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Oregon DMV Fraud and my .02 seconds of fame..


So first, watch this video: http://www.katu.com/news/specialreports/11037161.html?video=YHI&t=a

That’s my pastor, Doug Fairrington.

My connection? I was with him the day that his phone rang and his wife told him, “I’ve just been robbed!” We went to the bank together to make sure she was okay.

My input? “Tow truck drivers” and “Low-life sleeze balls”…an oxymoron folks! DMV?…ranks just slightly higher on my list of favorite people.

Time for some accountability, folks!


PS – Personal noe: Doug’s wife is a freakin’ superhero! A gun waved in her face, her car stolen, and what was her response? “We need to pray that this guy gets to know Jesus.”




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4 thoughts on “Oregon DMV Fraud and my .02 seconds of fame..

  1. Yeah, I’ve had the whole gun pointed in my face thing (robbed as a pizza delivery guy!) and I can say it takes the wind out of your sails. Cheri is a stud! (I mean that in the nicest way.)

    As far as DMV is concerned, it’s just another example of how working for a bureaucracy sucks out the brains of 99% of the people who work for them. I’ve known many smart, motivated people become less than their best when they went to work for the government.

  2. Gary Lundblad on said:

    Interesting how the government can be so lax in some areas and so paranoid in others.

    I had a vehicle given to me, a van coincidentally, by some trusted friends who purchased the van in Iowa two years previously. Shortly after purchasing it they realized it needed some costly repairs and never drove it. They also never transferred title, so when they gave it to us they handed me a title signed over to them from the original owner and a bill of sale from them to us.

    I proceeded to lose both somehow. I really am talented; it’s just that no one seems to want to pay for these kinds of obscure talents.

    So now I had to somehow get in touch with the original owner to get a bill of sale. The Oregon DMV wouldn’t help me in the slightest and told me “The DMV is not your friend in this situation and won’t do anything to help you.”

    My friends didn’t have any information on who they bought it from so I was in a predicament. I tried everything from a labor lien for money I spent doing some repairs, to seizing the vehicle for sitting on my property for six months.

    A policeman friend of mine couldn’t even get information on the owner of the vehicle so I could contact him. Even the Iowa DMV wouldn’t help me because I’m not a resident of Iowa. Didn’t someone want to let the owner of the vehicle know what was going on? Apparently not.

    Finally I hired a private investigator to find this guy, and he did. It cost me $75 and a couple of days. Then my wife left a message on the guy’s answering machine and we waited. Finally we got in contact with him and he turned out to be a very friendly guy. He sent me a bill of sale! Praise God!

    Not so fast. The DMV didn’t like the bill of sale because we live in a title only state. With no title, no help, none. It would have been nice to know this before going through all of this hassle. Not one of the many DMV representatives I spoke with mentioned this little fact. I even said to one of them, “You mean you won’t help me get in touch with this guy to get a bill of sale, and they said “no.”

    I would like to tell you the end of the story but we are still working through it.

    Anyway, life is so strange it has to be planned. Nothing this funny happens by accident.

  3. Xbound on said:

    Too bad it was not an option to leave the Iowa Van in the DMV parking lot before you did the repairs…they would have found the guy fast!

  4. Mary Lou on said:

    Check out “10 things the DMV will never tell you” on Yahoo featured news. I’ve attached the shortcut…in theory. My tech knowledge is very limited.


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