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Christmas Loot

Hey all,
Okay, so Christmas was awesome this year!
Far and away the #1 gift was my baby girl…watching her tear wrapping paper and fling bows was the Christmas morning I’ve been waiting for all my life. A pic of her with Santa is coming soon!
But, if that’s just to smarmy for ya, here’s a list of the loot:
My beloved got me a sweet new Caphelon frying pan I (I know, I know, but it’s awesome to me!) plus the Black, Red, White series of novels by Ted Dekker, which are, so far, VERY good reading.
Dad got me the “Rocky” DVD series (1-6) and I scored some other great stuff, including a NW Forest Pass, a ginormous bag of pistachios, and the geekiest “pocket fishing pen” you’ve ever seen (it’s too cool for words!)
Christmas at home with my girls (see above) was everything I’d hoped it would be, as I lazed on the couch in a spiral-sliced-ham coma.
So…what’d ya’all get?

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12 thoughts on “Christmas Loot

  1. I will celebrate Christmas tonight with my girls and my ex. They will be shocked to find they are actually getting a wii, thanks to diligent family in Medford. They got to watch (in horror, i’m sure) as their cousin got a wii on Christmas morning. This should be fun!

    I got 5 days of peace and quiet all to myself and I didn’t mourn it this year!~ sleeping until 1pm, watching tv late…ah… but i really am excited for tonight (except the ex thing…to quote shrek…”sure, donkey can talk, it’s getting him to shut up that’s the trick”)

  2. love the pic by the way…but why a catalog link to coach purses? did you not get the “murse” you wanted???

  3. D –

    What are you talking about? I just checked the links:

    1 – Frying pan
    2 – Dekker’s website
    3 – Fishing pen

    You’ve been hitting the eggnog again, haven’t you?


    PS – That Shrek quote was AWESOME!

  4. We did it! We actually made our teenager cry! We gave the girls the “extra” wii pack with a card from Santa saying wii all tried and as soon as we could get one, they’d get a wii. They opened the rest of the presents and then Al said…”wait…i think i saw something else…” he brought in the present and she cried! IT WAS AWESOME!!! we really surprised them!

    THAT is what makes the gift part fun! Altho, truth be told, I hate to give credit to SANTA for all WE did…but Aub knows the truth, so I’m good…

  5. I still think you’re jonesing for a “murse”…

  6. We also had a great Christmas. You know, the presents were great, but I was just so blessed by my boys. They were so gracious and thankful. After opening every gift Nathan would gasp and say “JUST WHAT I WANTED!!”. Then they would hug and say thank you to the giver. They were also soooo excited to watch someone open a gift we had given them. What great boys we have!

    Anyway, back to packing. I’m so glad to hear you had a wonderful first Christmas with Grace!

  7. Jeni,

    That’s because your boys are awesome…and they’re awesome because of what they see in you and Dan every day.


  8. D –

    Okay, so what is a “murse?”

    I think I may already have one (actually…three.)


  9. Man Purse

  10. Mr. E. Nigma on said:

    I don’t really get all that excited about what I ‘get’ anymore. I am much more interested in giving presents, and the reactions of the receiver when I got them what ‘it’ was they wanted. I know all of you experience this too.

    I ‘got’…
    my wife two pairs of shoes she really wanted, that have 4 inch heels!
    She smiled when she got them.

    each of kids a piano, a gun (airsoft) and, weight bench respectively.
    I got a ‘What’s that?’, a ‘Holy CRAP!’, and a ‘Cool.” in return.

    I got a chainsaw!

  11. Stephanie Collins on said:

    I got the best present I could have ever hoped for. I got to call all our family and let them know that after nearly 7 years of waiting and hoping and praying that we are PREGNANT with our first child due in August. BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER

  12. Steph & Justin,

    Well just hearing that was an awesome present for us as well!

    We are praising God with you guys and are so happy for you!

    Please keep us updated!



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