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Trying new things

Okay, so my favorite food is sandwices, basically meat and bread (this, IMHO includes gyros, soft-tacos, ect) and I’ve been buying my turkey and roast-beef at my local deli for years.
Nestled beside my beloved “buffalo deli chicken” is this odd-looking loaf titled, “headcheese.”
Definitions of Headcheese
“a molded jelly or sausage made from pig’s or calf’s head stewed with herbs and seasonings; it includes meat.”
Just the mention of the stuff is enough to induce nuclear-gagging in Vic, so I’ve never bought any, sticking with my known, and more socially-acceptable, favorites.
So, yesterday morning, Gracie and I were making our weekly shopping run and I said to myself, “Self, you never know until you try and, besides, the stuff is half the price of deli turkey!”
So, much to my wife’s chargin, I bought a quarter pound (I thought the lady behind the counter was going to barf…seriously!) Luckily, I threw together a sandwich and tried it before looking up the definition online.
You know what…it’s great! I always figured that, given the name, it would be some horrible tasting stuff, but it’s not bad at all. Kind of a mild cross between bologna and ham.
Just goes to show you that sometimes it pays to try new things!
Perk’s Headcheese Sandwich Recipe:
2 slices Jewish rye bread
4 slices “headcheese” lunchmeat
2 slices American cheese
2 leaves “leaf” lettuce
Mustard (to taste)
Heat a pan to medium heat, butter the outsides of two slices of rye bread, spread mustard thinly in the insides.
Add meat, cheese.
Place sadwich in pan and toast both sides until golden-brown and cheese has begun to melt.
Add lettuce to bottom slice, and serve.
Tell them it’s “German pork” and wait till they say “Yum” before you admit it’s headcheese!

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3 thoughts on “Trying new things

  1. Bryan says, “Ack!”

  2. In Perry’s defense I have a similar view on Bryan’s questionable interest in cows. No you will never live that down Bryan.
    Got to admit I have yet to try head cheese, but am not opposed as I am a fan of almost all food with the notable exceptions of bell peppers and lutafisk.

  3. Bryan has a lot of nerve with that “Ack!”

    I have, personally, seen him eat a bowl of beef stew that was at least 50% dead caddis-flies after cooking dinner during a hatch on a Deschutes River fishing trip!

    Between that and cold spaggeti-os straight from the can, I don’t this he should be making food judgements, lol!


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