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The infamous Oregon butt-slapping case…

Hey all,

Okay, so I, along with a lot of folks here in Oregon, have been watching the “Junior-High Butt-Slapping” case with morbid interest for several weeks now.  I’ve refrained, to this point, from posting my opinions on this whole fiasco, but I was specifically asked to blog it by a friend, and so, here we go…

My opinion on these kids and their actions (which you’ll get as you read) aside, I thought it was ridiculous that charges of “sexual abuse” were brought against these boys. The idea that anyone would have to be listed as a “sex offender” for slapping someone’s rear-end, is (as it later became obvious) nothing more than political grandstanding in hope of furthering some scum-bag lawyer’s career. (Sorry for the redundancy there)

I’m usually dead set against the kind unending frivolous legal actions that are tying up our courts (…and tax dollars – don’t forget, YOU paid for all this!) all over our country.

However, it warmed my heart to hear that the families involved in this three-ring-circus are suing the DA’s office.  Hopefully, whatever moron allowed this to get beyond the initial phone call stage will be serving coffee at Starbucks by this time next month.

Now, if I sound like I’m in camp with these “poor little victimized boys,” keep reading.

As I don’t feel that the responsibility for dealing with this was EVER that of Yamhill County District Attorney, Bradley Berry or Yamhill county itself, the only people I can (and do) hold responsible, are the boys themselves…and their parents.

Yes, I said their PARENTS.  I know, I know, GOD FORBID that a parent have to take responsibility for the actions of the child that they have raised and instilled (or not) with certain values, morals, and understandings of respect. Send your hate mail if you will, but the parents of these boys are one very small step behind them in responsibility for their children’s blatant stupidity.

Okay, blame assigned, (for what it’s worth) what about punishment?

The charges brought against these two boys were asinine as, 1: they were completely out of scale for their actions, and 2: calling a couple of slaps on the butt “sexual abuse” makes light the type of filth in our community who actually DO commit sexual abuse.

Rapists, child molesters, ect…all of whom rate just below ebola-infected fecal matter, shouldn’t be allowed to have their names listed on the same page as a couple of immature and poorly raised pre-teen boys. (That’s one of a long list of things they shouldn’t be allowed, including their own reproductive organs…but that’s another post…)

So what SHOULD have been done? This is going to be even less popular than the whole parental responsibility comment…

I’m picturing my father being called at work, having to leave work, and having to come and meet with my principle at the school. (I can picture this very clearly, as THAT part happened more than once.)

THEN having to look him in the eye as he was told WHY he’d had to leave work and come get me…

THEN being driven home and having my bare butt spanked with his belt until I had to stand through my next several meals…

THEN being driven to these girl’s houses and apologizing to them and their families, AFTER I gave them a detailed explanation of my punishment.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

I guess I was just a poor, abused kid.

But then again, I never slapped any girls on the rear in my school hallways, I was never kicked out of school for harassment, and I was never brought up on charges of “sexual abuse” so maybe my old man was on to something…

It was called RESPECT. Respect for women, respect for my elders, and above all, respect for a good beating.


PS – This wouldn’t be a bad way to go with the DA, either.

PPS – Since I know Dinana is going to ask the question, “What would you do if this had been YOUR daughter,” I’ll answer in advance…

1. I would speak to the boy’s parents, and recommend the above. If that didn’t end satisfactorily, I would…

2. Have a private conversation with these boys, explaining exactly what would happen if they ever laid a finger on my daughter again.

3. If their parents took exception to #2, I would be happy to have the same conversation with them.

Whew…okay, your thoughts?



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14 thoughts on “The infamous Oregon butt-slapping case…

  1. Dinana on said:


    ok…first you called me a “friend” and i have this in writing…

    While I agree that holding them on sexual abuse charges was too extreme, I do feel that this was more than harmless boy stuff. Charges included “dry humping” girls and trying to cup breasts.

    I feel sorry for the girls who are now considered tattle tales. They will now be stigmatized for this. The boys turned in court and said to the girls “we’re sorry and we hope we can still be friends”. The fact that they apologized is nice, but now they’re somewhat vindicated and may feel even more empowered.

    And, I hate to sound like an alarmist but…what would these girls now do if someday, GOD FORBID, they should face rape? Would they have the courage to speak up?

