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Gracie Video

Okay, I know I’m going to get some flack for this one, but you know…deep in your heart, that you’ll be laughing all day…

Sleepy baby + bored dad + video camera = Gracie’s Lullaby Video!

Okay, let the flames begin…


PS – YES, I put her down for a nice long nap as soon as I turned the camera off!


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21 thoughts on “Gracie Video

  1. Acerbic Villain on said:

    That is beautiful.

    I say submit it to AFV. If you win money, I want a percentage!


    ~ AV

  2. You are so mean. Poor baby! A couple of bobs is one thing, but 2 minutes and 19 seconds is forever.

    She is waaaaaay too good for you.


  3. The Munchkin King on said:

    Would it be wrong to say that I’ve seen you doing the same thing?

  4. Acerbic Villain on said:

    Yah, that percentage needs to be around 5 or 6 percent of the winnings… Just so that’s clear.

    ~ AV

  5. While at work, no less!


    Sweet and sad at the same time!!!

  6. Meg,

    I actually kept hoping she’d just go to sleep, so I could put her to bed without waking up (once she’s out…she’s OUT!)

    I finally gave up and turned off the camera, THEN of course, she fell asleep!


  7. Acerbic Villain on said:

    OK… you guys who are yelling “Child Abuse” and “Poor Baby” need to remember one thing: Perk NEVER acts alone.

    Vic would have seen (and likely laughed at) this video. I’m SURE it’s passed her approval before being posted here.

    So, if you want to accuse Vic of “child abuse”… I’m going to stand way over there…. go ahead.

    ~ AV

  8. Oh Lord…now you’ve dragged Vic into this…

    I’m going to go stand behind AV…


  9. hippygyrl on said:

    that was cute Perk. Poor little thing, and this is only the beginning for her!


  10. How very sweet! Truly enjoyed it, but was secretly rooting for her to “let it go”!

  11. Dear. Does your home come equipped with a pillow?
    I highly reccomend one. They have been known to save
    babies first tooth & a marriage.
    O.K really, I won’t worry TOO much until I see her up on
    your dash as a bobbing head.
    Aye aye aye……

    It’s been nice knowin’ ya.


  12. Well yes, torturing your child with their basic needs can be funny can’t it…ah-wait a minute you’re twisted. No, no that is not an insult, merely a satement of the obvious.

    Then again that is a priceless moment. :O)

  13. Mr. E. Nigma on said:

    How is this anything but funny?!

  14. Not much chance for this kid to be very popular with the preacher during the sermon. Maybe she’ll reform. I never did.

  15. Uncle Chub,

    Not much chance of reform either…she looks just like me on Sunday morning!


  16. Dana Shalom on said:

    reminds me of david eating his icecream cone while sleeping when we went camping. too funny. david drew a picture of ‘crazy baby grace’ this morning, hair everywhere. 😉 dana

  17. Dana,

    THAT was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I have a great photo, if only I’d had my video camera then, we’d have won the 10k!


  18. Alright then…since you were just hoping she would fall into a deep sleep, all is excused.

    Right now we spend half our lives hoping Mason will fall asleep -at all- and would probably let him fall asleep upside down if it would work. We are still on reruns of the Jack-in-the-box bedtime routine. We put him in bed and he pops up or out about 2 minutes later. This continues with or without discipline for several hours each night.

    In my crazier moments, I have considered locking his bedroom door. He would still pop out of bed, but I wouldn’t have to deal with it. There is something about a pregnant woman and interference with her sleep that makes her consider extreme actions.


  19. Meg,

    Wow, lol, we have a WAY different view on “extreme actions”…

    Locking his door would be for his own protection…from his mother.

    “Extreme” would involve a funnel and a costco bottle of Nyquil!



  20. Mr. E. Nigma on said:

    That was awesome! I think I have pictures of all of our boys in the same sort of situation. The middle boy I think actually ended up with his face in his plate and all I could do was laugh and of course snap a few photos to share on a future prom night.

  21. That. Was. Awesome!

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