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Screaming Babies and a Patient God


Hey all,

Learned a couple of things from the kid this week, thought I’d share…

So…I’m sure you parents can picture this:

It’s about 2pm, time for the afternoon feeding. I have the bottle warmed and ready, burp-cloth on my shoulder, and as soon as Grace sees me walk in, she starts howling. I mean, the really ticked-off, outraged, “Gimme what I want and gimme it now!” kinda bellowing!

So, I put down the bottle, pick her up, and let her scream in my ear for 10 minutes until she quiets down. As soon as the tears (and shrieks) subside, I pop the bottle in her mouth and we’re all smiles again.

Except…that it was 10 minues of pure hell. The cries, the crocodile tears, ripping my heart out, all I want to do it give in and make it stop…and at the same time I’m telling myself, knowing she doesn’t understand, “I can’t give in, or it will be like this every day…”

Then, as the bottle is disappearing in healthy chugs, I realize…THIS is what God does with me all the time. The things I want, the things I demand at the top of my voice, things that I know I’ll just die if I don’t get RIGHT NOW… he makes me wait for, or even denies me. And, just maybe, I learn a little patience…that I won’t really DIE if I don’t get what I want right now, or even at all.

Next day, same feeding time, I plop the kid down on my lap, pick up the bottle and…realize that I have to go to the bathroom…really bad. The lease has expired on my morning pot of coffee, and it won’t wait the 15-20 minutes that feeding the girl will take.

Soooo…I set down the bottle, which Gracie has been eyeing intently, and put her back in her walker…where she immediately goes postal.

What had I done? Well, in her little eyes, I’d shown her a bottle (the promise) and then taken it away. She didn’t understand that I would be right back, that the promise was still waiting for her right there on my desk and in a couple of minutes (the right time) it would be hers.

As far as she was concerned the promise was broken, gone forever, and all she knew was that she was still hungry…and I had forsaken her.

How often, when we don’t get what we want RIGHT NOW, do we assume that God has broken His promises to us, that our current circumstances are forever, and that our needs will never be fullfilled, when in reality, God ALWAYS keeps his promises in His perfect time?

Maybe next time, when God has somethings that’s better for me, I’ll be able to lay down what I want “right now” and wait (without throwing a fit), because I’ve learned that, #1, my screams (or my anger, or my bitterness) won’t be rewarded. And, #2, maybe I can deny myself the instant gratification, knowing “now is not forever” and that there’s always something better waiting for me in God’s perfect timing…




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10 thoughts on “Screaming Babies and a Patient God

  1. Wow, pretty deep stuff…especially for you!

    babies teach us a lot of lessons…the question is…do we pay attention? do we forget due to the lack of sleep? they can really show us what’s important, if we choose to watch.

    there are different kinds of parents. i like to be an active part of my daughters lives…i realize i only get this time with them for a while and it’s more important than most other things.

    my ex, and this is an observation not a bash…his style is they can go along with him to do what he wants to do…but generally, he doesn’t search out to do what they want to do.

    i know you’ve decided to home school, which is an important decision to you…and speaks to the importance you place on spending time with her. while i don’t subscribe to home schooling, i do see it as one wonderful way to commit to your daughter.

    everything comes and goes…time with your child is a special gift. even when they are screaming at the top of their lungs! and…they still pull that when they’re teenagers!

  2. Mrs. E Nigma on said:

    Wow. It’s funny that for years I was of the opinion of what was He thinking giving me boys. Could you imagine my house full of girls? That is a very scary thought. In hindsight, I am very grateful for not getting my way. Now if I could just master that patience and waiting thing.

  3. Yup. That’s why God let’s us have kids.

    Visual aides.


    (Audio too…yipes!)

  4. Mr. E. Nigma on said:

    Ya could you imagine me with girls?! HAHA.

    Ever seen A League of their own? when the scout goes to see the ‘ugly’ girl play in the gym? And it turns out that she’s a switch hitting lefty, and all the guys groan when she switches sides because she hit the ball better than they did. That’s my girl!

  5. Acerbic Villain on said:

    I plan on selling my children and buying a Ferrari.

    – AV

  6. AV-

    Yeah, enjoy that Ferrari for the .003 nanoseconds that your wife lets you live…

  7. A Ferrari would depreciate quicker than a kid.

    Having children is what finally helped me to understand God as my Father… His amazing depth of unchanging love for me and my soul, even when I am disobedient and selfish (and screaming and crying that I simply must have what I want, because my mind can see no other way.) The longer I am a parent the more parallels I see and the more thankful and grateful I am to have such a wonderful heavenly parent, for myself and for an example of the parent I want to be for my children.

    Especially when I am feeling like the “baby stage” will never end 🙂 All too soon he will be 9 1/2 and wanting his very own pet snake and think cuddles are uncool. I blinked and its here…

  8. Yeah. Each kids puts me on my knees a little longer than the last, because as each new child arrives in our home *my* selfishness and impatience are revealed and I am forced to cast myself -once again- at His feet, asking for forgiveness and more remodeling of my character. Raising children is painful and transformative at the same time. Amazing that we can gain understanding of both ourselves and the Most High as we participate as co-creators, isn’t it?

    I don’t know how it applies to men, but this is one way that I have come to understand that mysterious verse which proclaims that women will be saved through childbearing.

    I ought to be really, truly, extraordinarily saved by now doncha think? Instead I am daily revealed as a fallen creature who happens to be parenting other, less experienced fallen creatures.


  9. my 14 year old DAUGHTER is at the no hug, i want a snake stage. i think you could have survived either!

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