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Six Months and Counting…

Hey all,
Gracie turned six-months old today! She has survived six month of us, we have survived six months of her, things are looking hopefull!
In celebration, I’m going to use a little extra bandwith today and post the “best of Gracie” collection for your viewing pleasure…
The Morning After
Snoozing at the beach (2mo)
Dedication Day (3mo)
Princess Crazy Hair (4mo)
Kickin’ back (5mo)
Checking out the Clause
And finally…my angel this morning…
Never has so little effort brought about so great a blessing.

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5 thoughts on “Six Months and Counting…

  1. Amazing little blessings, aren’t they?

    She is beautiful! Congratulations on your half-year of celebration!


  2. Mary Lou on said:

    She is beautiful.

    I will give you the great blessing part of the quote without a doubt, but did you run the “so little effort” part by Vic? I know my wife loves our son and would do it again in a heart beat, but you should ask her about the effort part I’m not thinking so little would be involved in that description. Unless you are talking about the conception part in which case you are sharing too much again.

    Back to the wonderful baby and her six month mark, she is an amazing blessing and I am very happy for all three of you. And Phlash.

    So you are not going to bothered when I send you are 6 month pics in a couple of days?

  3. Mary Lou,
    Yes, well, contrary to popular belief, VERY LITTLE of what is posted on my wonderful husband’s blog has been “cleared”. I consider myself a patient and fair woman, however,

    and Honey, you’re on notice

    the “so little effort” comment needs to be explained or my trigger finger will become very itchy.

    I am, however, admittedly distracted by the pictures of my beautiful daughter, so the first few shots may glance off.

  4. Dinana on said:


    I say go for the gun! I, once again, have images of bugs bunny and daffy duck…and daffy has his beak shot off!

    She’s beautiful and it’s fun to see the progression in pictures!

  5. Okay now, hang on!

    “Itchy trigger finger” is no joke around our house…

    “So little effort” is mearly a reference IN COMPARISON to the blessings we have gotten back is the last six months of parenting.

    Vic – please post if you accept this as a reasonable response. Once you have, I’ll come out from under the house.


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