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Tim Hawkins is…Awesome!

Hey all, 

First of all, thanks to blog-reader “Meg” for the link to this guy’s site… I’ve been a purveyor of stand-up comedy since I was a wee class-clown many decades ago.

Last week I visited the web-site of Tim Hawkins, and can, without hesitation, recommend this guy to any who is looking for the funniest, family-friendly comedian out there. 

Seriously, whatever important plans you have this morning, put them aside and go watch the clips on Tim’s website. Life will be better if you do! 

I plan to add all of this guy’s stuff to my personal collection, not only because this kind of talent needs to be rewarded, but because he’s so funny I might never need to buy another comedian’s DVD. Side note to the Christian audience… 

If like me, you listen to Christian radio, you’ve probably heard “Jesus Take the Wheel” about a zillion-and-a-half time. Not that it isn’t a great song (it is) but, like “Butterfly Kisses” it seems to get an inordinate amount of air-time. If you know what I’m talking about you absolutely MUST watch Tim’s clip “Cletus take the reel.”

I’m still weeping over how funny this was.

Tim also covers, with amazing skill, subjects like marriage, church, and home-schooling.

BTW, “Meg” sent this to me because that clip is frighteningly reminiscent of her husband (an old fishing buddy of mine) and me. I am, of course, Cletus.  Please visit Tim’s site, you’ll love it! 



PS – I promised “Auntie Felicia” that I would post a picture of her toenail handiwork on my daughter…can you believe she did this while the kid was awake?!!



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6 thoughts on “Tim Hawkins is…Awesome!

  1. Acerbic Villain on said:

    Cletis Take the Reel is a funny one. I liked it.

    Another family friendly comedian that Mrs Villain and I really like is Brian Regan.


    String Theory:


    My favorite:
    Working Out and Strong Man Competitions:


    – AV

  2. Acerbic Villain on said:

    OK… one more Brian Regan:

    and yes… this topic has been done over and over again by comedians:


    – AV

  3. very funny. I can see the resemblance but the boat would need to be smaller and inflateable to fit better.

  4. Bryan and I have found that anything that can “deflate” mid-lake is a bad idea.

    Rafts, kayaks…inflatable cows…


  5. UPDATE:

    Okay, I just got Tim’s DVD “Full Range of Motion” in the mail and watched it.


    As funny as the clips on the website are, they don’t do justice to just how awesome of a comedian this guy is…

    Anyone who’s worked for, or grown up in the church is going to be weeping with laughter before they get to the end of this show!

    Oh, speaking of shows…Tim Hawkins will be performing at Beaverton Foursquare on April 29th. I’ve emailed the church for more details (time, ticket price, etc) and I’ll post that info as soon as I have it.

    Who wants to come along?


  6. Ok, Perry. I just went to his website and watched a little. Seriously, I’m wiping my face. I couldn’t even make it through 5 minutes. The “Dress Barn” bit just did me in. Can’t wait to see the dvd.

    Let me know when we’re going in April!

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