    You say if it were your daughter you’d try to talk to the boys. What would happen? The parents would have you dragged off to jail for threatening their sons!

    I had this kind of treatment in school. Some of it was harmless, and some of it was extreme, but it made me feel vulnerable and in a position of “damned if I do tell, damned if I don’t”.

    I hope these boys aren’t martyred; they don’t deserve it.

  2. Dinana,

    1. You cannot prove I was referring to you.

    2. I agree, I don’t think it’s “harmless boy stuff,” I think it’s the behavior of immature, ill-mannered, and improperly raised boys.

    You said that you agree the charges were too extreme, but that “it was more than harmless boy stuff.” What, then would you propose?

    3. As I mentioned to you earlier, several of the charges, including the “dry humping” was dropped, as the accusers admitted that they had been coerced into making up those allegations. (THIS issue, by the way, has not been pursued as it should, either!)

    4. “What would these girls now do if someday…they should face rape?” Pure speculation. This is akin to saying, “What if these girls now feel empowered to sexually harass others, as they’ve been shown that they can get off scott free?”

    “What if” is always the easiest route for those who cannot otherwise justify their argument.

    5. “The parents would have you dragged off to jail for threatening their sons!” Well, they are way to present a threat, and ways not to, lol.

    Lastly, I couldn’t agree more that these boys don’t deserve to be martyred. (I thought I made it pretty clear what I thought they deserved.)

    Thanks for posting,


  3. Dinana on said:


    1. i have your emails

    2. not all of the allegations were dropped, some of them stood, i don’t know if they’ve announced which ones were dropped…i heard that the “intercourse dancing” change was dropped, but no the “dry humping”…

    3. how quaint. now the blood sucking atty for the boys (i know…more redundancy) is going to sue the county. these boys are getting pumped up, and this could set a bad precident…

    4. like i said, having been a “girl” and victim to this kind of treatment, i know i have felt that i was powerless. i would be branded either way i went

    5. yu have your ways…yeah…i’m ready to see your face on america’s most wanted…your as subtle as a basset hound trying to run, no offense to Phlash, of course!

  4. Acerbic Villain on said:

    Alright… I’ve seen only the article that “cubeville” linked. None others. That article doesn’t appear to include any information on what Dinana has described. I really don’t want to spend time searching for more sensationalistic, fantastic, exaggerated accounts of what may or may not have happened in a school hallway 6 months ago. SO, I’ll just comment on two of the possible scenarios as I understand them. If someone comes up with the actual actions these boys are accused of performing, I’ll comment further.

    1) _IF_ the actions included “dry humping”, “breast cupping”… or any other similar actions. I vote we employ Perry’s father’s technique immediately. THEN let the kids suffer whatever legal ramifications the parents of the daughters think they ought to suffer for their actions. I agree, parents of the boys are responsible for these actions. Not that anything will come of that opinion. That’s not the way our society works, evidently. Again, if the actions included what I’ve mentioned above, I doubt even punishing the kids publicly will help turn the tide of the way our society is going. Sad reality.

    2) _IF_ the actions only included “slapping of buttocks” as the linked article suggests, PLEASE! These kids are KIDS. To delve into some quixotic persuit to rid our schools of such villainry is idiotic. I’ll just say it again. PUH – LEASE! Also, let’s pledge to NOT re-elect district attorneys like this.

    I heard one argument while discussing this with a friend (it might be true, might not) that the school security cameras have caught presumably volumes of evidence of [this sort of thing] happening every single day on school grounds. (Dinana, I’m not saying it’s right). If that’s the case, shall we go ahead and prosecute every instance of this as well?

    Are we going to make examples of JUST these boys in hopes that it will stop?

    Not that I necessarily disagree with making examples of these boys. Just asking.

    – AV

  5. Dinana on said:

    here is the quote, and the link:

    The boys, apparently inspired by the movie “Jackass,” were accused in police reports of swatting girls on the bottom in a school corridor, grabbing girls’ breasts on at least two occasions, teaming up to “dry hump” girls, poking girls’ breasts and engaging in what’s known as “party boy” dancing mimicking sexual intercourse.


    So, the girls agreed to drop the charges. I know what peer pressure feels like, and I think they will be the ones to “pay” for this.

