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Thank you Margie Boule


Hey all,

As a subscriber to the Portland Oregonian, I’ve made no secret to the fact that I believe the BIGGEST redeeming factor to a daily subscription to this paper is writer Margie Boule’s column, (and not just because she’s featured me in the past, lol.)

Margie has a long history of making me (and many other Oregonians) laugh, weep, and think outside our narrow daily lives. Her column last week, “Words misheard this season rob lyrics of reason” is just another in a VERY long list of funny, poignant, and ultimately memorable posts.

And, yes, I must admit…I’ve always sung “Feliz Navidad” as “Fleas on a dog,” though…thanks to this article, I’ll forevermore hear it as….”Police shot my dog” LOL

ANYWAY….if you’re looking for “news” worth reading, then save her column to your favorites list and check back daily.

I’m just taking a sec to say, “Thank you Margie,” for making it well worth the effort to walk out to the curb and pick up that paper every day!



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9 thoughts on “Thank you Margie Boule

  1. The Munchkin King on said:

    I’m not really sorry, but my favorite is “Deck the Halls with parts of Molly…”

    Fa la la la, or would that be Bwahahaha?

  2. Sleighbells ring, are you listening,
    In the lane where snow is glistening,
    A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight,
    Walking ’round in women’s underwear.

  3. Dinana,

    I’ll post before Dan get’s a chance to…

    That’s one of our favorite Christmas carols, lol!

    “In the office there’s a guy named, Melvin…”


  4. The Munchkin King on said:

    I lost that CD… and it was my favorite… I think I need to go back to the music store and find another copy….

  5. Mrs. E Nigma on said:

    So it is not a Christmas song but I have a son that swore that Warrant’s Cherry Pie said “Cheese Pie, Cherry Pie”

  6. Mrs. E Nigma on said:

    PS. Thank you Guitar Hero

  7. Acerbic Villain on said:

    “I think I need to go back to the music store and find another copy…”

    HA! Oh you simple people and your CDs.

    It’s all about the torrent man… all about the torrent.

    OH and the whole set of lyrics:

    Lacy things — the wife is missin’,
    Didn’t ask — her permission,
    I’m wearin’ her clothes,
    Her silk pantyhose,
    Walkin’ ’round in women’s underwear.

    In the store — there’s a teddy,
    Little straps — like spaghetti,
    It holds me so tight,
    Like handcuffs at night,
    Walkin’ ’round in women’s underwear.

    In the office there’s a guy named Melvin,
    He pretends that I am Murphy Brown.
    He’ll say, “Are you ready?” I’ll say,”Whoa, Man!”
    “Let’s wait until our wives are out of town!”

    Later on, if you wanna,
    We can dress — like Madonna,
    Put on some eyeshade,
    And join the parade,
    Walkin’ ’round in women’s underwear!

    Now try to sleep at night.

    – AV

  8. AV-

    I have no trouble sleeping, but I see your face whenever I dream of these lyrics…..



  9. Acerbic Villain on said:

    Weird I hear that a lot…

    – AV

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