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Bloggers Unite to Stop Abuse



Hello everyone,

Today is a historic day.

Today, Thursday, September 27th, hundreds of thousands of bloggers from around the world are joining together with a single message: Stop Abuse!

Here’s what the blogging community has been asked to do:

 “On Thursday, September 27th, post about any abuse topic you care about – child abuse, domestic abuse, animal abuse, drug abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, political abuse – and let the world know you stand united with thousands of bloggers as part of the Bloggers Unite “Blog Against Abuse” campaign. Depending on your topic, you can even link to local, regional, national, or international organizations that you care about or support. Every post will count!” 

As a recent first-time father, the idea of doing something, anything, to help decrease child-abuse in our world appealed to me. I’ve spent the last several weeks reviewing organizations that are dedicated to this cause, and found many that deserved to be highlighted and applauded for their efforts.

I finally narrowed my choice down to one group that seemed to exemplify the ongoing battle against child abuse:

 Childhelp USA Founded in 1959 by Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, Childhelp USA is one of the largest and oldest national nonprofit organizations dedicated to the prevention of child abuse, neglect, as well as to the treatment of its victims in the United States. Childhelp’s programs, which directly serve abused children and their families, focus on meeting the children’s physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs. In 2005, O’Meara and Fedderson were both nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. From the Childhelp USA website: 

The problem: Three million reports of child abuse are made every year in the United States. 

The solution: Childhelp offers many successful intervention, prevention and treatment programs for children.

Childhelp’s National Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-4-A-CHILD) is staffed 24 hours daily by professional crisis counselors, the Hotline is accessible throughout the U.S., its territories, and Canada. Through interpreters, communication is possible in 140 languages. The confidential and anonymous Hotline offers crisis intervention, information, literature, and referrals to thousands of emergency, social service, and support resources.

There are a number of ways you can support Childhelp in protecting our children. Direct donations, monthly sponsorship, vehicle donations, or you can also make a purchase from their gift catalog (I’m buying a backpack full of supplies.)

Here’s why I’m helping…




Who’s with me?

Till next time,





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8 thoughts on “Bloggers Unite to Stop Abuse

  1. Well said. Stopping abuse is the responsibility of every member of every community throughout the world. Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, Employers, Colleagues, Teachers, Students, Partners – we all need to recognize the signs and reach out to those in need – be they children, elderly, men, women, animals – be the abuse physical, sexual, mental, substance or neglect.

    I am proud to stand with you and others in this fight!

    Stop the Abuse!!
    Bring on the Hope!!

  2. Well articulated, and good to see you blogging for the same reason I did.

  3. Excellent post! I hadn’t heard of that organization before, so it is always good to learn more.

  4. Wonderful post for Bloggers Against Abuse. Thanks for supporting this important day.

  5. I’m with you…always!

  6. Bairbre Sine on said:

    Beautiful baby! Congrats, Daddy. Excellent post! Thank you for being part of the solution. You touched my heart.

    If it Ain’t One Thing It’s Your Mother

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  8. well.. it’s like I knew!

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