    • Nikki on said:


      I agree with Dinana, it is a crime for boys to be caught doing despicable things, and then to be set free. To those who claim they, ‘didn’t know those things were wrong,’ since when is any form of sexual behavior acceptable in public? Are there not laws on the books concerning these things? Does not even simple logic argue against the lewd treatment of another individual?

      And as for the girls in question, did the boys ask for permission to touch them or were the girls forced or encouraged to engage in these acts? How can a boy touch a girl in this way, and then have the audacity to say to her that he is her friend and didn’t mean anything by it? Also, we must keep in mind that women, especially girls, are vulnerable and will often agree to allow certain things simply because they are afraid to say no.

      I am tired of people that whitewash, cover up, and otherwise ignore sexual crimes. No, these things should not go unpunished. No, for such things as these, a ‘belt beating’ is not sufficient punishment. Rarely is such a thing enough of a deterrent for a young man. Perhaps it was a deterrent for you for specific things you did wrong, but such things do not work on every child.

      It is time for you and the rest of society to call a sex crime what it is: a sex crime, as despicable and punishable as any offense mentioned in the law. A crime that, left unpunished, will lead to more lawlessness and ill treatment. When crime goes unpunished, crime rates rise dramatically, and we all suffer the effects.

      People, wake up! Defend what is right!

  6. Xbound on said:

    I agree that the parents on both sides should have been answerable to this behavior, not a court of law.
    (And yes Perk’s scenario would have completely eradicated such behavior from the boys and all who heard about the consequences in school.)
    The school officials also deserve admonition for their part. (Perk what do you suggest for them?)
    And those girls…I can’t imagine a group of girls in which there wasn’t a feisty female that would have “clocked” the boy on the first try if it truly was “sexual” in nature.

    It is a different time that we live in.
    Perk add this to the list of what you need to teach your girl.
    D seek counseling if needed; teach your kids if they are old enough to discuss it.
    But it happened to other people.
    We are to learn from it.

    (Are you ‘all taking care of your “house” ? )

  7. Dinana,

    RE: “Dry Humping”

    This may be one of the least attractive phrases I’ve ever heard, however…

    Looks like there are several names for this seemingly popular dance (see below) my guess is the “Dry Humping” is one the the lawyers picked because it sounds the worst, and looks the most horric in print.

    Typical sensationalism.

    Not saying it’s right, acceptable, or that I would (willingly) allow my daughter to take part in it (god help THAT boy) but the school and the county picked these two pre-teen boys to make an example of, when they knew perfectly well, that it was happening between other students also.

    Both the school and the county ALSO knew perfectly well that if they expelled ALL of the students involved, the parents would linch them.

    Couple of quotes from the original article:

    “However, the parents of the two boys accused officials of overreacting and not respecting parental rights. They said they were aware of nothing more serious than a clothed dance move in which bottoms are swatted, and said students had been engaging in it at school, with the staff’s knowledge, for months.”

    “Mashburn’s mother, Tracie, said the boys stood accused of “dry humping” the girls – a form of dancing that, while sexually suggestive, does not involve touching. “They’re also accused of touching each other’s butts,” she said.

    Cornelison described the activity as a “hand-to-elbow, spank-on-the-butt” action that boys and girls at the school have been engaging in. He said it’s more of a swat than a spank.

    “Everyone does it to each other, that’s what I’m gathering,” Cornelison said. “They’re all friends. I don’t think anything was done maliciously or in a sexual way.”

    The “party boy dance,” as Joe Cornelison described it, and the “dry humping,” as Tracie Mashburn, described it, is also known as freak dancing, freaking or grinding. And it has become a problem in Portland schools, according to a recent story in The Oregonian.

    Administrators at Cleveland High School in Portland finally cut the school’s winter dance short due to actions recurring on the dance floor at the Portland Art Museum despite repeated warnings.

    “It’s an eye-opener,” Cleveland’s Assistant Principal Pam Joyner told The Oregonian. “If most parents attended, they would be offended at what they saw.”

    Following this year’s homecoming dance, Westview High School in Beaverton announced it would no longer allow freak dancing. School leaders in Bend and Vancouver, Wash., have also had to crack down on suggestive dance moves.”

  8. Xbound on said:

    lol..if “dry hump” has down graded to a dance move..what else have they changed?

    lol..those kids today…did those boys have any rhythm?

