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Do we have Dumb Kids?

Hey all,

Just read an article on Strollerderby (one of my favorites websites) titled, “Are Kids in the U.S. and U.K. the World’s Dummies?”

Some interesting statistics if you’re into that sort of thing.

The most important thing I got from this article was: “Experts in the U.K. fault computer games, a decline in reading at home, and a decline in the amount of time students are read to at school. “

So, using a little reverse logic, we’ll plan to:

#1: Severly limit computer games (and only education games for the first decade or so), which is fine by me as I could care less about the things (no judgment there, just one guy’s opinion.) If an xBox (or whatever) never darkens the door of our home, I’ll be fine with that.

#2: Encourage reading at home, which is fine as we are both voracious readers, and I’m already reading to the kid daily. My only concern is, how young is too young to start her on “The Dark Tower” series…?

And, #3, as we’re going to home-school… #3 should be taken care of by #2.

At least when she says to me, “But all the other kids…”

I can say…

“Yes, but their morons.”




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16 thoughts on “Do we have Dumb Kids?

  1. I was not aware that you were home-schooling Gracie and I first want to say that I am not entirely anti home-schooling, but I truly hope that you have her DEEPLY involved in many different social environments and activities. There are 2 types of homeschool kids in this world; the ones you can pick out of a crowd and the ones you can’t.
    Yes, no matter what I am sure Gracie will be able to mock the other kids for being morons but only you can prevent her from being mocked for wearing kitty sweaters.

  2. Cass,
    Kitty Sweaters?!?!?! Kitty Sweaters?!?!?
    Believe me, honey, kitty seaters are the LEAST of my worries when it comes to educating my girl. Besides- I would think- coming from you- you’d be more concerned about bad haircuts considering there was a whole chunk of your childhood photos that are MIA because of a perceived disaster. Perhaps you should worry- I thought your hair was cute.

    I could go on about how appearance is not my top priority, or that I might just put her in a kitty sweater if it was the only thing she had that covered her midriff and chest adequately, but I love you, so I’ll spare you the sermon.

  3. Acerbic Villain on said:

    I r not an idot fro palyng vidio gamz.

    T’nevr afected me none.


    – AV

    PS: On a more serious note. Why do people think this is news? Also, why do people think that posting their opinions on video games matter?

    Yes we ALL know that video games generally do not increase a child’s intellect. No, we’re not surprised by that. We weren’t surprised by that when I was around 10-ish and playing my Atari 2600 for hours straight on a Saturday afternoon. I still scored in the 1540s on my SATs (pre 1995, that equates to just over 2300 now if I’m not mistaken, I’m too lazy to do the math right now).

    My point: I need Perry to keep up with the amusing posts.


  4. AV-

    Okay, deep breath buddy, no one meant to offend your god, lol.

    Also, I hope you’re not assuming that your situation was the norm. I’m sure that a kid of above-average intelligence, with good parents (like you had) could play the best of both worlds.

    However, not all kids are that lucky, and…let’s face it, when people start keeling over dead from video-game marathons, their “might” be an issue.

    (Not to mention…that I doubt that whatever game you were playing on that 2600 had blood gushing from the mouths and bullet holes of your victims…)

    Plus, this one one point (of several) in this article, what did you think of the other points?

    NO one said that YOU’RE an idiot for playing video games (or at least that it was a factor) but please don’t be so naive as to suggest that there aren’t plenty of them out there.


    PS – Just because it doesn’t matter to YOU, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to anyone else.

  5. Vic- you OBVIOUSLY know that appearance has never been top on my list and that was not the point I was trying to make. I just went to a Bible college where a lot of people had loving parents that home-schooled them and gave them a good education -about books- and did not teach them basic social skills. Kitty sweaters where usually just a tell tale sign.

    Also, I completly agree with your comment about covering Gracie adequately. I recently had to tell one of my youth group girls that wearing her little spandex volleyball shorts (I have underwear that cover more than those shorts did) to youth group where the are many 17 year old boys… well need I go on.

