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My Proudest Moment…

Okay, I’ve had a few proud moments in my life. Probably not as many as I should, but I’ve achieved a couple of goals, gotten some applause and even a cheap plastic trophy or two…but none of those compare to this morning.

This morning I taught my daughter how to roar!

And not some wimpy, accidental growling noise either, I’m talkin’ about a full-fledged “bear claws in the air, attacking-grizzly roar!” (I do admit that it will look more impressive after she’s grown some more teeth, right now she looks a lot like my dad yawning.)


I walked up to her and, raising my hands in the form of claws, I snarled at my 8-month old daughter (not a game I’ve found in ANY of the parenting books, btw…) and she did it back!

We’ve been roaring at each other all morning.

That’s my girl!


PS – The picture above is what happens when you remove the rubber-band that “Auntie Dana” used to “do up” Gracie’s hair. It literally went…”SPROINGGG!”


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8 thoughts on “My Proudest Moment…

  1. Acerbic Villain on said:

    THIS is why you skipped church?


    Growling is an important part of any young person’s repertoire… Congratulations!

    – co

  2. Hi Perry and Vickie!!
    Megan directed me to your blog and it’s been fun catching up a little bit with your beautiful family. Adam and I rejoice with you in the birth of your precious daughter! What a gift and treasure!!!!
    (I also see Mike and Van in the comments…Hiya from the Gem state!)
    Love from our family to yours~

  3. Dinana on said:


    Your daughter is so lucky to have you! and so lucky to have Vic to undo what you do!

    She’s very, very cute!

  4. Dinana,

    Thank you! I think your daughters are equally lucky (Actually, I don’t believe in luck, so I would say that they are equally blessed.)




  5. Roberta (and Adam),


    Thanks for posting, I’ve very excited to hook back up with you guys! How’s life? Feel free to email me at perry@perryperkinsbooks.com if you’d rather not post for all to see.

    The “Gem State” huh?

    I’ve always thought that Idaho was the “Potato State” (I had to look up gem-state on Google, btw).

    Please don’t take offense, as a native Oregonian, I still think of this as the “Bananna Slug” state, lol.

    Email me!


  6. “I’ve always thought that Idaho was the “Potato State” (I had to look up gem-state on Google, btw).”
    I did too (potato and google), a few months ago, for an online study. Now we know! No offense taken, we do miss some aspects of Oregon…like GREEN!…not the mold or the traffic though. 🙂

    We are well and will email. For now, if you like, you can click my name to see a pic of our kids on my little blog, Dec. 2007.

  7. Mikey on said:

    Hi Roberta and Adam!!
    Where in ID are you all? (I wasn’t sure where the gem state was either). My family and I live in Spokane which is 20 min from coeur d’ alene (or some strange stupid french spelling) If you are anywhere near us we would love to meet for coffee. If you like you can get our address from Perry.

  8. Mike~
    We’ll email you too.

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