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That’s my girl…

Hey all,

Gracie has officially entered the “era o’ cheerios.”

Here is a pic that I think shows her inherited understanding that food is as much about “experience” as sustenance.




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8 thoughts on “That’s my girl…

  1. Carl on said:

    Reminds me about 30 years ago of Tegan in our London, England digs experimenting with fresh juicy plums!

  2. Dinana on said:

    We parents call that “future blackmail photo”! So cute!!!

  3. The o’s are advancing up her chest….no doubt headed
    for her nose. Sneaky little bugers.
    What a doll!!! THANKS!

  4. She is such a doll! I absolutely love the sweet chubby baby look. It makes me want to pick her up and kiss all over her. This would no doubt totally irritate her since she’s enjoying her Cheerios!

    I’m so excited for you to have thousands of picture perfect moments with your daughter over the coming years.

    Love you! Miki

  5. Gary on said:

    I don’t see what’s so funny. That’s the way I eat my cheerios. Doesn’t everybody? Did I miss something?

  6. Aunti Suzi on said:

    OMG!!! That is so cute. Gracie has this look of “what is so entertaining?”. You two definitely got a gift from god..

  7. I interpreted the look as “How can I get more of these things stuck to me??? Inquiring minds want to know!!”

  8. Acerbic Villain on said:

    Gary…. don’t worry. We all eat our cheerios that way. I know I do.

    ~ AV

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