  6. Cass,

    Good points. Given the fact that her parents are social butterflies (or “fleas” as my beloved called me the night we met and I proposed – but that’s a whole ‘nuther story…) I have no fear that Grace will get adequate social training.

    Actually, we’ve talked about this a lot and you’re right on the money. I’m willing to commit a lot of time to her social activites (youth group, outings, parent-organized events, etc) tho’ maybe not so much (or at least more limited) to organized sports, but that’s my own soap-box.

    As far as the girl in the spandex shorts – at least (speaking as a former 17yo HS youth-group boy me’self) she’ll probably increase the attendance commitment on the boys part, lol!

    Gracie, of course, will wear nothing less that full-length demin coveralls from the age of 12 on…


  7. Oh and Vic, the haircuts comment was a low blow.

  8. You actually bought me a pair of coveralls as a teen for automotive reasons not becuase I was scantily dressed, even so I have no doubt that Gracie will have a pair.
    I am delighted to hear that you have already planned for a full social life for Gracie. I really never doubted you guys. I just met a lot of people in college who had very noticible problems with their social life and most of them were home-schooled, so merely expressing an observation and concern.

  9. Cass-

    The haircut issues are between you and Vic (tho’ I DO have some great pictures I could post, lol)

    Please don’t misunderstand…we are already standing in faith that Gracie’s “Auntie Cass” will be an awesome influence, teach her to be “cool,” and that we will be as proud of her as we are of you.

    Okay, I have to stop there, before I get mocked by the rest of my readers, lol.


    PS – NO TATTOOS!!! (If I can’t have one, neither can she!) I’ll KNOW who to come looking for!

    PPS – On the Home schooling issue, I have noticed a simple math equation…

    Dorky parents + no social experinece = dorky kids.

    Hopefully, Vic will even out my own dork factor, lol.

  10. You know I always had your back on that one. But unfortunately there is another math equation
    Perk + Cass < Vic, when it comes to the tattoo issue and probably many others.

    And your math equation is very true also.

    I am very excited to be around Gracie more. I hope to see you guys at Christmas, I am getting Gracie a little present this weekend that may actually be more for you Per, but I am sure that you find all the children’s toys entertaining especially the shiny ones. 🙂

  11. Hey Cass-
    Smooth your feathers, I was just giving you a bad time that you would raise the issue- this is Perk and I. Perhaps if they sold “sense of humor” in coffee cups I could get some- it obviously didn’t show through on my post as it was meant to. It seems I’m running low on sense of humor lately- unless you count maniacal laughter. I’m going on close to a year without a full night’s sleep, so maybe that’s related? And the hair thing- well- I liked your funky hair cut so I’m letting it stand. So THERE PFFFFFT!

    In any case- returning to the original post- I think both Perry and I would strongly encourage human contact over video games. I think that kids – even smart ones- that spend too much time on them are liable to stunt their communication and people skills.

  12. 2nd time today I have been told to “smooth my feathers” so maybe I should have another trip to the coffee pot before I have youth group tonight or the kids might get another lecture from “Scary Cass”
    Oh and my love of sleep is one of the top reasons I am not too anxious to have kids, my sympathy to you.
    You guys are great parents and I love you! The End.

  13. Hey sis,

    From a guy who loves his sleep…when the time is right, it’s totally worth it.

    You’ll know.


  14. Shhhh! I am using that as a reason to not have kids right now! Both David and I are really excited to have kids, but know that we need to wait a little longer so I am always looking at the plus side of not having kids until the time is right to have them. So until we announce that we are going to have kids, Gracie is a screaming sleep depriving poop machine. I love her and she is very cute, but don’t make everything sound too wonderful yet.

  15. LOL!

    The key term there is “When the time is right.”

    Be careful in your assumuptions, three years of birth-control led to eight years of prayer and dissappointment.

    I guess what I’m saying is…don’t assume that YOU know when the time is right. God knows, and He will work all things for good.


    PS – Make no mistake, Graciie IS a “screaming sleep depriving poop machine.” They all are. LOL!

  16. Great, now I’m paranoid. Thanks for that.

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