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Gracie Update

Mom & baby are well!

Gracie’s doing her job, eating and pooping and all that! Mom and dad are getting some sleep.

Here are a couple of pics…

– Perk




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19 thoughts on “Gracie Update

  1. AaDO's wife on said:

    Well, I said I wasn’t going to visit because I wanted you all to try to get used to each other and get some rest. I may change that. Timothy has OT at the hospital tomorrow (Thurs.) morning. May we come and see? I can check in with you in the AM. You may be getting ready to come home so it may be too busy.
    I’m SO happy for you three. 🙂
    (Had some pretty strange dreams about helping Vicki learn to nurse–flashbacks to my own time of learning. So–turned it into prayers for that to go well).

  2. Gacie is a doll! So sweet. I loved watching her respond to your voice, Perry. She obviously knows her daddy and is comforted by him.

    We’ll see you again soon- the kids are aching to see the baby! Let me know when we can bring dinner.


  3. Forgive the typo! You know I meant Gracie…


  4. dinana on said:

    So nice to see your happy family! Congrats and enjoy all the attention!!!

  5. AaDO's wife on said:

    So–did you feel the earthquake? It shook our house a bit. Blessings and have a good night. (I really have to recommend the nursery–especially the night before you head home. I had Timmers visit there and got some really good sleep before I took him home. It was nice. He slept a long time that night. 🙂
    Praying for you all,

  6. Dinana on said:


    I want you to know that Gracie is firmly in charge of the situation. She only wants to be held a certain way, wrapped a certain way and have her butt patted a certain way! The PRINCESS has arrived!

  7. Mikey on said:

    She gets the princess bit from her dad. It’s embarassing to see him prancing around in his tiarra, looks like he’ll have to hand it down to the new princess.
    Perry and Vic she is gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!! I wish I was down there so I could smoke a cigar with you to celebrate.
    As for us we have the c section tomorrow morning (at 7 freaking 30!!!) I’ll be smoking an Opus X and giving you a call later on that day.
    God Bless


  8. Dinana on said:

    Yeah, I always suspected that Perry was a princess…he’ll just have to buy one for Gracie so that they can SHARE! (yeah right!). I imagine the teaparties they’ll have…

    good luck to you mikey, whoever you are…and i assume that by “we” you mean the woman who has been kind enough to incubate your baby while you hang around whining…right???

  9. Mikey on said:

    You have actually talked to me on more than one occasion; I was using my secret identity…MaryLou. (Long story how I got that one) And I have yet to begin to whine…I am going to leave that to my poor wife that gets the surgery plus the added joy of leaving the house before dawn (she is more of a roll out of bed at 9 type of gal) and she has a hyper active husband, that contrary to his earlier whinings, is a morning person.

  10. dinana on said:

    Well, good luck with your special delivery! I hope all goes well! Really!

  11. I will not dignify the “princess” comments except to say that Mikey knows perfectly well that I borrowed that Tiara from him… and I want my matching gown back!

    Oh, looks like were coming home tomorrow, check-out at 11am.

    We’d love visitors, but please call first so I can make a schedule that won’t tire out Mommy and baby.



  12. Renie on said:

    Hey you two, you really did good on that one. Little Gracie takes after mom. ( Us ladies need to stick together. ) We have all been worried about you at work, glad to know all is well. I will be watching for updates and let everyone know what’s going on. Richard won the pool that we had going on for Gracie’s arrival. Vickie, I guess I didn’t pay you enough to hold off a little longer or we forgot to tell Gracie. Best to you three.

  13. Dana Shalom on said:

    We love you three over here at the Ramsey’s.I think Gracie will be the better looking of the two at the tea party. Perhaps Perry you need to become the Prince. You will be her Prince for a long time to come.Vickie, cherish these moments before Gracie and Perry make you the bad guy who enforces all the rules. 🙂

  14. Terrence on said:

    Dana Shalom is the voice of experience!!

  15. Well now, This is just “the most wonderful blessing from above”. She is just beautiful!!!! The “Family” is now complete.
    All of you look so happy. I wish you both (Gracie too) the best in you future as a “family”
    Blessings & Love,

  16. AaDO's wife--SuperDi on said:

    How’s it going at home?

  17. Things are great!

    We forgot the “sleep when the baby sleeps” and I did some housework. Now Gracie is up again, and we’re really hoping that she conks out again after her dinner!

    We swung by the assisted living place my dad lives at, and introduced Grace to her grandpa Perkins. He was in heaven.

    Mel brought us an awesome dinner, her world famous chicken tortillini…what a blessings!

    Gotta go…as Gracie just did…


  18. AaDO's wife--SuperDi on said:

    Hee hee! Sometimes housework has to be done while the baby sleeps. Thankfully, they tend to have a lot of naps at this age. 🙂 Dinner sounds yummy! Tell Vicki I called Barb and got the salad recipe. Guess what you’re having tomorrow night (Sat.)? What time would you like me to bring it by? Since it’s a salad, I can bring it at any time. I think I’ll make some bread, too.
    Oh–do you guys like iced tea? I can make some sun tea for you–or homemade lemonade if you prefer.

  19. Dean S. on said:

    Congratulations!! All look healthy. The pictures bring back memories (hazy as they are at my age). I will only give you one piece of advice, as the both of you can figure the rest out. Keep breastfeeding for at least a year if possible. Keep in touch.

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