  9. Mrs AV on said:

    I can recall having my butt grabbed in high-school. I knocked the idiot over, pinned him under his bike, stood on him and beat him with a biology book untill he said sorry. It didn’t really come up agian. Maybe we should look at training the girls how to “respond” to this kind of treatment. Just a thought.

  10. Mrs AV,

    I would pay a lot of that on video, lol!


  11. I am not sure how to comment on this without the eternal consequences of the internet.

    But, I have two daughters.

    If I “swatted” a female at work on the bottom I would be guilty of sexual harrasment. So I have no problem with them being accused of sexual harrasment. I do not think it is going to far.

    I realize that this was purely a selfish ploy by the Shark to get notoriety. But, as much as you want to see him fired, and as sorry as I am that it will probably not happen, I am quite certain he will be offered a considerably better paying job before they can fire him. Sorry but thats the world we live in today.

    Having grown up as a male we tend to continue to push the envelope until we get slapped or publicly humiliated. If kids are told that “swatting” is acceptable “playful” behavior how far will they be pushing the envelope by the time they get to college. Go ahead and find out how many sex offenders live within a mile of your home and then tell me shouldn’t be dealing with this in the schools. http://sexoffenders.oregon.gov/SorPublic/Web.dll/main?cmd=map&S=59044093375

    Punishment: Perrys version is excellent and could only be improved by making it public by the principal. When the child is convicted of sexual Harrasment the parents should pay for the entire cost of the trial. Judge, DA, lawyers, Bailiff, court fee, etc. The hundreds of thousands of dollars a trial like this costs would be a strong message to parents to properly discipline their children so they do not do these kinds of things.

  12. Ok, here’s my take. I guess first of all, I think there are layers of problems here that make this thing round with no handles. The first layer I think is, as Perry says, parental. I’m sure that there are boys in that school who have parents like Perry’s dad was that no matter what “everyone” else is doing, they aren’t slapping girls backsides, or dry humping anything. Secondly, the “dance move” that is being talked about and all the other sexual behavior is EVERYWHERE. I cannot believe what kids these days are seeing. One of my favorite shows is “So you think you can dance” (I know Perry, enjoy the tomato throwing – but they are amazing dancers!) and there was so much sexual stuff in the choreography I was shocked. And one move that seemed to be in every number was the guy standing behind the girl and both “humping”. And, I don’t normally watch these things, but I turned to the Teen Choice Awards the other night to see a performance and I just couldn’t believe the things that were being promoted for TEENAGERS! My point is, this is a cultural thing. Thirdly, I have a serious problem with the fact that these behaviors, and apparantly hours of proof exists, are going on IN THE HALLWAYS OF OUR SCHOOLS! Where are the adults??????? I know, I’m sure it’s just that there’s just not enough money in the billion dollar budget to hire enough supervision. When I was in school and we were in between classes, most – not all – but most of the teachers stood in their doorway monitoring the halls. I am a HUGE advocate of adult supervision. I think we have people preying on our children these days for two reasons:1. – they’re evil and 2. – they can. If we as adults would just watch our kids, they would be alot safer. So I think the school has to be accountable for the activity that goes on in those hallways.

    I happen to think the whole thing is sad. While the DA and others may have over reacted and tried to capitalize on the situation, the question still remains. How do stop this kind of stuff from happening. And I don’t think it should be left up to the girls who may not be able to find the courage to punch out a little punk poking and grabbing at her. Although, I couldn’t stop laughing at Mrs. AV’s story and wish all little girls had the self-respect she has!

  13. consultant on said:

    Well, so much damned noise has been made of this non-issue, that I have yet to hear of anyone asking the boys involved what they really meant by their actions. As for giving them a helluva hard spanking, I agree – and I’d bet that these lads themselves would elect to get their tails whipped rather than have to be dealt with in court (the wrong place for them anyway).

    As for the dry-humping sexual dance stuff, might as well sue every TV network and station that transmits and promotes any type of dancing, since that sort of suggestive move is everywhere in sight. Without making any personal statements on morals, this nation appears to be over-sexualizing young people long before they’ve reached any reasonable emotional and psychological maturation. Parents are to blame in a large part for allowing it. We all have the power of the vote in terms of DA’s, School Trustees or Board members, and so on. If we collectively stopped ignoring the issues and exercised our franchise, we might take back control of things and impose the moral standards in our schools that we “claim” to desire.

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