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New Gracie Pics

Okay, so it’s been a while.

Here are some recent favorites…

A great pic taken by her Uncle Dan.

Lovin’ them sweet taters.

Kickin’ back with Momma.

Another “when babies attack shot“, bitin’ Strawberry Dolly “directly in the buttocks…”

And, lastly, for those of you who insist that she looks like her daddy (see Mommy’s pic here) I will give you this…there IS a similarity in our “just woke up” look…




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4 thoughts on “New Gracie Pics

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  2. Ann Musgrove on said:

    Don’t they grow fast? She’s lovely
    Ann and Wayne

  3. Ann,

    Somtimes I think, if I’m very quiet, I can actually watch her growing while she sleeps.

    It seems like yesterday that she as a (very cute) lump in her bassinete, and today she’s a little person with a distinct (and often loud, aka “Perkins”) personality.

    Every day is a joy and a heartbreak, seeing something new and wonderful, and yet knowing that tomorrow it will be “the past.”



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