all will benefit. Is it at risk of being over-hyped like Ford’s Edsel? Maybe.

    The first Mac, introduced with the most famous superbowl commercial in history (1984) was great from day one. I think the iPhone has the same potential for changing phones for the better and appears to be fairly refined.

    Apple moves the industry forward. Tech support is clueless? Apple has consistantly the best rated tech support in the industry. Had a call to Dell lately? Even our hardware techs on at work calling corporate support get the runaround with them.

    Hmm compare these sites:
    When I click on the support link on the treo site, it won’t even load in my browser! (Firefox). Hmm.. Great support… So great that they don’t even want me to get any…

    Have you owned a modern Mac using OS X? Until that point, it’s all perceptions from afar. The iPhone is very much an ultra-portable mac.

    P.S. Your treo is a derivitive of the Palm OS, which was created by engineers that started out at Apple’s Newton division. (Newton’s first attempts at handwriting recognition was too early for prime time, which was why Palm used the “grafitti” alphabet instead). Like it or not, your Treo can trace back its history to Apple!

  8. Anonymous on said:


    Don’t listen to Perk…keep giving me ideas…i can never, NEVER have enough!

    And tho he may abhor me for my wit, he “loves” me for my leftovers…

  9. Uh-Oh…

    Looks like we have ourselves a “Mac-olyte!”

    You gotta watch out for these guys, they wear dark suits and ride around in bikes, and knock on your door to ask you if you have a personal relationship with the iMac yet…

    They’re scary.

    PC & Palm…that all I need.

    PS – You’re all still missing my point (except Dinana, who’s only here because I don’t delete her incessent, inane quacking.) It *might* be a great phone…I’m just saying that the high price, coupled with the required service agreement is blatant corporate greed, and the the hordes of worshipers lying down palm branches in front of the delivery trucks, all smiling while they swallow it. We can’t get half of these people out to VOTE, but they’ll line up days in advance to buy a stupid phone!

  10. NW Drew on said:

    I still think it is a cool phone. If I had the money I would have bought one last night. Allthough I wouldn’t have waited in line. I don’t own an Ipod and I wouldn’t load music on it. So that should seperate me from the majority of the apple technorati. I also will probably never own a mac because it doesn’t do 2 of the things I spend 80% of my time doing.

    I do have a small web presence to protect so I’ll sugar coat it a little. I do get your point and will agree that there seems to be a large portion of the united states that is quite a bit thicker than you Perry.


  11. Apple and Dell Owner on said:

    Well, the beauty of the current macs is that they have intel procesors so you can simply partition the hard drive and install Vista or XP – a simple reboot and it’s a 100% compatible PC with good specs. Without a reboot, the option is to use parallels (parallels is not adequate for 3d gaming).

    I’m not a mac bigot as Perk suggests; rather I guess I’ve been open enough to see the merits of both platforms and have have spent my computing life using both. I do chuckle though at many of the “new” features of Vista already being in OS X two years ago.

    As for greed, I don’t see it as corporate greed for Sony to charge more for a BlueRay DVD player than what Apple charges for an iPhone. Nor do I see it as corporate greed for the typical fly fishing rod setup I’ve seen at these specialty shops being as much or more than an iPhone.

    To me, the fly rod is a glorified bamboo stick that should be available for $16.99 at WalMart and could be mass produced as such. Yet avid fishermen have no problem shelling out the big $$ for something they use, at best, a dozen times per year. Which is the bigger ‘frill’?

    I know…them’s fighting words.

  12. AaDO,

    Never suggested you were a bigot, lol, I know you better that that!

    However, that last post was the most apples and oranges statement I’ve even seen!!!

    DVD Player VS iPhones
    Fly Rods vs Bamboo Sticks

    What the heck???

    You’re stilll just saying that “Apple isn’t as bad as…”

    Comparative evil isn’t my point!

    You can always find someone WORSE out there (ieL Dell, lol) but I want to hang my hat with the white!

