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Brain Freeze

Hey all,

So, I survived our annual “winter camp” on the Deschutes. My buddy Renner and I go over (almost) every year to camp in the sub-freezing weather in hopes of catching some of the big Redside Rainbow Trout that haven’t seen much action since the fall.

Our wives spend the week-end rolling their eyes to Cleavland.

As usual, it was REALLY cold and, as much as I’m embarrased to admit it, we did stop at the motel in Maupin this year to check on room prices (we must be getting old) still, we’re not so old that we’re willing to pay 80 bucks per-night for a room when we can camp for $20!

I think we were morally outraged that they would charge these prices at a COMPLETELY EMPTY motel…we’re still young enough to say, “screw that noise” and set up our tents!

Next year…who knows.

Caught some nice trout, got snowed on, ate some awesome cheeseburgers and some nasty instant eggs, and got to laugh at some snow-boarders who, in an attempt to cut us off, buried their mom’s Subaru into a snow-drift on Hwy 26.

Anyway, here are some pics of this year’s event…


Our second warning…

This is what the train looks like…at night…in a snowstorm!

Our little nylon igloos, morning one…

Deschutes canyon, dusted with snow…
Most of the snow had melted by the time the coffee was ready…

And, here’s why we do it…

Renner with a nice red-side at Sandy-Beach Hole.

Me with a 15in redside.

I’ll post again when I thaw…



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