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Free Photo Software: Picasa

Hey all,

I know that many of you are digital-photo geeks (like me), so I thought you might want to check out the blog-post I wrote for the FreeColorPrinters blog this week.

Free Photo Software: Picasa

Picasa is a free software download from Google that lets you do all kinds of cool stuff (which I’ve outlined in that post.)

Lemme know what you think!



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4 thoughts on “Free Photo Software: Picasa

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  2. I discovered it a couple of years ago and have been using it heavily since I discovered it. It is a nicely full featured photo editing program, maybe not on par with PhotoShop, but do you really need PhotoShop all the time? I highly recommend the use of this tool to any photographers that I run across, and in the process have won many converts to this tool.

  3. Geoffrie.

    Thanks for the post, nice to have someone “in-the-know” comment on this.

    By the way, the rest you you should check out Geoffrie’s blog when you get a chance, well worth the time…


    Great read for Dads!


  4. FilePrompt.com reviews and lists hundreds of free software, shareware, and open source programs and applications to download. Whether you are searching for free anti virus software, free music programs, or free photo editing software, FilePrompt.com has it all.

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