    Who is offering a product that has comparative features, a comparative price, but isn’t an obvious roundtable of marketing ogres, sitting around and wondering how to suck the last penny from the mindless masses?

    Again, (and how many times am I going to have to say this???) my point isn’t that the PRODUCT is bad, or even that the PRODUCT isn’t great…my question is…is the product GREAT enough to justify the hype, and the restrictive contract…or are we just responding as lemmings to the latest technoloy siren song ( as I believe we are.)


    PS – Regarding “Fly Rods vs Bamboo Sticks”

    I couldn’t just let this go, yes, them ARE fightin’ words…

    As a fly fisherman, this is like saying, “So, what’s REALLY the difference between a legal pad and a laptop???”

    Dude, I have a bamboo pole and several good fly rods. Happy to take you fishing any time and show you the differnce, lol!


  13. Apple and Dell Owner on said:

    Hmm.. Add up the $$ for all your fly rods and all equipment to go fly fishing? Is it more than an iPhone? How are they better than the $69 Cahill/Graphite Fly Combo on Cabela’s website? Can the $69 deal still catch fish?

    Next, calculate how many hours you anticipate to be able to use them to determine their cost per hour. Also, include the cost of camping/lodging, fuel, flies, licenses, tackle, specialized clothing, etc. How much does that add to?

    On a 2 year contract, the iPhone is $350 more than a Treo. Figuring that you have the phone on for 8 hours per day for that period, that $350 difference amounts to 5.9 cents per used hour over the two years. To me for what it adds in terms of: significantly improved web browsing, music and portable video, a nicer interface – appears to be worth the 5.9 cents. For reference, the total cost of the device per used hour is 30 cents/hour. The treo is 24 cents/hour. For fun, I suspect this is a cheaper rate per hour than fly fishing. 🙂

    The music and video capability are already proven (not hype) as it is the same technology as an iPod video, which is $249, but the iphone also has a larger and better resolution screen. For the user that wants both a video iPod and a smart phone, $100 more to pay than the cost of a treo+ipod video combo seems like a fair deal (1.7cents per used hour on the 2 year contract, based on 8 hours/day).

    For me, I carry a blackberry pearl and an iPod video. The iPod doesn’t come along as often as I’d like because I only have so much room in my pocket for two devices. They both always come on business trips. If it was all in one device, I would be happy with this combination, let alone the additional features the device offers over alternatives.

  14. Apple and Dell Owner on said:

    To clarify, the 30 and 24 cent/hour figures include the airtime contract.

  15. Apple and Dell Owner on said:

    One other note I neglected to mention.. The Treo and all other cell phones have a subsidy that masks the true cost of the device. AT&T, Verizon, etc. pay a large portion of the actual phone price.

    In the case of the iPhone, AT&T refused to subsidize the phone so the user pays the real cost of the device and they required a 2 year contract. Lame.

    Your treo is $439 without a contract, which is only $160 cheaper than an iPhone.

    AT&T is using this as an experiment to test if they can end handset subsidies. If the buying public agrees, watch for other phone prices to rise for all carriers. So – is that corporate greed? Yes. But on AT&T’s part, not Apple’s.

  16. AaDO's wife on said:

    All I can say is…never get into an argument with this techie when Apple is on the line!

  17. Dinana on said:

    ANY NEWS???

  18. Acerbic Villain on said:

    OK… I’m a PC enthusiast. I started on PCs, and I’ve networked and gamed HEAVILY on PCs. I build my own PCs and upgrade/overclock them. I’m typing to you on an overclocked watercooled PC now.

    Since I’m a gamer, I could never really go the Mac route. For the gaming side of things, I offer you this video:


    For those of you who can’t access google video from work, Here’s a link to the ripped version.


    Now, regarding the hype, I think THIS will encapsulate my feelings on the iHype very well:

    – AV

  19. Dinana thanks for posting that. That was my first thought also when I saw it.

    AaDO’s wife. Nice use of a princess bride quote.

