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Teen Boys and their “airs”

A little more “low brow” than my usual post, but it caught my fancy, so read this first….
(Really, read it, or my post will make no sense…)
Now, here was my response…
Awesome article!I too have a newborn daughter who struggles with these “windy” situations.

Still, regarding the question: “how does anyone prove “intentionality” when it comes to farting?”

C’mon guys, I can remember being a pre-teen (and teen) boy all too well. How many “intentional” eruptions didn’t begin with the following?

“Hey man, pull my finger…”


“Dude…check it out…”

And if no verbal queues are available, there is always the classic “lean and grimace” as one is forcing a grade-a interruption in math class!

Also, an accidental eruption was cause for great embarrassment, whereas a premeditated act was followed by uncontainable laughter and often a high-five or two.

Shouldn’t be that hard to track, lol.

Again, thanks for the chuckles!

Your thoughts?


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One thought on “Teen Boys and their “airs”

  1. Perk, must wipe the tears from my eyes as a result of laughter.

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