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Perry & Gracie…2037


…and let the mocking begin…



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10 thoughts on “Perry & Gracie…2037

  1. Acerbic Villain on said:

    What… like that’s a bad thing?

    – AV

  2. Dinana on said:

    That’s it??? That’s what we get for a new blog??? Some (cute) doctored comic and no new pictures?

    No witty repartee???


  3. Dinana on said:

    PS…you think it will be 2037 before you have this conversation??? Wishful thinking…I’ll bet Gracie pegs you by 5!

  4. AaDO's wife--SuperDi on said:

    Honestly? I think that you not thinking anything is exactly what Vicki WISHES was true! I’ve heard some of your ideas…

  5. Okay, am I the only one who thinks that Dinana either needs to start her own blog, or invest in 20 pounds of concrete and brick up her whine-hole?

    (You DID ask for witty repartee…)

    -Pre coffee Perk

  6. Super-Di…

    Vic is going to laugh all weekend over that!



  7. Mary Lou on said:

    What makes you think you will look that good in 30 years? You look worse than that now?

  8. Mary Lou on said:

    The last time my wife asked that I was out in front of our street looking at our house.
    My response to her question: “I know from our roof I could jump to the neighbors roof on either side, I am just trying to figure out which side would give me a better chance of continuing down our street that way.”
    She pulled out a shiny quarter and distracted me with it. That’s pretty much much what she does anytime I get real quiet and look like I am planning something… go figure!

  9. Dinana on said:

    YES I did ask for witty…still waiting…

  10. I knew you were going to say that…

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