  20. Lvl 8 FiFA Ref on said:


    Couple of things first off…

    Mac>PC and I’ve never owned one (a Mac that is) but as long as the PC world is enslaved to MS DOS 19.75b (or whatever they call it nowdays) the Mac will be superior. Mac OS is light years ahaed of Microbill’s. Also graphic and video editing is mega light years ahead. Georgie Lucas doesn’t use PC’s when he making those Star Wars films (you know the ones with fantastic special effects and cheezy dialogue!) and neither does anyone in Hollywood that wants to be employed for longer than 2 minutes.

    Two year contracts. Your phone could be free and you’ll still get this. I’m not sure what the big deal is. Every phone on the planet (or at least in the US) comes with a 2 year contract unless you want that one carrier named after an insect that eats farmers crops (and trust me a i lived in Texas and had to kill 10-30 of them a night so I will never join them! I mean the insect btw not farmers!). So the contract is irrelevant in my opinion.

    Which leads me to another rant not entirely off the subject but almost. They aren’t ‘cell phones’. If you have a ‘cell phone’ you belong to 1990 not 2007. It’s called a ‘mobile phone’. Learn it, live it, say it…it shouldn’t be a hard concept.

    As for the iphone it is easily the best phone ever created. Just as Stevie Nicks…no Steve Jobs. As for it being ‘buggy’ — time will tell. You typically get support for a phone from your provider not the phone manufacturer but maybe in this case it is different. How do I know? I used to work in the industry (God help me). If I was made of money (I’m not at least not yet) I’d pay the $600 because it is a fantastic product and just one last thing.

    Apple>* (Yes this is me laughing at you for not buying stock in it a few years ago…and now this is me crying because I didn’t either.)

    /end rant

  21. Lvl 8 FiFA Ref on said:

    Oh yeah…another reason why Apple is the best…

  22. Lvl 8 FiFA Ref on said:

    Oh yeah this too…

  23. AaDO's wife on said:

    NW Drew,
    Thanks. Gotta LOVE that movie. I think that it had 3 of the top 5 movie quotes of all time.

  24. Dinana on said:

    “My name is Inigo Montoyo, you killed my father, prepare to die”

    speaking of the dred pirate roberts…

    anyone know how to hijack perry’s blog so that we can talk about something else??? Seems the lazy bum (sure, he’s hiding behind Vick’s pregnancy, doncha know…) is too busy to start a new topic…leaving us all to languish…

  25. Dinana on said:

    deep thoughts: If a parsley farmer is sued can he garnish his wages?

  26. Pingback: apple iphone price

  27. Acerbic Villain on said:

    “Apple>*”…. I find this comment very interesting. (albeit patently untrue)

    Before you get too far on my case, understand that I have worked with both Macs and PCs from a IT perspective. I have at least an inkling of what I’m talking about.

    It seems whenever ANY Apple product is brought up in a light that isn’t GUSHING with praise and laud, the Mac-ians come out of the woodwork, because, after all, Steve Jobs just _MIGHT_ get criticized!

    “Quick” the say…”Talk about how PCs SUCK!!!”
    “Someone bring up something to do with graphics!!!” (an old worn out argument that isn’t actually valid anymore)

    Quit with the freaking derail here guys. It seems very amusing to me that a blog post about a PHONE has made the Mac-lovers turn it into a PC bashing session.

    REMAINING OFF TOPIC: Apple has definitely done some things very right. They have really pushed the envelope esthetically. They have come out with some very interesting and eye-candy-ish designs that are pretty doggone “gee-whiz” cool. They’ve done little that it hasn’t been yes, sometimes preceded, in the PC world by regular people who have always wanted to push their PCs to a different level.

    Apple (the company) has been trying to market itself as the forward thinking, ever impressive, and, most importantly, anti-establishment leader out there. It seems a small percentage of the population has bought into that.

