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‘At’s what they call…ironic!


Okay, so I’m reading my morning paper and, low and behold, buried on page six in a report titled, “Teen births up, first rise since 1991.”

Subtitle: “…critics attack abstinence-only programs.”

The jist is, apparently, that “abstinence-only” is too complicated for kids (the report covered births age 15-19) so we should ax those and spend more federal money providing them with and teaching them how to use condoms (’cause THOSE are so hard to figure out!)

Forget the fact that the ONLY 100% effective birth-control method is abstinence, let’s focus our time and money on programs that help them “maybe” not get pregnant.

“Maybe” we should start a new program to lessen the murder rate by teaching kids how to aim for the non-vital spots. Because it’s not about the violence, it about where those bullets are hitting, that’s whats killing people.

New motto: “Be responsible…shoot ’em in the leg!”

My favorite part of this article were the quotes from Planned Parenthood. Isn’t that a little like asking McDonalds for a quote on the healthiness of fast food? “Forget that we’ve sold billions of hamburgers, trust us, we’re looking out for YOU.”

Hmm…I wonder where those federal dollars would go if we only focused on birth control products?


PS – Just as an aside…it cracks me up that they still call themselves “Planned Parenthood.” Right up there with the “ACLU” for most ironic business names ever.


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10 thoughts on “‘At’s what they call…ironic!

  1. I agree with your postscript! Planned UN-parenthood is their motto but the people who “accept their services” are often those suffering UN-planned Parenthood.

    Can’t you imagine the look on their faces if I walked in with my obviously pregnant belly and six older children and announced that I have certainly enjoyed planning my parenthood?


  2. Mr. E. Nigma on said:

    My opinion on this matter may be gloriously unpopular, but I offer it anyway…

    My first thought is where does Planned Parenthood get off blaming abstinance for the rise in teen births? I sure you anyone sticking to the abstinance plan is not included in the pregnant teen crowd, and if they’re pregnant the condom didn’t work either. Unless they have specific details about the copulation?

    It is no more the fault of abstinance programs than it is the fault of planned parenthood. Nor is the fault of the Bush administration for supporting abstinance programs.

    However, (here comes the gloriously unpopular part) there seem to be two sides to this conflict, fighting a war of philosophies. The Planned Parenthood guys say, abstinance is stupid, kids are kids, they’re going to have sex!! They’re unstoppable!! For the Love of GOD, Teach them to use condoms!! And that is just not true, many kids do abstain, and those who do successfully avoid pregnancy.

    The other group says abstinace is the only answer, condoms don’t work, as a matter of fact they encourage the young, sex starved masses, with raging hormones and libido’s to fornicate at will with little reguard for consequenses!! Giving them condoms is like giving them permission.

    The only thing they seem to agree on is that kids want to have sex!

    The practical truth is somewhere in the middle. Abstinance works, and the second best thing is some kind of birth control. Planned parenthood recognizes this I’m sure. (but refuses to admit it for other reason I’ll give in another soap box rant another day) And the God crowd, needs to recognize that a condom IS better than nothing, and that not everyone chooses to obey God and abstain.

    I will teach my kids why God want’s us to remain sexually inactive until marriage, and encourage them to grow in their relationship with God, and their devotion to biblical teachings. However, i will not teach them that abstinance is the only way to remain a non-father.

    I finish with this analogy, my kids are not allowed to leave my driveway, and cross the street. My youngest was taught at 3, however, to look both ways before crossing the street, and the reason he should do this. He is still, at 7, not allowed to leave my driveway and cross the street.

    Did my teaching them how to cross properly encourage them to break the rule? No way. But it may have kept them alive if one of the disobedient little turds tried to do it anyway.

  3. That’s probably wise training, as they both showed up at my house last week, soaking wet, sans coats, and having locked themselves out…



  4. Mr. E. Nigma on said:

    but your house is on the same side of the street. 😉

  5. While I can appreciate the logic presented here by Mr E, I disagree. Besides the fact, that when people have sex outside of marriage, a pregnancy is only one of the major consequences of that choice. I don’t hear alot of people talk about what it feels like to have sex with someone as a teenager, then what they go through emotionally when they break up. But that’s another conversation. What I really want to address is the mindset that I hear that basically says “Don’t do _____ , but if you do, here are some things you can do to avoid the disastrous consequences”. I heard alot of this growing up about drinking. Many of my friends parents would tell us, “Don’t drink alcohol! But if you do, do at someone’s house and have a designated driver. In fact, we’ll just let you do it here so that we know you’ll be safe”. To me, that is eliminating the consequences, and I don’t think it’s good for the human spirit. I believe that’s what the scripture “God will not be mocked, a man reaps what he sows” is all about. God does not treat us like this. He has laid out the boundaries, and has promised to protect us from within them. If we choose to step out, He doesn’t soften the blow for us. It sounds cruel, but I think it’s the most loving thing He can do. However, He is ready to help us walk through the weeds that come up in the crop we sow, which is honestly an area where I think as believers we’ve failed teens and others.

    So, if a person chooses to have sex outside of marriage, they might get pregnant. They might get a std. They might be emotionally devistated and humiliated in a way that is incomparable to other heartbreaks. With or without a condom. They might not. They roll the dice. We can tell them that if they choose not to have sex, all of these things will be avoided but I don’t think it benefits them in the growth of their character to help minimize the fallout if they choose to.

  6. Jeni,

    I hadn’t thought of it from that point of view, but I think that’s great point.

    What’s the old saying?… “A law, without consequence, is just advice.”

    Thanks for the post!


  7. Mary Lou on said:

    “I don’t hear alot of people talk about what it feels like to have sex with someone as a teenager”
    I was jumping for joy and telling anyone that would listen!!
    ***Sorry knee jerk reaction***

    But I also did not know Christ and in this world if you are without Christ sex is one of the natural steps in a relationship long before you ever even consider marriage.

    The problem is that many teenagers are not being raised by parents that really bring God into the family; it is quite a common belief that high school is when you lose your virginity it’s part of growing up. I don’t believe we need to spend more money on condom education (I’m pretty sure most grade schoolers know about them by now) or on bringing more condoms into our schools (I shouldn’t have to pay for their sex through my taxes). In my opinion the only thing the school should do is tell people where they can get them.

    I believe that abstinence is the answer and I will teach that to my children and I think that is where the focus should be but we need to remember that abstinence makes a whole lot more sense with Christ, otherwise it’s just adults telling kids to not do something fun because….um …you shouldn’t.

    I don’t like that they are having sex and I do believe in consequences, but I would rather avoid unwanted pregnancies where a new child gets to pay for those consequences.

    Well there is my boring rant for the day, please excuse any typos or fragmented ideas/statements I am typing this one handed while holding while holding my wonderful baby boy

  8. “I don’t hear alot of people talk about what it feels like to have sex with someone as a teenager”

    Well, as I was the only person there, it didn’t seem all that brag-worthy at the time…

    Yeah…yeah…lowbrow humor, but it was the first thing that came to mind, lol.


  9. Mary Lou on said:

    Thank you for sinking to my level
    I love you man!!!

  10. Acerbic Villain on said:

    Yah… Let’s mock Jeni. She posts so regularly here.


    ~ AV

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