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At the hospital!

Hey all,

Its about 1am monday morning and were at the hospital. Vic’s water broke around 11pm.

She’s asleep now and things probably won’t get interesting till 5 or 6am.

I’ll check back when I can.

– Perk


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50 thoughts on “At the hospital!

  1. Not only is that totally Awesome but I get to be the first to comment.

    Since I’m still up working call my mobile if you need some last minute advice.

    No need to worry, being a strong christian and all, but at some point “the devil” may try to possess your wife.


    As a matter of fact you should START NOW while shes sleeping.


  2. 5:50am – Contractions mild (her words, not mine) and 7 minutes apart.

    Starting the petocin drip at the minimum dosage & increase every 30 minutes, to up the frequency of contractions.

    Jeni couldn’t wait, lol, and is on her way up with coffee!

    Doug – sorry we missed you, next time wake me up!

    Looks like were havin a baby today. Of course we are, this is the day our OB has oral surgery, lol!

    More news following coffee…

  3. Kathy Chaney on said:


    ’nuff said.

  4. mary lou on said:

    We’ll keep you in our prayers throughout the day!!!

  5. Dinana on said:

    WOO HOO! how soon will you be accepting visitors??? I’ve got a giant stuffed BARNEY that’s been sitting in my car for way too long!!!

    Oh, and he sings the theme song…

  6. patricia dorough young on said:

    Congrats on the upcoming birth . We are praying for all to go well and can’t wait to see the pics. when gracie arrives. Mom ( marlene ) says hi and how is your dad .
    Patricia Dorough Young

  7. AaDO's wife on said:

    I told her–1 AM on a Sunday night/Mon. morning! It always seems to work out that way. 😉 Blessings and prayers.

  8. 11:30 – Not much to report, contractions proceeding slowly but steady.

    Mommy’s not too happy about the no food rule, but otherwise all is well.

    Opps, folks just arrived, gotta go!

    – Perk

  9. My wife had all three within two hours of the water breaking so we never had to worry about the food issue. Although they have always been real good about bringing food right away after you pop the baby out.

    Do you have a stash of chocolate on hand for after the birth? Sorry I guess I should have given you that advice before you went to the hospital.

  10. Dinana on said:

    Thanks for the update, Perry! I’m praying for all of you!

  11. Bubba,
    Tell our girl we are tuned in & praying in every language we know! The girls are excited. Jem had picked today between 10 & 2. She didn’t post it, so not in the game,but just was wondering if her “sissy radar” would be on target. Cass has called twice & is monitering the website. Come on Gracie!

    Rooting for you all!


  12. Mr. E. Nigma on said:

    12:30pm – Just got of the phone with Doug no baby yet, Vic is bouncing on a ball! Seriously! Waiting, waiting, waiting…

  13. Mr. E. Nigma on said:

    PS It says 7:41pm over there in the corner. What is that? 7:41pm where? Is that Greenwich Mean Time or what? By my calculations that’s somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?

    Sorry a little off topic but the times were messing me up!

  14. This is Christa.- OK dont listen to my husband that isnt very encouraging. She will be fine. We are rooting for you Vic. blessings Christa

  15. Great day to have a baby! I watched as little Andrew Anthony Shay was born into his daddy’s hands and lifted gently into his mama’s arms at 12:27 this morning. Driving home from that birth at 4:30 ish I saw the test message on Bryan’s phone! Congrats. We are all very excited- little Sadie can’t stop talking about Aunt Vickie and the new baby.

    I am praying- for all 3 of you!



  16. Cass on said:

    This is your little sister begging you to delete the e-mail where I joking told you to tell Vic to hold off until after 4:30 so I can be off work to receive the phone call.
    I’m scared she would kill me at this point.
    I didn’t mean it Vic, I swear!

    I love you guys! Praying for you! Can’t wait to see some pics!-Auntie Cassie

  17. 4pm – Whew, now we know what real contractions are!

