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Rice Cereal Sucks

Hey all,Okay, so it’s three o’clock pm and, per the books, I sit down, once again with the girl and six ounces of this nasty crap that “Babies ‘r’ Expensive” calls “Rice Cereal.”

Every time we go through this ritual, Gracie cries with every spoonful.

Of course she cries, have you tasted this stuff??? Ugh!

Over the course of my life as a poor kid (and later, a poor missionary,)  I’ve eaten some stuff I’d rather not admit to, and it all tasted better than this.

So, today I said, “Enough is enough!” I’ve tried it “their” way, I read what the books suggested and I’ve been faithful to adhere to those suggestions. It tastes like sludge and it makes my daughter cry…

Not anymore.

I just happened to have a pan full of pot-roast left over from last night’s dinner. In a fit of self-righteous outrage, I dumped a couple of spoonfulls into the cuisineart and pureed it. Roast beef, seared potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, garlic…

You know what? She loved it!

Of course she loved it, she’s a Perkins. She’s the fifth generation (that we know of) of cooks and chef’s, and, by golly, some tasteless sludge isn’t gonna do for her, no matter how cute the packaging. My baby has taste-buds and she wants real food!

Rice cereal might be fine for some, but to quote my mother-in-law, that’s for “other people’s babies, not ours!” Dixie, I could not agree more.

I’ve never been prouder than I am right now.

Tomorrow night….lasagna.

That’s my girl!



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7 thoughts on “Rice Cereal Sucks

  1. I completely agree with Gracie- rice cereal is nasty. After a few children, we gave up “baby food” entirely. I figure that once they are old enough to show interest in the food on our plates, they are old enough to eat solids. We mash whatever veggie is available and go to it. No more $$$ jars o’ mush. I do try to start with fruits and veggies, introducing meats and dairy a bit later. (Dairy is verboten for several of our kids because the gastronomic effects are entirely unpleasant.)

    Avocados, btw, are just about the perfect baby food- soft, creamy and in convenient packaging for travel.

    Go, Gracie, go! You’ve got good taste, my dear.

  2. I am so sorry Perry. I had no idea you were still torchering Gracie with that stuff. If I had known I would have advised you to start spicing it up a bit. It isnt so bad with some peaches or pears mixed in. If they can eat cheerios they dont need plain rice cereal. However you may wish to hold off on the lasagna given the contents of the next blog you wrote. Cheese can be rough to digest. Steak, chicken, pork chop puree come highly recommended by my first two. Welcome, Gracie, to the world of the culinary arts. Bon apetite.

  3. Dean S. on said:

    I worked in a cannery and we called it the Gerber Garbage line.

  4. Yeah, we have moved on to “real food” this week.

    Mixed veggies, bananas, and cheerios are the thing now!

    No worries, “Lasagna” was a joke. But some realy “people food” is in the forcast.

    Meg & Mel, I appreciate your advice and experience!


  5. Mikey on said:

    It’s mostly a filler at our house. He eats like me so we pretty much throw anything we can at him just to keep up.

  6. dinana on said:

    one of the easiest and best foods for kids that age is squash. i’d microwave or bake it, cut it in little cubes and it was either a great thing to eat or smash, depending on the mood.

  7. Mikey – awesome.

    Dinana – Great ideas! I’ll be picking up some squash this week!


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