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Caption Contest Winner & New Pics


We had a number of great entries in the “Princess Gracie Caption Contest” as well as several that sucked like an atomic Hoover… (we won’t mention any names of course…*cough* DINANNA *cough*)

Still, after hours of agonizing, deliberating, and seeking much counsel (plus a few minutes to actually read your entries…) We have a TIE!

Soooo…we’re going to break this thing into two categories…

1. Best “stand alone” caption.
2. Best use of special effects (or the “most free time on their hands award!”)


Winner in the first category…

MARY LOU: with: “Crikey!!! Careful mates, when she raises her hair like that it means she is about to strike!!!!”

I can’t help it….Mary Lou…you had me at crikey…

Winner in the second category…

Our own beloved…Acerbic Villain!!! (Who, truth be told, is the fastest “photoshopper” I’ve ever seen. He must be getting awesome connection speeds from his Mom’s basement!) Vic and I agreed…the “Lion King” poster will be printed and hung in Gracie’s room!

Prizes will be determined, announced, and shipped shortly. (Ie: when I get around to it.)

And now, the additional pictures I promised…



The princess being prepared for her dedication. I call this the “Daddy, can I have a pony?” picture.


Gracie in her “Bumbo” seat…which we thought was pretty cool, but were immediately informed by several hundred relatives was a death trap. It has been retired…please stop calling.


I just can’t help myself (and hey, I’ll be the one paying for her counseling!)

I call this:

“Forget the milk…someone bring me a freakin’ latte!”



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15 thoughts on “Caption Contest Winner & New Pics

  1. She’s adorable…for a girl with neglectful parents (BUMBO seat) who let her drink latte’s already.

    Please! EXPERIENCED parents know you don’t introduce the starbucks until age 2!!!

  2. PS – Honorable mention must go to Mr. E

    That’s Vickie’s favorite quote of all time, if she’d had sole voting responsibility, you may have one.

    But she didn’t.


  3. Dear Acerbic Villain,
    While the Lion King poster was, well, AWESOME, I’m afraid that Perry dreamt the conversation and subsequent “agreement” that it would be printed and hung on the wall of Gracie’s room.
    Just didn’t want you to be crushed, should you come over and see that, indeed, NOTHING is on her wall.

    This would require time and energy on my part, and well, I’m a parent of a 4 month old. I have neither. I have plans, but not doing them only leads to guilt, but I don’t havetime or energy to spend on guilt either.

  4. Psst…AV…

    We’ll talk later…


  5. Acerbic Villain on said:

    heh… Yah, that “photochop” job I did was very much shooting from the hip. I can do MUCH better if you’re looking to have something to print and hang from the wall… or not.

    psst… perry… k. 🙂

    – AV

  6. Mary Lou on said:

    ok, how did the Bumbo seat become a death trap?
    Last I knew it was a God send, and we were jazzed to come home and find out someone gave us one. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM?

  7. Mary Lou,

    Okay, so I may have overstated that for dramatic effect.

    Basicially, we the consumers aren’t smart enough to read the warning label on the box.

    IE: “You mean I can’t just leave my kid in this thing and go shopping???”

    See here:


    Everone’s PERCEPTION that it was a death trap, and thier need to call us before Gracie fell from the unattended precipice that we had obviously left her at to go salsa dancing….

    You get the point.

    It’s late, I’m sarcastic, goodnight.




  8. Vic,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood!

  9. Mary Lou on said:

    Oh well is that all? Well I’m keeping my bumbo like product then! We usually keep him with it on the floor or on the middle of our table as a center piece during meals so no real danger there. Plus he is 1/4 Italian 1/4 Irish and 1/2 Minnesotan, I’m pretty sure his skull is thick enough to protect him from falls far higher than our table.

  10. pastordwaine on said:

    I may have one? I may have one what?

    Dude, when the dislexic kid is calling you out…

    I guess that’s why writers have editors.

  11. Mr. E. Nigma on said:

    Oops logged in under the wrong pseudonym!!

    “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

  12. Acerbic Villain on said:

    Oh my…

    _I_ for one, am shocked to hear that Mr E Nigma is a PASTOR!!!

    FOR SHAME!!!

    FOR….. SHAME!!!

    – AV

    (that’s all I got)

  13. Acerbic Villain on said:

    PS: being on gov’mnt cheese means I have extra time on my hands, sure…

    so… what did I win? A bigger piece of cheese or something?

    I like cheese, but, seriously.

    – AV

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