    Epidural is in, God bless modern medicine! Vic’s going to get a little nap now, and I might try the same, going on 32 hours up, lol.

    Back in an hour (maybe)


  18. Shauna on said:

    Wow. Love you guys. Love this site. Praying for you. Love,

  19. Sweetest sleep! Don’t forget to eat and otherwise take care of yourself, Perry. You’ll be better able to support her.



  20. 8pm – We’ve been in labor for about 7000 hours now.

    I may never drink coffee again.

    I’ve forgotten my name…

  21. Quit your wining. You also need more “my wife is a superhero” comments.

  22. dinana on said:

    i love the respect that this crowd displays…

  23. Life in labor is completely disconnected from the normal space time continuum. Just remember the basics: smile, love, laugh, eat, drink, take breaks and sleep when you can.

    A glorious moment is coming when you will hold that precious, little life in your hands. Keep your focus! If nothing else, this is fodder for your voracious pen.

    We are still praying. Much, much love and sympathy, Meg & family

  24. Grace Sharon Perkins has, at long last, joined us at just before midnight tonight.
    8lbs 14oz
    23 inches long

    Lots and lots of light brown hair!

    Momma had a long hard night (and a c-section), but she’s doing great now.

    NOW…I’m going to sleep!

  25. Terrence on said:

    Wow!! Amazing!
    Well done Vicki.

    God’s blessings all around!

  26. Shauna on said:

    Most Excellent! Love you three!

  27. Congratulations!

    Take advantage of the nursing staff. Send Grace to the nursery at night and when you need a nap. Catch up on your sleep as much as possible the next couple of days at the hospital.

    hugs and kisses all around ane we’ll come and visit tomorrow.


  28. Dinana on said:


    Get some well deserved rest and post pictures when you have the energy (should be when she’s around 18 or so…).

    Do send Grace to the nursery…they will take great care of her and bring her to mommy when she needs a nip!


  29. Ahh…three hours of sweet sleep!

    So, per Mom, Teamperk is up, and Princess Gracie is ready to meet her adoring fans.



  30. Welcome to the world, sweet baby Grace!

    Congratulations, Perry and Vickie!

    (commiserations, too- cesareans aren’t anyone’s favorite.)


  31. Cass on said:

    I am so happy for you guys!
    Well we won’t be able to visit until August, but we are very excited!
    Hugs to everyone and a big one for my big sis.
    Love you!!!!!!
    -Auntie Cassie

  32. Mikey on said:

    Congats guys!!!!
    I can’t wait to meet her!!

  33. AaDO's wife on said:

    Yeah! Thanks for the email–she’s beautiful. Please do rest as often as possible. Do you need anything? I stand ready and able to help in any way.

  34. ohhhhhhh……..our Grace is here. Makes me teary to see that cute face. What a treasure. She is perfect. I am so delighted.
    Is it not amazing the intense love you feel for her already? I remember looking at Cass …looking at me, with those big trusting eyes. I remember hoping I could live up to her trust. Kinda worried at times if I would do a good job. Kids, this is Ma. It will all come to you naturally. No worries. He will show himself to you 380,000 times & give you what you need. You have what it takes. You are loving & wonderful. This is one blessed girl! WOW! I am thrilled!

    Love & hugs,

    Ma (Sharon….giggle…tee hee…)

  35. Kathy Chaney on said:

    Just a quick insider point of view. I got to see team perkins in action last night. That was well worth the ride.

    A. Vickie is superhuman. (epidurals can stop working!!!! What the heck! We put man on the moon, why would an epidural stop working.)

    B. Perry showed a level of restraint that I have seen him blow past at fast food joints. (I think he knew throwing a medical professional through a wall would stress vic out…and it was all about vic.)

    C. I am in love with Gracie, I can only imagine what her folks are feeling.

    congrats guys..you rock!

