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Hey all,

I know that a number of you, like myself, are amateur genealogists.  I came across an interesting article on the TechCrunch blog titled, “Writing, Sharing, and Protecting Your Life’s Story.”

I took a look at the three online services this article mentions, and I liked the look of “OurStory” the best. Basically, you answer a range of questions, based on specific dates in your life, and the site creates a personalized “timeline” that you can keep adding to.

For a writer like me, this seems like a great way to outline an autobiography, a piece at a time, that could later be fleshed out into a book to pass along to my children. I’m working on the “MyStory” set of questions now.

Lot’s of neat applications for this. I plan to look into it further in the coming weeks and post more. They also offer an “OurStory” version, where couples can add to the same timeline from their own perspectives and memories. Fun!

Let me know if you check it out, or start your own, I’d like to read it.



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One thought on “Ourstory…interesting…

  1. AaDO's wife--SuperDi on said:

    Seems pretty cool. I checked it out and am trying it out. I only answered one question. Maybe will do one or two a day–just don’t have the energy for more.

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