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The Future of Guilt…

Hey all,

I read a funny strip in the comics this morning (doing…um…blog research….) the punchline went something like:

“When I was your age we had to walk ten miles to get on the internet…”

Obviously a jab at the age-old aphormism, “I had to walk n-miles to school…barefoot…in the snow…”

Now, I grew up with a mother who really did have to walk three miles, each way, to school everyday, rain or shine. And I heard this particular adage almost daily, as I whined my way through my morning preparations to catch the bus. In fact, my mom had a near-endless supply of these on almost any subject you can imagine, and she was an extreemly generous woman whne it came to sharing them.

So, today’s comic hit close to home and got me thinking, “How will we have morphed these sayings by the time our children (or grandchildren) are old enough to “enjoy” them?

Here’s three I came up with…

1. When I was your age…we had to use batteries! Sometimes your MP3 player would just stop working…for HOURS!

2. When I was your age…the nearest Starbucks was three blocks away, and there were lines!

3. When I was your age…we had to go outside! Sometimes even in the rain! And back then in got COLD in the winter!

Okay, gimme your best shots…



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One thought on “The Future of Guilt…

  1. “When I was your age, we had to watch our movies on VHS tapes that had to be–shudder–rewound!”

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