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The Morning After…

In the immortal words of Strongbad…HOLY CRAP!

Now I know why God made Gracie the cutest, most beautiful baby ever…it’s her only survival mechanism for 3am feedings.

I mean, I love my dog too, but if HE woke me up at 9:15p, 11:30p, 2:15a, 4:00a, and 7:00a, keeping me up for 40 minutes each time … well, you probaby don’t want to know what I would do (suffice it to say, PETA would not approve.)

But all Gracie has to do is make some cute little noise (including noises that I’M not allowed to make when we have company,) and not only is she forgiven, but I’m appologizing to her for the temperature of the baby wipes!

At this point, she’s just lucky I’m diapering the right end!

Ok, the Zombies are heading back to bed for another glorious 90 minutes…talk to you later!

– Perk

PS- Any good remidies for baby hiccups? – P


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19 thoughts on “The Morning After…

  1. AaDO's wife--SuperDi on said:

    According to the people at Emanuel’s NICU (we had to take a special class on baby–especially preemie–care in order to take Alayne home), infant hiccups are often caused by over-stimulation and stress. We were instructed to try to keep her immature nervous system protected from too much stimulus for several weeks as it got used to being outside of the protection of mom. So, basically, we were to take care of the main needs, interact for 10-20 minutes and then put her to bed until it was time to eat and diaper again. When she started to hiccup, we knew she needed to be wrapped tightly and put to bed for a bit.
    As a side note, both of our kids still get the hiccups (even at 7.5 and 5) everytime they have had a crying or laughing fit.
    Hope you are able to adjust to the new schedule soon. It actually doesn’t last that long in the entire scheme of child raising. They just find new ways to keep you off balanced. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    P.S. When would you like FOOD? It’s ready to be delivered.

  2. Shauna on said:

    You know, some people say it takes a village to raise a child, but I have a question. Where is the village at 2 a.m.?

    You are smart to sleep when sweet Gracie sleeps. Hope Mom is feeling well and healing up.

    Love ya guys!

  3. dinana on said:


    You know, I could be cruel and laugh at your expense (chortle) but I won’t.

    One of the best things I did at this stage was take baby to bed with me. That way when they awoke for their feeding, I could roll over, whip out a “feeding implement” (if you get my drift) and then we could all go back to sleep again when it was done.

    Now, some people don’t like this, and it’s up to you. Later, as my girls got older, I couldn’t sleep because I was too busy listening to them, but as a newborn, this can work really well. You don’t have to “get up” or anything.

    Good luck to you, especially Vicki…this is a challenging time!

    (chortle, snicker, snicker)

    Sweet dreams!

  4. Suzi on said:

    I so agree with the dinana (above), I found it much easier to sleep with Conner in bed with me. Because when he was hungry I could just feed him, while still in bed, it was great. That way I could function on at least 2 hrs, instead on the 1.
    But you will figure out what works well for you, it’s all in preference.
    Like I told Vickie, this time will pass so fast and you will wonder where it went. So enjoy it, be lazy, and spend all your time lovin that little gift.


  5. Kathy on said:

    The key to the first two weeks is………they suck..there is no key. But it gets much much much better soon! Something different will work everyday so keep trying different stuff. Someone told me to blow in their face gently when they get the hiccups. It makes them hold their breath for a few seconds. It also ticks them off so fair warning.

  6. Mikey on said:

    I am about two days behind you. I just got through dealing with the nurses checking on us every 90 minutes through out the night. Tonight will be my first night having only little Mikey wake me up, I am kind of stoked about it! He is much cuter than any of the nurses so I think it will go well. As for the hiccups, have you tried holding her upside down. I have no real reason that this will work, but it sounds kind of fun and is exactly why Holly does not leave me alone with little Mikey.

  7. dinana on said:


    If you stand on your head, wave your feet wildly and then end with a twist to a perfect stand, i KNOW that will end her hiccoughs…however, Vick might DIE of hysterics!

    And Mikey…congrats on Mikey Jr ???

  8. AaDO's wife--SuperDi on said:

    This is Di. You tell Holly–Awesome job! To both of you, congratulations on Mikey Jr.

  9. Dinana,

    “stand on your head, wave your feet wildly and then end with a twist to a perfect stand,”

    I think that’s how we got pregnant in the first place!

    – Perk

    PS – Big Mikey (and how often do you get called THAT, LOL!) I know what you mean, Vic won’t let me do any of the really fun stuff either! How are we supposed to win AFV with the ultra-conservative wives???

  10. Acerbic Villain on said:

    There is a book Mrs. AV and I liked to read that had a defined baby’s stage of that first two to three weeks, and then there-after into toddler-dom (is that a word?), etc.

    We both identified with this very well. Our kids both were different animals after the first two weeks. The book we read (who’s title escapes me right now) called the first two weeks newborn-phase and thereafter ‘settled-baby’. It really fits.

    My point is: Chin up dude. You’re likely almost to the point where things start to settle and you guys get into a routine with this new little one in your home. She’ll settle into the routine with you and things will get better. It’s not long until the first weeks are a memory and you’re really getting to enjoy that little thing. Keep in mind, they’re GREAT play-things and sources of endless amusement.

    – AV

  11. Acerbic Villain on said:

    PS: Your AFV-winning moments come when the wife is sleeping…. but you didn’t hear that from me.


  12. Dinana on said:

    “Sheโ€™ll settle into the routine with you and things will get better”

    unless she’s colicky, like Aubrey was..I wouldn’t wish that on ALMOST anyone… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Mrs AV on said:

    The book AV mentioned is “Your baby and child. birth to five years” by penelope Leach. It was the best child development book I read. No strong opinions, just great info.

  14. Mrs AV on said:

    PS even colic can be survived..and its in the book!!

  15. Mikey on said:

    Dinana and Di,
    Thank you!!!

    He is actually Michael Scott the IV
    My family has no creativity when it comes to naming boys.

  16. Dinana on said:


    well, ok…he’s version 4.0 not jr…i accept that…that’s history. oh well, you didn’t have to think hard to come up with the name!

    blessings to you and your family!

  17. Allison K on said:

    I’m sure V isn’t checking her e-mail yet so since you are blogging, please let her know that the girls at National have seen the news and we all wish you both (or I guess the 3 of you) our best wishes. Congrats, the hardest part is over (I think), you got pg, waited the 9 long months and made it through labor. The rest goes by in a flash. Please send me some detail that I can share with the group. Let us know about bringing by food too. When are you going back to work? That might be a good time to kick in the dinner drop offs. Get some sleep – mine are 7.5, 4 and 0.5 and we have good nights and bad night still. And I agree- its the cuteness that keeps me getting up at night.

  18. Cass on said:


  19. AaDO's wife--SuperDi on said:

    Dinana–meant to tell you–LOVE the word “chortle.” We just don’t get enough opportunities to use words like that.

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