    What are they, maybe 18% of market share now?

    It’s true: high-end Apple computers are pretty cool at doing CG graphics work. But to use that particular argument on a derailed blog topic is a bit silly.

    I would love to see you do some awesome graphics CG work on your iMac (I’m talking MOVIE QUALITY). Go ahead… impress me. You could use the same argument about very high capacity Silicon Graphics machines. But it’s not really reasonable to buy one for general public consumption. I certainly can’t afford one.

    And Silicon Graphics boxes run UNIX.

    Apple has done some things very very wrong too. Their AppleTalk networking was/is an absolute joke. But then again, they’ve pretty much had to do away with that thanks to widespread use of TCP/IP in the PC network world so I guess they’re coming out of that phase.

    It’s funny to me that Apples really didn’t come into their own (that is, finally start effectively competing with the PC world) until they dropped their OS and went with a UNIX precursor OS.

    That, and Apple appealed to the publics wish to be unique and original out there. They found a nerve of those who wanted to be “anti-establishment” and “trendy” and really pushed on it. And, those people who wanted to be trendy and anti establishment jumped at the chance. Now they feel extra special. God bless em.

    They paid more than what they needed to for a PC clone (Intel Processors now) running on a former UNIX operating system which emulates PCs so they can run actual productivity software. But not games, because their rendering architecture is a joke. And no software developers will write software for 18% market.

    The truth is, PCs and Macs are both buggy and will crash, but in different ways. Yes, Macs are just as prone to crashing as PCs. They just do it differently.

    Remember when the “first” big virus came out that was pointed at Macs a few years ago? It took the Mac world DAYS to find a fix. In the PC world, it takes hours at most to get a fix and quarantine created and distributed.

    The point is that no one in the Mac world was ready for something like this. No one really targetted Macs because they were, at the time, approximately 15% of the market share. Why go after the little guy and make only a ripple in the cyber pond? If you’re a virus writer, wouldn’t you rather go after the big guy and hope to make a splash?

    If you’re a gamer (and I am), you don’t ever EVER use a Mac… ever. (See my previous post with the link to the video)

    So perhaps I’m just the unwashed proletariat here. The bourgeoisie Mac owners can go ahead and believe they’re superior.

    Computers are tools. They’re used to do a job. If I have a screwdriver that I’m happy to be using, please don’t come over and tell me how much my screwdriver sucks when you hear that someone kinda wants to talk about pliers.

    ON TOPIC: Perry, I agree, the hype is a bit over the top. I suppose you could blame that on their effective marketing though. Whether or not it is able to perform the functions of an 8525 or even a Treo remains to be seen. The functionality of the iPhone does not seem to warrant the price tag though. There are always people who will shuffle on down to the store and drop large amounts of money for the newest and greatest (or at least flashiest). Those people exist in both the Mac and PC worlds. Eh… fact of life. I won’t let it keep me up at night. In fact, I’m thinking of offering them something “new” and “great” soon. Maybe they’ll give ME money.

    Regarding the price though: I do have a thought on that.

    QUOTE: “In the case of the iPhone, AT&T refused to subsidize the phone so the user pays the real cost of the device and they required a 2 year contract.”

    AT&T is not incentivised to drop their price. Why should they? They essentially have exclusive distribution on a much sought item thanks to Apples advertising dollar and the cool flashy lights.


    – AV

  28. I haven’t had a really good laugh yet today. Can we get some more of that bow down and worship the “fruit that started the downfall of mankind ” ranting?

    “Georgie Lucas doesn’t use PC’s when he making those Star Wars films (you know the ones with fantastic special effects and cheezy dialogue!)” This is an urban myth. They use more pc’s than mac’s. look it up on a non mac groveling site. Or just watch the dvd extras on revenge of the sith.

  29. In case you need a chuckle at the hospital. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg1ckCkm8YI


  30. I believe I mentioned (above) that this would happen…


    Man, I love being right!


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