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Poopy diapers rock!

Hey all,

I get a lot of teasing as a stay-at-home-dad…jokes about the sleep deprivation, preparing bottles, and dealing with poopy diapers. (FYI…It’s okay, tease away, I’m happy to laugh about it…)

I had a chance to reflect on this, this week, when an old friend of mine emailed me, congratulating us on the recently posted pictures of our beautiful baby girl.

Many years ago, when I was just a punk-kid of 18 working for our church, who had no idea what life was about, I remember being at a men’s retreat where we prayed for the husband of this couple, who were struggling to have a baby…that God would grant them grace and mercy over their infertility, and give them the baby they longed for.

I’m sure my prayer was hearth-felt, and just as quickly forgotten.

Twenty years later, I realize that I had no idea what I was praying for, or the kind of pain that they were dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

It took a decade of self-doubt, frustration, and bitter-sweet smiles as I held the new-born babies of my closest friends (all of whom are awesome, btw), all the while agonizing over the empty place in our own home and hearts, and the frustration of not being able to give my wife (my greatest gift) the baby she wanted so badly, longing to be the father that I KNEW God had made me to be…to realize the importance of those prayers.

Facing my own anger at a world full of unwanted babies, conceived in the back-seats of some highschooler’s car, babies gotten by accident, unwanted and unloved, many who were sacrificed in the name of convenience, when there were couples (like us, and them) who would given anything…everything…just to have that blessing…who begged God daily for such.

Trips to the doctor, embarrassing medical tests, EXTREEMLY candid conversations with nurses (lol), and then the seemingly-unending “are we” or “aren’t we” monthly limbo, hope and heart-break, before we finally conceived (thanks to the miracle that God has provided through modern medicine…Dr. Stolk…you’re our hero!)

This couple now have two beautiful kids, almost grown. And, despite the sleepless nights, pre-dawn feedings, and anxious day-after-day odyssey just to keep these kids alive, that we can now relate to (plus the next eighteen years that we have no idea of…) I think that they will “amen” our conclusion that….

Poopy diapers rock!


PS – So guys, what I (hopefully) said two decades ago, with no understanding, let me say again as we’re on the first joyful steps of the path you’ve walked…congratulations!


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3 thoughts on “Poopy diapers rock!

  1. When we had our son (about a week after the appearance of your lovely daughter) one of my friends made the comment “It’s hard to believe you can love some one that much”. It really said it all. I knew I was going to be a daddy and I knew I would love my son, but until you first meet your baby and hear that blood curdling, heartwarming scream; smiling and crying with your wife at the same time you just have no idea how much you really can love someone.

    PS Poopy diapers are also great as presents for your friends left under chairs, at the front door, in thier glove compartment, etc…

  2. Mikey…

    You are the wind beneath my wings…


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