  36. Dinana on said:

    Vicki…i survived 2 c-sections, i even walked up right immediately after the 2nd one (you may do the cro-magnon thing for a while)…it just means you get a little more pampering! Congrats on your successful delivery!


    PERRY…RESTRAINT??? Has the world come to an end???

  37. Acerbic Villain on said:

    Really!!! No pics? Psh… you’re leaving it to ME to post the first. 🙂


    (*kidding of course, I know you have other priorities*)

    – av

  38. Acerbic Villain on said:

    Quote: “WOO HOO! how soon will you be accepting visitors??? I’ve got a giant stuffed BARNEY that’s been sitting in my car for way too long!!! Oh, and he sings the theme song…”

    Perry don’t worry, this is what shotguns and national forests are made for…

    – co

  39. Dinana on said:

    Hey Acerbic…you’re just jealous because I beat you to it!!!

    Cute pic…nice to finally see her.

    My favorite baby birth story is when I took Shannon for a walk the day after her birth to the coffee kiosk (natch) and set off the “baby alert” alarms! My coffee addiction nearly got me in big trouble!!!

  40. Dinana-

    You’re gonna love this…

    I did the exact same thing this morning! Grabbed the baby and headed for the coffee cart downstairs.

    Next thing I know, I hear locks snapping shut all around me, all the elevators freeze and the place locks down like attica.

    I didn’t know the kid was lowjacked!

    The nurses were not amused!

    – Perk

  41. Dinana on said:

    Great minds think alike…as for the rest of us…

    How’s it feel to hold your little bundle? More pictures???

    Visit? Shannon and me after TKD? around 6:30? Is Vick really up for it???

    (Barney’s suffering…that must make you sooooo happy!)

  42. Dane and Shell on said:


    Do you guys have anyone else visiting about 4:45 or so….

    Or are ya sleeping or what?

    Let me know, and whether or not you want anything that’s not hospital food.

    Oh, and you are at Meridian aren’t you? Guess I should know that, but I just don’t.


  43. I’ll be up to visit tomorrow morning- 10:30 ish. Scream at me if that is too early.


  44. I find it very hard to believe the mr gun toteing security freak didn’t know the baby was low jacked.

    What I can believe is that Mr. gun toteing security freak decided it would be fun to test the system. Plus I’ve heard too many of your stories to believe the publicized one.


    PS before I get flamed to death he did get 3 hours sleep. So it’s open season again.

  45. Dana Shalom on said:

    I am so excited for you two and little Gracie. I hope tosee you soon. Dana Shalom

  46. dinana on said:


    it was too stinkin’ hot to drive out tonite…we didn’t even make TKD…i would like to plan on after work tomorrow, if that’s ok…

  47. Dana Shalom on said:

    We were able to visit the Perkin Family tonight. Grace’s picture does not do her justice. She is beautiful. God- Help them all sleep well tonight. xoxox
    Dana Shalom

  48. LaVonne on said:

    Hi Perkins family! I decided to check Perry’s blog to find out what is going on, I was getting worried. :o) Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I’ve passed along the information about Grace to your list of people here at work. Everyone is very happy for you. Would it be ok to visit this afternoon at lunch?
    God Bless you! LaVonne

  49. Suzi on said:

    Yay!! I am so happy for you two, excuss me three. ( I told you that they didn’t let you eat in the hospital, crazy people )
    I was getting so nervous, I have had two dreams about you guys and was getting concerened, but alas all is well..
    Vickie, way to go. Life will now never be as it was, its better than ever.. Take LOTS of pictures, they grow up way too fast. Speaking since Conner just took of his training wheels and is riding like a crazy man.

    I can’t wait to see Gracie.. Take care and God Bless..
    This is one of my favorite quotes, it seems fitting:
    “Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children”.

    Love Suzi

  50. Rosemary on said:

    I am sooooo excited!!! I wish I had gotten to the hospital. Are you all home yet? If you get this and it is ok to visit give me a call 503-475-1502.
    Rosemary Boyd

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